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Best camping Places in Russia

Popular locations for camping

  • In case you are unable to stay in the camping described, we indicate the places for self-organization of recreation in tents. In Bashkiria, tourists like to rest as savages on the shores of Lake Aslykul. The lake is spread over 23.5 square kilometers. You can get the Russia tour packages for getting the best travelling services.


  • Kandrykul is a smaller lake surrounded by mountains. The attraction of the lake is Utrau Island, which is cover with dense forest. Tourists often swim across the water and camp on the island.
  • The next place is the Nugush reservoir, between the Buluk-Bui and Bash-Alatau ridges. The water there is clean, so trout and grayling are find in large quantities. By the way, this point is part of the Bashkiria National Park.
  • The last location for wild recreation intent x is the Inzer River. Bashkirs love to relax on its banks. The entrance to the water is shallow, the depth increases gradually.


  1. “Reserved Cape”. It is located on the territory of Cape Kazantip as part of the Kazantip Natural Reserve of Russia. The glamping is small and consists of 4 ecological domes, some of which are transparent. From them, you can see the sea. Each hemisphere has a large double bed, wardrobe, toilet, and bathroom. You can rent for the night for 9,500 rubles. We advise you to buy products in the village of Mysovoye. It is chosen by lovers of watching and photographing birds. You can have fun with kite and windsurfing, swim on a paddle, ride a horse through the reserve. Nearby you will find Tatar Bay with a beach made of small shell rock, an unfinished nuclear power plant, Russian Bay. Tourists set up tents here.
  2. Camping WestCamp. Located in the village of Mezhvodnoye. In this camp, put up a tent under special shelters from the rain for 300 rubles per person. Payment for the accommodation of children – 200. “Camping tent” can be take or rent in the same place. In addition, tourists live in motorhomes. Payment per day 1200 rubles for 4 people. In addition, there are standard size tents on the territory – 2500 per night and large ones – 4500. The interior decoration is modest.
  3. There is a bed, a rack, a refrigerator, a bedside table, lamps. In a standard tent, the table and chairs for eating are take out on the terrace, which is locate under the awning. The large tent has a table and chairs inside. Conveniently, you can not take tents with you, but come, see what is free and choose from it. You don’t have to take your groceries with you – there is a shop in WestCamp. Tourists prepare food in the common kitchen in the center of the camping.


  1. Nord Camping. Stylish camping near Petrozavodsk. Part of the territory is occupied by a trailer park. Tourists put up tents, trailers and car tents: for 1200 a trailer, for 450 rubles a single bed, for 3000 rubles – a family room. Here you will find a kitchen in a wooden house, shared showers, a toilet, and a dining tent. Since the camping is located next to the embankment and the property of Russia – Lake Onega, tourists rent boats and small yachts. Some tourists come on ships and live in them.
  2. Camping “Lososinnoe”. Perched relatively close to Petrozavodsk, near the lake of the same name. the campsite is designed to accommodate 40 trailers at a time. As a rule, more than 50% of the territory is occupied by tents. This arrangement is standard for Karelia, where, due to the proximity of the Russian-Finnish border, mobile homes and outdoor recreation are more popular. By the way, this way of resting and traveling is becoming popular in Russia.
  3. The territory has electricity, water heaters, showers. Accommodation of the tent is free, tourists pay only 200 rubles per person per day for using the toilet and shower. For a mobile home and its connection to the power grid, water supply, and sewage disposal, they pay 500 rubles per day. Please note that only groups of 3 people or more are accept for accommodation and only by prior arrangement.
  4. Sandal. Comfortable camping on the shores of Lake Sandal, 2 hours drive from Petrozavodsk. Around the birch forest. The camping has a vast territory – over 6,000 square meters. For a site for a tent, they charge a fee of 700 rubles per day, shower and kitchen are paid separately.
  5. In addition to tents, the Sandal Camping also has guest houses, some of which are quite attractive by sight. A cheap double room of the “Economy” class costs 1650. There is a kitchen, 3 meals a day costs 900 rubles. There are many activities on camping. Fishing lovers come there, rent spinning rods and boats, and disappear on the lake for days. Other tourists go water skiing, jet ski, play volleyball, go on excursions to Kizhi, to the most beautiful mountain park in Russia “Ruskeala” and White Mountain.
  6. Essoila. It stands on the banks of the Syamozero in the village of the same name. You can stay in a modular house with a conceptual design, a hemisphere, and a tent. Couples rent a house for a day for 7,000 rubles. The dwellings are equipment with neat compact kitchens, showers, and toilets. The room rate includes a standard breakfast. Therefore, take food with you to prepare lunches and dinners. Or eat at a local café on site. You can have fun sailing, mastering a mountain bike and ATV, doing yoga. For the latter, there are large close hemispherical spaces, of which there are more and more in Russia, retreats are organized here.




  1. “ZeBirsk”. Located near the town of Birsk. A safari tent costs from 2800 to 3000 rubles for two per day. “ZeBirsk” stands on the shores of the most beautiful lake in Russia Shamsuddin. You can also stay in compact houses. These are one-story wooden buildings with 2 large porthole windows. They have cozy kitchens, seating areas with a sofa, bunk beds, terraces with awnings. The lake is visible from the windows. You can rent a monocle house for 2500 rubles.
  2. You can also rent a tent, which also has a kitchen, sleeping places. They stand by the water. One person rents such a tent per day for 3000 rubles. On the territory you will find gazebos where you can drink tea, fry kebabs, there are also share showers and toilets. There is parking, barbecue areas, pier. The latter is use for boating. If you bring a jet ski with you, you will drive along the lake by Shamsuddin. It is convenient to have a rest in “ZeBirsk” with children. Trampolines, hammocks, swings are install for them, there is a treehouse for games. Tourists rent a boat, fishing rods, cauldrons, bicycles from the owners.
  3. Inaya. Glamping with an ethnic bias and a cozy location for recreation with tents, moored on the bank of the August reservoir. Travelers live in Bashkir yurts and hemispherical houses. To settle for a day in a yurt for 4-5 people for 2500, in a yurt for 6-8 people – for 3500 rubles. Sphere rent – 4500 per day. Stove stoves are install in yurts-spheres. If you want to stay in a yurt, take a sleeping bag with you – you will have to sleep on the floor. In glamping, you don’t think about food, because there is a kitchen on site. The menu is vegetarian, alcohol is prohibit. Lots of activities.
  4. You can, in addition to walks in the picturesque places of the technopark of Russia, ride horses and camels, take part in a master class on the construction of yurts and domed houses. Since the national park “Bashkiria” stretches around, you walk along with it as part of a car, water, walking tour. The technopark positions itself not only as a place where you can comfortably live in nature. There they are introduc to the Bashkir nomadic culture, interspersed with Indian culture. In particular, the workshops show how the Indian and Bashkir national clothes are created.
  5. Kids Camp. Stylish glamping, of which there are more and more in Russia. Consists of small A-shaped two-story houses – living in autumn and winter in such houses is more comfortable than in tents. The interiors are also stylishly and laconic, in the spirit of the Scandinavian way of organizing hygge space. The houses have a couple of beds, an induction hob in the kitchen, and a small refrigerator. Every house has a furnace – a spacious Japanese barrel for steaming. The house is offer to be booked for 10,000 rubles per day.
  6. “Kurai”. Camping, where they live in small hemispheres that look like the dwelling of the Igloo Eskimos. They have opaque walls, and the dwellings themselves are cover with felt orange cloth. This design element is related to yurts. The place is secluded in the steppe. If you walk 3.5 kilometers, you will reach a unique sight of Russia and Bashkiria – the Askinskaya Ice Cave. There are no areas for tents, but you can rest in a tent x since this is a popular way in Russia.
  7. “Kyzylyar”. Another yurt camp where you can pitch your tent. It stands next to the place where the rivers Inzer and Silegurga merge. You rent a large yurt for 2,400 rubles, a small one for 2,000 rubles. The surroundings are picturesque, in Bashkiria, it cannot be otherwise. We advise you to raft down the river, take a steam bath in a modular bath, and visit the South Ural Nature Reserve. The camping offers a guide, with whom you will walk along the Small Yamantau ridge and climb the Pink Rocks. There is an apiary on the territory, buy Bashkir honey known throughout Russia.
  8. “Shaitan-kudey”. Tourists are accommodated in budget yurts, rent for a day for 600 rubles or more. We recommend camping. Near the camping, you will find the Idrisovskaya Cave and the Big Limonovskiy Ridge. If you are thinking of relaxing in cold weather, in “Shaitan-Kudey” in yurts in autumn and winter they place stoves and give firewood. You can have fun riding catamarans and taking pottery master classes.
  9. Ecohotel Toratau. These are 8 yurts at the foot of the mountain, decorated with the addition of Bashkir national patterns. You can rent a standard yurt for 1000 rubles per day. There is a café on-site that serves Bashkir cuisine. You can have fun with one-day hikes, archery, horseback riding, and attending master classes. Live in a tent.

 Kaliningrad region

  1. Polyana Glamping. Chic stylish glamping in Russia, which is located in the most beautiful location in Russia – the Curonian Spit in the forest, next to the beach. Guests are accommodate in tents equipment with a double bed, a rack, and a small table. Interiors in glamping pastel colors. Each tent has a terrace with wicker chairs. In the off-season, tourists rent a small tent for 4000, but they are more expensive in summer. A tent for a day for a couple is rented for 11,270 rubles. Meals are not included in the price. In summer, the campsite has a stylishly decorated restaurant. Toilets are shared and there is free parking. We recommend renting bicycles for fun. Badminton, frisbee, table tennis equipment are provided free of charge.
  2. “Lighthouse”. Among the best places for camping in the Kaliningrad region, “Mayak” stands out. Located near the village of Ushakovka. Guests are accommodated in tents on wooden buildings, so the feeling that you are in a tent remains. There is no need to be afraid that it will be blown away by the wind. Renting such a tent costs 7,000 rubles. Conveniently, every lamp has a toilet. There is a restaurant, breakfasts are included in the price. You can have fun doing fitness, yoga. Tourists go fishing, ride a boat, bike, watch movies on a projector.



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