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Best Carpet Cleaning Tips from Professionals

The carpet in your home represents a tangible investment made to keep your living space comfortable. Some factors will limit its longevity over time. This could be as a result of the wrong use of cleaning solutions as well as investing your time in the wrong procedures.

If your carpet stands any chance of serving you for the next 5 years, you will want to learn from the experts what you need to do to make that possible. Our cleaners at carpet cleaner London, have years of experience and you can trust us to dish the right tips that will keep your carpet as colorful as you want for many years.

  1. Don’t Walk Around with Your Shoes 

    This is obvious but ignored by most homeowners. The vast majority of the dirt we find in our homes come from the outside. Think about transferring the dirt you’ve harboured in the sole of your shoe from walking around your neighbourhood into your living space. It’s likely to get messy on the inside. To ensure you don’t transfer all of that dirt into your living space, you need to get a foot rug where you will store your shoe at the entrance to your house.Also, you can extend the lifespan of your carpet by applying a carpet protector on the surface. Stains and spills will most likely rob it of the natural protectant it came with. Your carpet will be able to repel dust and look its best with a protector.

  1. Don’t Rub Stains 

    You’re bound to do this out of panic, but this only embeds the stain deeper into the fabric. The first thing to do when you mistakenly spill drinks over your carpet is to absorb the stain with a paper towel. Don’t try to make the stains fade away by rubbing them with your hands.Also, using a stain remover would eliminate the stains faster provided you allow it to sit in for a few minutes. With stain removers, we’re bound to take things into our own hands without letting the remover do its job. We know you want to get rid of those stains right now. However, by letting the stain remover sit over the affected areas, it will breakdown the stains making it easier to wash off.

  1. Get Rid of Urine Stain Immediately 

    From our observation, urine stains are the toughest to handle. This is due to its acidic content, and the chance of it becoming permanent is high. You can’t control your pet, but we don’t consent to you having them running around the house when you’re out. To avoid the risk of damaging your carpet prematurely, train your pets well so you and your guests won’t be welcomed home by unpleasant urine smell.

  1. Get a Professional In 

    No matter how hard you try, you can’t do a better job than a professional. There are certain stains that need special attention, like in the case of ink and coffee spills. Professional cleaning companies like carpet cleaner London utilise special tools and solutions that eliminate impurities within the blink of an eye.Our powerful steam cleaning method injects hot water into your carpet, and we use an effective extraction strategy that gets rid of that moisture. Our services guarantee supreme cleaning results hard to match by any vacuum cleaner. You don’t have to hire a cleaner monthly, once every 6 months would do especially in the case of commercial properties who welcome floods of customers all year round.

  1. Learn to Spot a Good Carpet Cleaning Company 

    This is a sequel to the previous point made. We noticed that far too often, most homeowners have fallen into the wrong hands when it comes to hiring a carpet cleaning company. Before you hire anyone to come and perform their magic on your carpet, you have to look out for specific traits.First, a good carpet cleaning company should be insured and certified by the NCCA among other dignitaries. Secondly, they should offer a guarantee. This will allow you to ask for a refund in case anything kicks in. You should also pay attention to the tools they use on your carpets. Most professional cleaners use mild detergents and not hard ones that will destroy its fabric

    Lastly, every reputable London carpet cleaning agency will offer you tips on what next to do to preserve your carpet at the end of a cleaning routine. This includes the kind of chemicals you should use on the carpet and how to address all types of stains. You should thread properly before making a choice. You don’t want your new carpet to get into the wrong hands.


We’re always careful not to introduce excess moisture into the carpet, and we also give this advice to our clients as well. Moisture could damage the carpet faster than stains can. Hence, you need to minimise water usage when cleaning carpets at home.

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