Best Cyber Security Prevention Techniques for Seamless Experience

In this article, we are going to talk about the different cybersecurity prevention techniques that you can use to safe. In the modern era, where our digital lives are as important as our physical life in the real world it is important we keep them safe. But security threats are increasing day by day. 


Different Types of Cyber Threats 


Before discussing about the different techniques that you can use to avoid cyber security attacks, it is important to know about the attacks and their different types. Now let us look at some of the common attacks. 


Malware Attacks 


These are some of the most common types of cyber security attacks called as Malware attacks. These attacks are performed using various malicious software including worms, spyware, ransomware, adware, and trojan horses. 


Out of the different malicious softwares trojan is one of the most difficult ones to identify. This is because this trojan disguises itself as legitimate software and fools the system. Ransomware works by encrypting the user’s data and pretty much blocking the user’s access. 

Spyware on the other hand is a software that secretly spies on your system and collects your confidential data without your knowledge. Adware is a software that displays advertisements such as banners or pop-up ads on a user’s screen. 

The common methods by which malware attacks are performed are by using


Cyber Security Prevention Techniques For Malware Attacks 


Below given are some of the techniques you can use to prevent a malware attack. 



Phishing Attacks 

Phishing attacks are one of the most common cyber security threats. This type of attack is designed to trick individuals into providing sensitive information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, and social security numbers, through fake emails, websites, or text messages.


Prevention Methods



Ransomware Attacks 


These attacks includes a software that is downloaded into the user’s system without their knowledge that encrypts the user’s data. This prevents the user from accessing his/her data. A ransom payment is requested in exchange for a decryption key that can decrypt the user’s files. 


Cyber Security Prevention Techniques For Ransomware Attacks 



SQL Injection Attacks 


SQL injection attacks are a cyber security threats that take advantage of the vulnerabilities in websites to gain unauthorized access and manipulate the database. 


Prevention Techniques 



Cross Site Scripting Attacks 


These attacks are used to inject malicious code into a website. Once the malicious code is injected into the website. Then this code is executed by the web browser of the users that visit the site. 


Some Methods to Avoid Cross Site Scripting Attacks 



Man in the Middle Attack 


This cyber security threat is executed by intercepting the communication data between the two parties that is the users and the web servers. Once the data is intercepted then data that is being transmitted is either stolen or manipulated. 


Some Cyber Security Prevention Techniques For Man in the Middle Attacks 



Distributed Denial of Service Attacks( DDOS ) 


This type of attack involves overwhelming a website with a network traffic load the webservers can’t handle. This renders the web server unavailable to actual users who want to use its services. 

Prevention Methods for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks 



Password Attacks 


In this type of cyber security threats, the attacker or hacker cracks your password and gains access to your accounts/system. This is done using various programs and password cracking tools like Aircrack, Cain, Abel, etc. The attacker may also use methods like brute force attacks, dictionary attacks, or keylogger attacks to crack your password. 


Best Cyber Security Prevention Techniques For Password Attacks 


Some of the common preventive measures you can use for password attacks are as follows. 


How to Deal With a System Data Compromise? 


In many cases, even after being aware of how different cyber security threats work and doing preventive measures you still might end up a victim to the same. This could be done using of any new and advanced techniques that you haven’t protected your self from. 


One of the best plan of action during this time is to hire a professional digital forensics service provider and find the vulnerability and analyze how the security was compromised. It is crucial that you use a well-trusted professional digital forensics service provider since we are dealing with critical information. 


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In this article, we have talked about the different types of cyber security risks and the potential cyber security prevention techniques that you could use for the same.  But there might be unfortunate situations when even after taking all the preventive measures you might still be a victim of various cyber security attacks. The best next thing to do is to use the professional digital service providers that we have mentioned. 

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