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Best Food on Train Service to Take Care of Your Meal Cravings

Do you plan on eating a hygienically prepared meal on the train, but not sure which online food caterer to consider? Instead of  struggling with a swiggy food delivery in train services, book from the specialized train food delivery app and web portal like RailRestro. Get the best online food ordering experience on this platform and savour the meals while on your train trip.

Read more to know about purchasing meals on trains for making informed decisions and delicious memories.

Purpose of Online Train Food Delivery

It’s not always feasible to carry your own food on the train with you. Perishable food would spoil if stored in an incorrect container for a prolonged period, so carrying home food on the train is not a smart idea. Moreover, it could also be detrimental to your health.

Save time and effort by ordering food online instead of bringing your own. You can easily and affordably order piping hot meals that will come to your seat at the station of your liking.

Advantages of RailRestro over Other Train Food Vendors

There has been tremendous development and expansion in the train e-catering services space in a relatively short amount of time. Nowadays there are many e-catering providers such as Swiggy food delivery in train, Zomato food delivery in train and more, but most train passengers prefer the specialised ones like RailRestro. Book your preferred meals and drinks from this online food caterer on the train and experience the difference of the best meal delivery service.

Some of the ways in which RailRestro’s online catering service excels above its rivals are detailed below:

  • ISO-certified & FSSAI accredited company
  • Comprehensive food variety.
  • Hygienic, ready-to-eat meals.
  • Tamper-proof food packaging
  • Simple food ordering process.
  • On-time food delivery.
  • Provide good discounts on food.
  • Prompt customer service.
  • Inexpensive menu compared to other vendors.
  • No extra food booking and delivery charge.
  • Transparent service.
  • Service across 450+ stations in India.
  • Collaboration with over 2000 Indian restaurants.
  • E-catering services to over 7000 trains.
  • More than 50 lakhs meal delivery.

On-train Food Delivery Mechanism of RailRestro?

The RailRestro online food delivery system is used onboard trains. Booking meals aboard trains is possible with any confirmed ticket’s PNR number.

  1. Online, you can place an order for meals and we will serve it to you on the train by matching your PNR number, train name, or train number.
  2. Once passenger information has been verified, the back-end system does a second round of checks to double-check and confirm the information.
  3. A request for your food order is generated and forwarded to the associated eatery.
  4. When an order is accepted by the eatery, you will receive a notification with the specifics.
  5. The customer receives a call from the eatery to double-check and confirm their order.
  6. You may rest assured that your food order has been made cleanly and packaged safely for you to enjoy.
  7. The meal package is carried to your seat by a delivery executive.

Most Ordered Food in Train Items on RailRestro

Here’s a list of some highly demanded items on this food on train app and website:

  • Pure Veg food on trains
  • Non-Veg Food on trains
  • Thali in Trains: Mini Thali, Standard Veg Thali, Non-Veg Thali, Maharaja Thali, Deluxe Thali, and many more
  • Jain Food on Trains
  • Group Food on Trains
  • Breakfast in Trains
  • Lunch in trains
  • Snacks in Trains
  • Dinner in trains
  • Milk in trains
  • Suitable food items for New Moms, Babies, Infants, and Toddlers
  • Beverages – Tea, Coffee, and Cold Drinks in trains
  • Biryani in Trains
  • Pizza in trains
  • Cakes in trains
  • Broad range of national, international cuisines, such as North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian etc.

Process of Online Train Food Ordering with RailRestro

Millions of people who prefer to travel on Indian Railways have benefited greatly from the ability to order food online while riding the train. E-catering services allow passengers to pre-order meals or place orders on their mobile devices while on the move. Thanks to RailRestro, you can now easily purchase clean food while travelling by rail.

Order from the Website

  1. Input the PNR number or select the boarding date and train name/number.
  2. Pick your preferred Catering Boarding Station.
  3. Choose from a variety of restaurants’ menus and add your favourites to the shopping basket.
  4. You can get a discount on train cuisine by using coupons from RailRestro.
  5. Payment can be made in person with cash upon delivery or online with your choice of Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, or Wallet.
  6. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation message and the delivery boy will give you a call.
  7. Receive your food hot, fresh, and clean at your seat on the train.

By Using the App

  1. To get started, obtain the free RailRestro app from the App or Google Play store.
  2. Input your Passenger Name Record (PNR) number or the train’s name/number and the date you plan to board.
  3. If you desire free food, you can pick the boarding area that serves it.
  4. Pick from a variety of eateries serving the food you enjoy.
  5. Choose cash on delivery or make an immediate online payment using any of the accepted ways of payment for contactless delivery.
  6. The app lets you monitor the status of your food delivery.
  7. Someone from RailRestro will bring your order to your car.

Order by Calling on Phone Number

  1. To place an order, please contact RailRestro at 8102202203.
  2. After a confirmation is received, you can check on the status or get in touch with RailRestro with any questions.
  3. As soon as we have the go-ahead, we’ll have the meal delivered to your compartment on the train.
  4. After receiving the food, you can pay the driver cash.

How to Track the Progress of Your Train Meal Order

Have you recently placed an order and wish to check its progress? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered and you can easily get updates on your food booking with us. Easy and quick instructions for tracking your order:

  • Order ID: When you place an order with us, we assign it a unique Order ID and send it to the phone number and email address you gave us. It’s unnecessary to bring up any more information other than the ID number.
  • Mobile Number: Simply provide your verified phone number. This is only a precaution to ensure that your order hasn’t been compromised since you last checked in.
  • Submit: To see the current status of your meal order, simply click the “Submit” button.

Various Order-Status Display

With just an order id and phone number, you may track the progress of your meal delivery in a linear graph. One of the following is an example of an Order Status update:

  • Order Placed: It’s been placed, meaning the restaurant has received the order and is waiting for confirmation.
  • Order Accepted: To have an order accepted means that the restaurant has confirmed receipt of the order.
  • Delivered: Your order has been delivered.

Order Status Updates Via Other Means

If for any reason you are unable to see your order data, you may always use one of the train’s other entrances to learn how your meal order is coming along.

  • Live chat with our food consultants: The food consultant will be able to assist you with your order if you give them your Order Id and mobile phone number.
  • Contact us through phone: If you encounter technical difficulties connecting to them online. Get in touch with us by phone at 8102202203 if you have any questions about your order.

The days of stressing about food while taking the train are long gone. You can now enjoy a meal without packing food for the train ride. Now, online train catering services can take care of your hunger cravings with home-style meals brought directly to your train seats.

You don’t need to depend on a Zomato or Swiggy food delivery in train app for ordering train food. RailRestro is the most straightforward e-catering provider, committed to fulfilling your need for wholesome and hygienic food on train. During your next train ride, treat yourself to nutritious and delectable cuisine from the comprehensive menu of this amazing meals on wheels service.

Authored By: RailRestro


RailRestro is an authorized IRCTC e-catering partner that delivers delicious food in train right at the train seat sourced only from the trusted FSSAI-approved restaurants across India with Zero-Contact Delivery. RailRestro has made it super easy and convenient to get hygienic meals in train: • Just Enter Your 10 Digit PNR or Train Number. • Choose from The List of Restaurants. • Customize your food order as per menu items available for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Refreshments! • Pay via secure online payment modes or opt for Cash on Delivery(COD). • Get Food Delivered at Your Berth. High-Quality & Hygienically Prepared Food Cuisines delivered at your seats with Zero-Contact Delivery! • North Indian Dishes • South Indian Cuisine • Chinese • Fast Food (Burgers, French fries, veg and non-veg pizza variety at any station) • Veg Thali (Mini, Deluxe, Standard and Maharaja) • Non –Veg Deluxe Thali • Pure Veg Jain Food • Cakes • Sweets • Beverages & More RailRestro Free Mobile Application: Our mobile application can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. It works even in the offline mode, so you don't need even internet services while travelling. So, if you are planning to travel either long or short journey, no need to worry because RailRestro will serve you with good quality food in train. Just enjoy the ride while you order food in train with RailRestro. Place food order online on a train either through our official website:, Download App:, or Call : 8102202203

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