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Best Forex Trading Platform: A Selection Guide

These days, forex trading is becoming increasingly popular. More and more FX brokers are entering the industry, which has led to more or less a proliferation when it comes to FX broker trading platforms. When you want to open up a trading account with a broker, you have to make sure that the trading platform that you are selecting can satisfy your needs the best. Here are some tips that will help you choose a suitable FX broker trading platform, such as one from mc900, that will be appropriate for you.

Check the timeliness

Find out whether the platform is actually a high-edge system, using state-of-the-art and prove technologies – to offer you up-to-date and real-time quotes. It is essential, given the fact that a platform that streams quotes in real-time can help you to check your positions and accounts Live, as well as throughout the day, given that FX trading never comes to a stop. As a trader, when you get information in real-time through the trading platform, you can be in total control of the funds that you have – at any time that you want.

A few broker platforms also display the order execution. It is actually a major problem, as it can affect your trades negatively. This is due to the fact that the currency pair rates would change during this span, making you enter the FX market at some other rate than your desired rate.

Look for ease of use

It would be best if you do not need to download the software and have a platform that works online. Choose a trading platform that lets you instantly start the deals without having to get proprietary software, or spend a long time learning how it works. The problems can be compounded in the case of a potentially outdated system.

There is no need to download and install any FX software on your PC. You need to be able to sign in from any PC or mobile device connected to the internet. Some brokers also have trading platforms or desktop solutions on offer. However, these are not great to have if you cannot get information on a real-time basis or are not able to regulate your trades.

Check the Trading Rates

A few broker platforms – such as those of mc900, come with a “freeze and trade system”, which means that you can freeze the rate that you can see to buy and sell for some seconds, regardless of the movement of rates. Thus, the rate that you freeze and can see is the one that you can get. No lag is there, which can make you lose out because of lapse and fluctuations for even several seconds.

Look for Easy Money Deposits

Find out whether there are convenient systems to make money deposit payments into your trading account, and whether these would be reflected instantly in your own account. A few of the trading platforms that are more preferred, let you make deposits for margins and use a credit card for paying premiums. Thus, there is nothing to stop you from depositing money physically. Also, you do not have to deposit anything at your local bank. It can save you a lot of time, and let you trade instantly with no delay after making a payment or deposit.

Check whether there are competitive spreads

Unlike stocks and futures, no trading of currencies occurs via any central exchange. Naturally, the spread may vary from one broker to another. A few of them have a variable spread on offer, which can seem to be small and nice in a quiet market. However, in a busy market, the spread can widen. In that case, the market movement needs to be in your favor before a profit can be made. Thus, you will have difficulty in making a profit. Thus, before you choose such a broker and trading platform, you always need to check this out. Fixed spreads integrated into the platform can be beneficial for you, in case you are implementing a stop-loss trading strategy. This is due to the fact that if the spread is changed by your chosen broker as per the existing market conditions, you might see that stop levels are being hit by your trades where they should not.

Evaluate the Technical Support

The FX market happens to be open 24/7, and thus – you need to get 24-hr support from your broker while using his trading platform. It is important to make queries about the support, given that a few brokers might not offer the same level of support to retail clients as they give to institutional clients.

While trying to choose the right broker, keep in mind that the platform and broker of your choice need to reduce/eliminate trading risks while letting you maintain real-time authority over your own funds. When you spend time evaluating the platform that must be used, as well as the technical support that would be coming, there will be no regret for you in the future. The broker that you get the platform from, needs to back it up with solid support or technical assistance. An end-to-end technical support team needs to be in place, to provide you with help if something goes wrong. The broker must inform you about the same right after, or preferably before, you fill out a purchase order or sign an agreement. The best brokers like mc900 have outstanding platforms with solid features that separate them from really sub-par online Forex- trading platforms out there.

Look for security for funds

The currency trading platform of your choice must offer you security for the funds that you deposit, be it 100 or 10,000 USD. The ability of real-time data streaming for you to see is another excellent feature to look for in a broker trading platform. The best trading platforms are powered by plenty of calculations, as those who develop them know that currency behavior and currencies are governed in an economic environment by algebraic equations.

A good platform needs to be capable of crunching many numbers and giving you all the newest price feeds. It should be capable of providing you with hints and tips, and also warnings in case you try taking decisions that are wrong. It can be your digital assistant, acting on behalf of an actual broker as you are making investments from home or office or virtually from anywhere. Your broker needs to accommodate many traders out there, and his platform should be able to accommodate your needs in a proper way.

Check whether it is fast

The platform that you opt for must be fast, and capable of matching the liquidity speed of the market. You need to be able to carry out currency purchasing, communication with brokers, and order fill with just a few mouse clicks.


When it comes to the forex activities of a broker, and a trader, the trading platform happens to be the backbone. It is one of the most important things that a trader needs to choose with a lot of care. An improper platform can lead your trading activities to naught, and affect the eventual outcome of trading – which means the difference between profitable and loss-making trades.

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