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Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi with super-delicious taste

People love to fry Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi at Sajway. Some may say frying just about anything can make it more delicious. There are fried cookies, candy bars and even ice cream available at fairs, carnivals and multiple restaurants. However, what about taking something that is all natural, wholesome and delicious to begin with and frying that up? Enter, French Fried Onions- a delicious twist over onions that would have your customers taste buds singing. Finer Dining Establishments need higher quality ingredients and those restaurants only get the best. Reasons to why your customers would love private label French Fried Onions.

They go great over Sandwiches and Burgers

Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi Onions are delicious condiment to multiple types of finger foods. Imagine a juicy sirloin burger covered within sharp cheddar, crispy bacon strips, lettuce, tomatoes and crunchy fried onions inspite of raw onions. It tastes delicious as it sounds. Onion may be overpowering, however delicious, ingredient. For those customers who don’t enjoy the strong flavour of raw onion, offer their fried version like a substitute option or an add-on. You may also replace the onion in multiple other sandwiches and chicken burgers too.

They Add Variety

Substituting Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi Onions for crackers and croutons is a way to add variety and flavour to other items. Put them with different soups, for instance, a delicious French Onion soup with robust broth and soft melted cheese may benefit through the contrast of crispy breaded onions. Try them in a tomato soup or baked soup to once again add on a delicious crunch to the flavour palette.

Low calorie

The bleached flour within the crust sucks up all the grease that drips down the toppings, trapping it so that you don’t see it while you are eating. If you don’t see it when you eat it, it has got no calories. It sounds like stay with me here. Just because square-shaped foods have corners, they consist a lot more calories than round foods. To save even more calories, cut a hole in the centre of the pizza.The cheese on the pizza is loaded with calcium- even more than the Tums you require after eating the whole thing.

They are great over baked potatoes

A hot steaming baked potato with cheese, bacon bits, green onions, sour cream and onions cannot get beaten. Offer these over your list of options for the loaded baked potatoes and watch your customers return to indulge themselves over and over again. Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi Is a must try.

crispy French fries

If these crispy French fries get drenched within rich cheese sauce does not get you salivating, we do not know that what will then. Add on to the zest of chili peppers and you have got yourself an absolute winner and you need to try it on. The restaurant has got sweet potato fries and regular house fries over the menu. You need to even make up an order of the signature cheese fries so as to enjoy a hearty serving of delicious potato fries that is slathered in cheese and secret sauce. The combo turns out to be topped off with jalapenos and crispy onions and some crunch and zing too.

Tasty and cheap too

The spicy bacon cheese fries at the restaurant comes drenched within the warm melted cheese, with a drizzle of spicy pepper sauce, a lot of crushed bacon, and jalapenos. So, you need to make up the decision of coming up over here so as to enjoy the Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi. Also, over the list, you will find the best fries in Abu Dhabi are the Suicide fries at the Burger Hood.

Garlic cheddar fries at the Abu Dhabi restaurant.

Tossed within a mixture of the melted cheese and Burger Hood Signature Sauce, their fries get sprinkled with chopped onions, tomatoes, Jalapenos, and crispy chunks of bacon- you would be salivating already. You may also hereby order regular fries, special hand-cut fries, sweet potato fries, truffle parmesan fries, and garlic cheddar fries at the Abu Dhabi restaurant. The fast-food chain indeed requires no introduction. It is time for the best-loaded fries within Abu Dhabi. The fries are loaded with sauces and a bunch of other delicious ingredients and are a complete meal on their own unless you decide to share.

Steak Lovers would love them

A grade A steak cooked to perfection deverses only the finest toppings. Top your expertly cooked steak with butter or else a flavourful sauce and sprinkle over the private label French fried onions. The natural juice through the steak would seep into the fried onions and sauce and by the time the customer takes their first bite, the flavour would be intense.Came out for vengeance over being treated like just another side to go along with your burgers or steaks? The ultimate lowdown over where to find the best fries within Abu Dhabi.

The Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi

If you love your fries just like we do, keep on reading and fries reign supreme. Here, we aim to begin with the simplest of the lot.  The Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi permit you to construct your own French fries meal. Ensure that pick the type of fries you desire-regular, sweet potato, or waffle, select the dressing and a sauce to go with it. That is it. You will have your own customized fries to go. Do you know that what is better than fries? Coming up over Sajway would be your best decision.

They spice up Bloody Marys

If your restaurant serves brunch, customers would love an over the top Bloody Mary over a lazy Sunday Morning. There seems to be a current trend of creating bigger and more satisfying versions of the classic Bloody Mary. Offer crispy breaded onions like topping as well as jalapenos, celery, bacon, olives, lime wedges, pickled carrots and more. Customers today demand the highest and most flavourful foods available. Spruce up your menu items with fried onions today.

Fast food

We all are aware about this fact that fast food is quick. For those reasons, it may even be the bane of multiple college students’ diets while they cram for exams. It is convenience that gets us. While they work for getting a full course meal, they are also good for grabbing an immediate snack when you are in a rush. The major component of the fast food experience is surely the Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi. It is the side of every meal, or the main course of your snack.

Try out spicy delicious food at reasonable prices

Each fast food has got their own speciality when it comes to the main course. Arby’s for Sandwiches, Chick-Fil- A for Chicken Sandwiches and wraps, Burger King, McDonald’s, Five Guys, or In-N-Out for Burgers. They all have one staple despite their differences: the Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi.

 crispiest and most enjoyable too.

The filler that works its way into every combo. However, who has got the best? It is my opinion that fries are by far the crispiest and most enjoyable too. McDonald’s fries are just soggy all the time. Chick-Fil-A has got some amazing tasting waffle fries, however they lack the salt that gives them that zing. They move to curly fries with all those spices- that if you like they are amazing. It surely helps to set them apart from the other fast food options. Indeed, every fast food restaurant aims to tailor towards a unique and individual audie.

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