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Best Furniture Storage services in Vancouver

In the moving service, we often hear about the furniture storage or storage of household goods. But what is meant by warehousing services? What use does it have for the customer? In this article, I will help you better understand this type of service and when to use it.

Why use the Furniture and Household Warehouse service?

Those who move often do so for work needs. This type of transfer can last a few years or be permanent. In the first case, many times those who receive an assignment abroad look for houses for rent already furnished and ready to live, both for convenience and to minimize costs.

The furniture storage service is suitable for this type of customer: usually, personal effects are sent and the furniture is left in your home. However, where the person is renting, he will find it convenient to leave the house in order not to pay the rent and it is in this case that he will resort to the storage service. The best moving company in Vancouver that will take care of the transport of your personal effects will generally be the same that will be able to offer you this service. On his return to Canada, he will then be able to get his assets back and place them in the new home.

Even if you do not intend to move abroad, there may be various reasons for using a goods warehouse. For example, if you are selling a second home and intend to keep the furniture, or you want to clear your basement to make room for new objects or more.

Household goods with te Vancouver Storage

Types of storage

1 Furniture and Household Storage

Furniture storage is the most common type of storage. The customer decides to stock a certain amount of furniture and household goods so he calls a moving/storage company and entrusts his goods to them. Associated with warehousing are usually the services of furniture disassembly and collection at home, and then, the return and assembly of the goods. The deposit period is more or less long depending on the customer’s needs.

2 Self-Storage

Self-storage is a type of deposit inherited from Canada. In practice, the customer has one or more boxes at his disposal where he can arrange his goods. It is a self-service where the person can do everything by himself and log in whenever he wants. This type of service is usually offered by companies specialized in this sector. This is certainly a way of saving money, but the customer loses the comforts that are offered in standard warehousings, such as the safe packaging of goods, the possibility of collection and delivery at home, and so on. It is a type of service recommended for small objects, furnishings, and boxes, to free up your cellar and have more space available.

3 Pallet

The pallet is a wooden platform widely using in the world of logistics and shipping. It allows you to cram the goods and facilitates the handling of several goods together. Normally, boxes of books and/or objects or documents are grouped together (for example for accounting firms).

Who to contact?

Now that you understand what it is and are planning your move, you also need to understand who and how to choose for the storage of your furniture. The best thing is to rely on the company with which you have chosen to deal with the move. Where, on the other hand, there is no need to move, it is usually chosen based on some criteria:

Geographical Location:

If you are storing goods to free up space in your home or basement, it is advisable to choose a warehouse that is close to your home. This is to minimize transport costs especially in cases of self-storage.

Company guarantees:

The guarantees that the chosen company can offer you are very important. By guarantees I mean: a safe, clean, supervised space, with the presence of alarms and fire prevention systems. The stipulation of a clear contract indicating the conditions of the deposit, the time of the deposit, the protection and responsibilities of the parties, and a transparent and clear price, as agreed in the estimate phase.

Storage costs:

Understand if the quality price of the service you are looking for is convenient for your needs.

Testimonials of satisfaction:

Find out about the chosen company. Have other customers tried it? Are there any reviews online? Contact the people who have already used that company for more info, the word of a satisfied customer is worth more than any guarantee!

Warehousing Services – To conclude

In this article, we have discovered together what is offered in the furniture storage and storage service. I hope it helped you clarify your ideas.

Vancouver Storage offers this service at special prices, I recommend you visit our page dedicated to current promotions. Furthermore, I invite you to visit our website where you can find out more about furniture storage and storage.

4 things to do before moving

The moment you decide to move abroad, you need to start organizing and preparing yourself right away.
A few days before the move you will wonder how time flew so quickly. Relocation International requires careful preparation before the transfer. You can’t afford to wait for the last moment unless you want to have a horrible experience.

I recommend that you follow these tips on the 4 things to do three months before moving, happy reading šŸ™‚

Start contacting the removal companies

There are many companies that offer this type of service, but not all of them are up to par. It is an important decision. These people will have all of your belongings in their hands for a considerable amount of time. Don’t choose who to entrust the job to just based on price. You need to know exactly what is included in the service you are purchasing and you also need to check that the company has the permits and offers insurance. It is also important to read customer feedback, they were in the same situation as you!

Put aside what you don’t need box-moving

If it is winter, all summer and sports equipment can be packed and put in a suitable place. On the
other hand, if it is summer, then probably winter clothes and boots will not be needed for a long time. Try to find a few things to put away each day and there will be almost nothing left out a few days before the actual move. This will help you to be more organized and stressed in the days immediately preceding the move.

Plan your diet

If you have a sizable pantry or well-stocked beliefs you should think about it before shopping for the last few days. I’m not encouraging you to be cheapā€¦ but with a little care and common sense, you will consume most of the things, not forgetting the full refrigerator. If you know you will have a lot of leftovers, donate them to a canteen or charity.

Organize your travel plan

Do you plan to swim to your home? Arrange in time with air tickets on the days of the move and consider it necessary to take a hotel on the days during the move. If you have pets, you should go to a top-notch pet forwarding company to make their journey as comfortable as possible. In that case, here is the company for you.

In short, the move is a very delicate moment in itselfā€¦ plan ahead and prevent stress. If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment, I will be happy to answer you!


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