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Best Gaming Laptop for Half Life Alyx 2020

Gaming Laptop for Half Life Alyx

We’ve seen several amazing games launched this year. Franchises have introduced sequels as well as prequels to their timelines for attracting audiences. The Half Life series has superbly gained attention from the gaming community with its amazing gaming theme and storyline. The latest venture, Half Life: Alyx is now rocketing in the market, hoping to gain successive progress. Considering the game, here are its system requirements that you should know: 

  • Core i5 7th Gen/ Ryzen 5-1600 
  • At least 12 GB RAM 
  • Windows 10 
  • NVidia GeForce GTX 1060/ AMD Radeon 580 
  • At least 6 GB VRAM 
  • At least 50 GB of storage space 
  • DirectX 11 compatible with GPU 

Well, one can certainly say that these requirements are quite heavy, and you would certainly need a gaming laptop for Half Life: Alyx that can run smoothly. No need to stress; here are some options that you can pick: 

Lenovo ThinkPad P53 

If you’re a fan of Lenovo gaming laptops and want something from their domain, then this one is the perfect choice for you. The Lenovo ThinkPad P53 is an amazing choice for both gaming and work needs.  

For starters, this laptop comes with quality build and does not come with annoying creaking or heavy build. In addition, it’s got reliable hinges but support traditional viewing angles. Apart from that, there’s a large maintenance hatch that is placed on the back for easy access. The keyboard is superb and brings amazing control and key press environment. The cursor is amazing itself, giving amazing control. 

As for the display, you get a 15.6” UHD display that is able to support 4K resolution for utmost clarity. The Dolby Vision display brings a great view and the presence of Nvidia Quadroo TI000 4 GB GDDR5 dedicated GPU. Though one may think that 4 GB GPU isn’t enough but it’s Quadroo. Quadroo GPUs have more memory than GeForce ones and come with better computational power too. This is the reason why these cards are mostly preferred for working on graphics intensive tasks since they offer better workability. 

Moreover, you get to enjoy 300nits of brightness level which is quite high than the rest of the laptops of its tier. It’s actually able to provide stunning visuals since it’s made for graphical integrated tasks; hence enjoying the game won’t be a problem for you. 

Next, you also get maximum colour accuracy, antiglare screen and spectacular viewing angles. All this makes this laptop optimal for playing Half Life: Alyx or any other game outdoors.  

As for the performance, you get 9th Gen Intel Core i7 hexa core processor featuring 2.60 GHz base and 4.50 GHz max turbo processing speed. The presence of hexa core processor will enable superb productivity. Not to mention the presence of 16 GB RAM and 2 TB SSD will simply make everything super smooth, fast paced and productive. 

Nothing beats an immersive gaming experience, which is why this laptop comes with Dolby Audio that would energize the entire game. Dynamic audio experience and high-quality virtual experience is what you can expect from this gaming laptop. 

Tested for battery life, this laptop comes with a whooping 16.5 hours battery life, making it a super cool choice for your needs. If you want to play Half Life: Alyx, then this is the right choice for you. 


A gaming masterpiece! If you haven’t still heard about it, the ASUS ROG G701 is an ideal example. It packs all features that are required by extreme gaming users or power-intensive operations. 

The processor packed in this gaming beast is Intel’s latest Gen processor of core i7 that comes with knock-off processing. The processor is able to handle incredible games whether you talk about Half Life Alyx or any other high-end game. Just the base frequency speed of the processor is 2.90 GHz, and it goes up to the maximum turbo speed of nearly 5GHz. For a powerful game, this speed is a solid spec for any kind of gaming sessions. 

The build quality as expectable is amazing with superb durable edges and high-profile design. The design also includes anti-ghosting keyboard along with 30-key rollover technology. To get the right control over Battlefield, the ergonomically designed keys of this keyboard help amazingly.  

Getting a rich audio is necessary when you play Half Life Alyx correlating to the scenes this game surrounds throughout the game. Thankfully, the ASUS ROG features ESS Sabre headphones DAC which are uncompromising when it comes to sound quality. The sound of these headphones is greater than that of the CD-quality audio and you are going to enjoy an immersive sounding experience. 

The RAM of 64GB is just magnificent along with the 1TB HDD and also the solid-state drive storage. So, either you need to have this laptop for extra heavy-duty tasks or hard-core gaming, the hard drive speed is fantastic. 

On the graphics side, the NVIDIA RTX 2070 is equipped in the mainframe of this laptop, which is the latest GPU setting. These graphics are the maximum level of amazingness you are going to get from visuals and the display.   

For Half Life Alyx gameplay, we are giving this ASUS gaming laptop full stars and it can be the best possible choice in the market. 

Bottom Line 

If you are a gaming lover, we are sure our gaming picks today will be the best choice ever you can make. To check the overall specs and reviews of these laptops, you can also go to our web store Fivetech UK. These laptops are also available with 0% finance offer up till 4 months.  

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