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Best Historical Sites to Visit in South Carolina

South Carolina is a state with a lot of historical sites to visit. From the first settlement in America to the Civil War battlefields that have been left behind, there are plenty of places to go and explore.

You could visit the Fort Sumter National Monument which was one of the most crucial parts of the Civil War, travel to the Charleston Tea Plantation to see its long and rich history, and even see the wondrous Beaufort National Military Park and all the sites that it has to offer.

Fort Sumter National Monument

Fort Sumter was a big part of the Civil War because it was where the first shots were fired during the Civil War. This place was essentially where the war began.

The fort itself was built on the Charleston Harbor in South Carolina. 1863 was really when Sumter began to see its action.

Union forces captured the fort during that time and began fortifying it, which the Confederate States of America saw as an act of aggression. That is when the first shots were fired that led to what we know in history as the Civil War.

The Charleston Tea Plantation

Charleston Tea Plantation is a historic tea garden in Charleston, South Carolina. It was once the largest tea plantation in the United States, but was destroyed by Union troops during the Civil War!

The plantation was founded in 1773 before it was destroyed by British troops during the Napoleonic Wars. It was rebuilt and is now a National Historic Site owned by the National Park Service.

You can feel that history when you roam the grounds. Some of it may not be good, but it’s a part of what shapes our country. The good and the bad, unfortunately.

You don’t just feel the history of the grounds, but the beauty that it can hold also. To see the 250 years that this place holds, Charleston houses for sale can have you living next to history!

Beaufort National Military Park

The Beaufort National Military Park has a lot of rich history that dates back to the Civil War. It’s the only national military park that has been established in the United States!

The park has many historic sites that you can visit, including the Beaufort Arsenal, which was used to manufacture ammunition and weapons during the Civil War. The arsenal itself was built in 1857 by Colonel John C. Flournoy and served as one of the largest arsenals in America at that time and was still operational until 1971, when it became part of Fort Sumter National Monument.

It is home to other activities for those who enjoy the outdoors. There are over 100 miles of trails for hiking and biking enthusiasts.

At Beaufort, you can enjoy the beauty and activity of the outdoors, while soaking in the rich history that fills this place and has formed what lies before you. These are what makes the Beaufort National Military Park, one of the most visited sites in South Carolina’s history.

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