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Best Italian Tiles in 2021

Latest Italian & Marble Tiles Trends

The need to choose to buy tiles that are durable and beautiful with quality is becoming more and more popular in home construction today. In particular, Italian Tiles are a brand that is taking an increasingly high position in the ceramic tile market. Have you already discovered the fascinating information about this tile brand? If not, don’t miss out on the helpful exchange right now!


1.What kind of Italian mosaic tiles can be used?

Currently, there are 3 types of Italian tile materials that are highly appreciated by consumers for their quality and aesthetics. The detailed information about the 3 materials that make up the name of Italian tiles is as follows.


1.1. Italian ceramic tile

Ceramic is a popular material that many tiles brands produce, especially with the base, ceramic tiles are perfect in terms of quality and aesthetics. The price list for Italian 2021 ceramic tiles is very competitive, so it will be the right choice for many people. Ceramic tiles make up most of the clay in composition and the rest is stone dust.


However, with Italian production technology, Italian tiles are suitable for both indoors and outdoors as outdoor parking tiles, providing the highest quality for the space used. You can use top quality tiles to pave the living room, bathroom, terrace without worrying about the quality of protection.


Italian tiles made of ceramic material have many designs, suitable for many different styles of living. Whether your home style is classic, modern, sophisticated, or simple. There are Italian wall and floor tiles for you to choose from. Additionally, selected Italian tiles to make the tile space more luxurious and high-class than ever, helping to enhance the value of the home you will live in.

porcelain tiles slab
porcelain tiles slab

1.2. Italian Porcelain stoneware 

Porcelain tiles also include dirt and stone dust, but the proportions blend against ceramic tile when the dust is more. Unlike ceramic tiles, this type of tiles has a uniform body, so the texture is very compact, it does not create as many voids as ceramic tiles. This porcelain tiles slab is heavier than ceramic and stiffer, and its waterproof and impact resistance properties are also appreciated.


In terms of aesthetics, Italian porcelain tiles are also prized for their surface shine, true color, and luxurious patterns. In particular, this type of tiles is very durable with chemicals, which ensures optimal aesthetics for the space used. You can also use porcelain stoneware in any position in your home, with extensive quality advantages, this stoneware will better protect your home.


1.3. Italian cotto tiles

Italian cotto tiles are tiles that are unglazed on the surface and generally have a characteristic red color. This type of tiles has high hardness and extremely good water permeability, which provides a longer service life for the used space. This type of tiles is more suitable for use outside than inside, but in certain cases, using this type of tiles for the interior is still very suitable.


Mention should be made of places that often use Italian cotto tiles of this type, such as old-style cafes, pure Italian restaurants, and old house styles. When using red cotto tiles in style designs. Classically, this type of tile will accentuate the old beauty of these buildings as desired by the users.


Compared to the previous two types of tiles, cotto tiles are cheaper to sell at major tiles dealers, so they often catch the attention of consumers when choosing. Although there are many sizes to choose from, these tiles are popular with consumers in certain sizes.


People tend to prefer 40×40 cotto tiles and 50×50 Italian tiles over other sizes. The reason may be that the size of this tile looks good and is very suitable for the current area of ​​the house patio. Due to the many benefits and reasonable prices, many consumers choose to use Italian quality cotto tiles to store, decorate, and protect their gardens.


  1. Introducing some top quality and beautiful mosaics

You can check out some beautiful and luxurious Italian tile models as follows.


2.1.  Wood tiles Pattern

italian’s wood tile designs are used for both wall tile and tile, bringing the highest level of luxury to your home. Italian creates designs with textures and colors like real wood that make it difficult to distinguish them just by looking at them at a glance. To enhance the natural look of the product, Italian also creates rectangular tile sizes, mimicking the shape of the log to create the most natural look for the space used.


The advantage of using imitation wood tiles patterns is to bring great warmth to the space used thanks to the warm color of the wood. In addition, the beauty of wood also makes the used space more luxurious, increasing the value of the living space many times. Therefore, the first imitation wood tiles are not always absent on the display shelves of the showroom.


2.2. Stone pattern tiles

Modern Italian tile models are studying lightness and sophistication, so the lines are very thin, light, and the color feels luxurious. Also due to the lightness in tiles design, modern house models today are very popular to create aesthetics and enhance the luxury of your home. The stone patterns are diverse in color, from emerald green, ruby ​​to smoky gray, cream-white all bring modern beauty to the place to wear.


Usually, people choose porcelain when buying Italian quality marble tiles. Because in this material, stone pattern tiles have the highest beauty, honesty, and delicacy. The price of stone tiles is also very diverse, depending on the size and pattern, the price of each model will be different, so you will have more options for this first-rate tile.


2.3. tiles pattern

As a pattern for wall cladding and as the name implies, this tiles pattern uses a tapered point to accentuate the space used. Tiles designs are very diverse, they can be flowers, leaves, still lifes they all have their nuances and are adapted to the preferences of each user.

porcelain tiles slab
porcelain tiles slab

Commonly used dot tiles patterns are 300×600 Italian tiles because this size is often suitable for the area of ​​many houses today. Italian produces this type of tiles with great quality, thoroughness, creating the highest aesthetic for the space used. Point tiles can be used in many areas because they only create accents for space, so they are not too picky about the place to be used and help to create a more luxurious look for the used space.


  1. Check the criteria for selecting the tiles that suit your home.

When choosing the main tiles to use, you need to consider a few issues below.


3.1. Choose the correct tiles size

The size of the tiles must be in harmony with the area used, otherwise, the aesthetics of the house will be affected. If you use tiles that are too big for the space, the overall look will be reduced. On the contrary, if the tile is too small for the space of the tile, it will create a confusing feeling for the person inside.

You can choose the size of the main tiles according to the following suggestion:


– For spaces with an area of ​​less than 18m2, choose 300×300 Italian quality tiles to use.

– The space from 18m2 to 36m2, using tiles of size 40×40 and 50×50 is reasonable.

– An area of ​​the house of more than 36m2 will be suitable for cheap 60×60 Italian quality tiles. If the space is too large, such as villas, dining rooms, 80×80 tiles should be used to pave the floor.


3.2. Choose the tiles model

Depending on the style of the house, you can choose appropriate colors and patterns. Also, pay attention to the harmony of the Italian tiles with the interior of the house, they all must follow the same theme to bring unity. Also, you need to pay attention to the feng shui issue when choosing tile colors to bring the best luck to family members.


You should keep in mind that the places used to relax like bedrooms and bathrooms should choose soft colors, with small details. This will help your relaxation be more effective, thus maximizing the function of the tiled space.


  1. Conclusion

Italian quality tiles are produced extremely luxurious, delicate and will add aesthetic value to your home. So don’t ignore the leading brand when choosing home tile!


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