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Best IVF Center in Jaipur for Middle-Age Women for Getting Pregnant

Do you also wish to feel the experience of being a parent, but you feel you are over-aged to have a baby now? Dr. Namita Kotia director of the best IVF center in Jaipur addresses this question and answers “It is possible now for every couple to experience parenthood by IVF”.

 IVF is a highly successful and cost-effective procedure helping millions of families to fulfill their dream of parenthood.  Around 43-53 percent of the IVF procedures are successful. If you want to go for the best in the city for your infertility issues, try Aastha fertility care which is one of the best IVF centers in Jaipur, with the most experienced team of doctors and the latest medical facilities.

Why is infertility a common issue among couples-

A lot of middle-aged and young couples these days face problems in conceiving a baby. This can be caused due to changing lifestyles, poor nutritional diet, or starting their families in their late 30s.  The real question is why people are starting their families late. 

A large number of studies have suggested that the trend of starting parenthood later than it used to be in earlier times is because people have been staying longer in education and training. Thus people have started being more career-oriented. 

In 1974, the average age women used to have their first child was around 24 years. Three decades later in 2004, it was found out to be 27. People especially women have become more ambitious and spent their late 20s and early 30s fulfilling their career priorities, thus in the early 90s or 80s when women used to settle down in their early 20s has changed to settling down in their early 30s. This all in all leads to starting their family late and it creates complications in conceiving.

With age is it difficult to conceive?

With age is it difficult to conceive?

Researches have shown that with age the quality of the eggs deplete, by the age of 30 almost 30% of the eggs are of poor quality and can’t be used while by 40 over 60% of the eggs are unusable. This makes it difficult for a couple to conceive normally. In current times age-related fertility issues are increasing due to various reasons discussed above, a lot of families wait till their 30s to start their families. Even though women are becoming more health-conscious and following a healthy lifestyle, it still affects their decline in fertility with age. As the age increases the number and quality of the eggs deplete. This makes it difficult for a couple to conceive normally and they have to take the help of a number of procedures to conceive.

How IVF Helps in conceiving in middle age?

To overcome infertility a lot of treatments are available, IVF being at the top as it is not age-restricted has a high success rate compared to other procedures and is cost-effective and easy. The cost of IVF is around 1,30,000 which is quite affordable. 

As infertility can be caused by either of the partners, IVF can cure infertility in both a man and a woman. One can use IVF many times until one is able to conceive. 

How IVF helps in conceiving in middle age?

The process is comparatively simple than other treatments where the eggs of women are fertilized with the sperm in a laboratory. The fertilized uterus is then implanted back into the women’s body.  Women in middle age lose the quality of their eggs so it is highly advised by doctors to take help of donor eggs. IVF even gives the choice to women if they want to implant the fertilized embryo in their bodies or in surrogate mother’s bodies. This makes the treatment even more popular among middle-aged couples.

Aastha Fertility Center (Best IVF center, Jaipur) – One stop solution to all infertility related issues-

The hospital which has a high success rate in IVF and is cost-effective is Aastha Fertility center, the best IVF hospital in Jaipur. The staff and doctors are on their toes to provide patients with the best facilities and treatments. The ambiance of the hospital makes one feel comfortable and safe. People from all over the world have been contacting the hospital for their infertility problems. The hospital has been recognized and awarded with a lot of awards by renowned personalities. Dr. Namita Kotia head and director of the hospital has made it possible for every couple in the city to fulfill their dreams of having a baby.

“Jincy from Jaipur is thankful and grateful to the doctors and the staff of the hospital, as they made her dream of being a mother come true in the first attempt. She is a happy mother of a baby girl. The hospital knows the emotional stress a patient goes through and hence makes your problems their priorities to deliver successful results.”

Aastha Fertility Center (Best IVF center, Jaipur) – One stop solution to all infertility related issues-

The hospital is known for the giving, transparent environment they provide to their patients, this is the best IVF center in Jaipur. Book your counseling session today with the experienced team of doctors for your infertility issues. You can find real-time testimonials on the website; the patients have been praising the center for their good work. For more information about the services, the doctors and the hospital check out their website and book your appointment today.

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