Best Narrow Booster Car Seat Reviews

My closest companion simply had her third youngster, three under 4. Every one of them are in vehicle seats and when they brought the most youthful home, they didn’t know how they were going to fit a newborn child vehicle seat in the back with two convertible vehicle seats. So I did my examination to discover her the best restricted vehicle seat setup for three.

You have to know before going ahead and finding the vehicle seat that will accommodate your vehicle and your way of life the particular kind that your kid will require.

I’ll feel free to cover every single sort of best narrow booster car seat so you can locate the ideal one for your youngster and your vehicle. (since let’s be honest – it’s less expensive to gt a thin vehicle seat than it is to get a greater vehicle)

1.UPPABaby Mesa Narrow Infant Car Seat

We should take a gander at the specs for this little person. The width of the UPPABaby Mesa is 17 creeps with its base width. What WE Love About It: The primary vehicle seat to breeze through all the assessment in wellbeing without having cruel fire retardant synthetics.


Attaches to the VISTA and CRUZ buggies, the base is little and tall making it simpler to fit sponsor and convertible vehicle situates close to it.


This newborn child vehicle seat will hinder you two or three hundred bucks

2.Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat

The Chicco Key Fit 30 newborn child vehicle seat has a base width of 17 inches and its top component that guardians love is the worked in levels that can be changed in accordance with lean back infant.

What WE Love About It: When you click into the base and unclick it to place into the buggy it makes practically no commotion, making it a simple progress for your resting newborn child.


Can hold max weight for 30 pounds, movable 5 point tackle, removable infant headrest pad


Usually utilized for the initial a half year, and afterward child gets to tall for the vehicle seat causing you to need to buy another back confronting vehicle seat

3.Graco SnugRide SnugLock 30 Infant Car Seat

The Graco SnugRide tight newborn child vehicle seat is a standout amongst other in light of the fact that it’s base width is 16.5 inches. That half inch truly has any kind of effect when you have to introduce numerous vehicle situates in the secondary lounge.

What WE Love About It: Rated 4.5 Stars from most guardians, and the best part is it is perfect with pretty much every Graco carriage.


One stage change base, simple snap on and off, and light weight without relinquishing security.


The infant head pad for babies makes some child’s very damp with sweat.

4.Safety first OnBoard 35 Infant Car Seat

With just 19 creeps as it’s width base the Safety first OnBoard thin newborn child vehicle seat is somewhat bigger than the others yet it has littler base widths than most driving vehicle seats.

What We Love About It: It can fit and lock onto various carriages the Safety first brand as well as Eddie Bauer and Cosco buggies. Causing it one that to can be utilized again and again.


5 highlights of security, can oblige a four pound infant as much as a 35 pound back view confronting little child.


Parents have griped about the little shelter not remaining set up when they move it over child.

5.Cybex Aton 2 Child Car Seat

This kid vehicle seat is truly stunning, in addition to the fact that it is distinctive due to the lean back position is permits your infant to be in. It is additionally ultra lightweight. Its limited with just 17 crawls to go through in your vehicle as the base.

What We Love About It: The overly light weight makes this simple for guardians to convey with infant in toe.


As sheltered without the base similarly as with the base. The Linear Side-sway Protection ingests the vitality in the event of a side effect and it’s lightweight transporter.


You will require certain connectors to utilize this vehicle seat with different buggies.

6.Cleck Foonf Convertible Narrow Car Seat

The Cleck Foonf (yes it has a clever name) yet you won’t snicker at the little width of this vehicle seat with just 16.9 inches. It is likewise ‘assembled like a tank’ with a sub-metal casing.

What We Love About It: Once the vehicle seat is introduced it is in for acceptable and you realize that it is protected.


Can be utilized for babies and pre-k kids as much as 50 pounds. It has reformed best in class tech to make any mishap progressively ok for the youngster riding front aligned.


It’s truly costly yet we suspect as much damn justified, despite all the trouble and it’s somewhat hard to introduce in the vehicle.

7.Diono Radian 3RXT Convertible Car Seats

For being a convertible vehicle seat the Diono Radian 3RXT is sparing space by having a 17 inch base that can fit children as much as 5 pounds when they are back confronting.

What We Love About It: It’s the main vehicle seat with a multi year plan that it will develop with your youngster from back looking to being in a supporter!


It can be back looking until your kid arrives at 45 pounds and afterward you can utilize the sponsor part as much as 120 pounds! You truly never need to purchase another vehicle seat.


we have no cons for this one. It is our most loved on this rundown (shh don’t tell the others) But it is in the 300 dollar territory. On the off chance that you see this underneath that GRAB IT. (see the present cost here)

8.Combi Coccoro Streamlined Light Weight

With the littlest base around at simply 15.5 inches the Combi Coccoro light weight convertible vehicle seat is the tightest one on our rundown up until this point.

What We Love About It: The Coccoro Convertible Car Seat was planned in view of little spaces. At 15.5 crawls in width, the Cocorro effectively introduces in more tightly spaces and littler vehicles. This makes a simpler establishment, takes into consideration “Three Across Installation” and furthermore simpler versatility.


Perfect for back confronting, and develops with your kid.


The width of the vehicle seat extends as you go up to 25 crawls in width.

9.Primo Viaggio 4/35 Nido Narrow Convertible Car Seat

The Primo Viaggio limited convertible vehicle seat is on this rundown since its base width is 14.5 and the vehicle seat itself is 17 crawls in width.

What We Love About It: You can undoubtedly move the infant and newborn child sides if your infant begins developing to enormous for them. It doesn’t stop the quality and side effect control of the vehicle seat.


Can be an ideal back confronting convertible vehicle seats for your newborn child and can work for your little child as it goes as much as 35 pounds for max weight.


It’s entirely substantial all alone without lodging your infant

10.Graco SlimFit 3 – in – 1 Convertible Narrow Car Seat

It’s in the name Graco SlimFit this vehicle seat is SLIM and it is demonstrated by different guardians that you can utilize it to fit 3 across in the secondary lounge of your vehicle – regardless of whether you have a reduced vehicle.

What We Love About It: With its steel outline it is as yet not overwhelming without relinquishing wellbeing for infant.


Graco states its the main vehicle seat you should purchase. From back confronting beginning at 5 pounds to a sponsor seat that will be 100 pounds.


The biggest width in vehicle seat bases on our rundown coming in at 19.88 creeps in width.

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