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Best Natural Ingredients for Controlling Termite Infestation

Talking about pests, which is the one that is most dangerous of them all, do you think? One name that creeps into our minds is that of termite Infestation. Leaving them unchecked will be the worst thing that could happen to you. They nibble at the ceilings, doors, windows, or whatever they can get their hands on. If you leave them be, then it won’t take much longer to cause serious damages to the structure of your house.

Having a beautiful house is a dream of all the people, but not with termites, definitely. It will be best if you could get the house checked by the pest exterminators regularly for the pests and termites. And you should keep it at the top of the list. Detecting the damage and termites on the primary level will be very helpful and keep these pests away from your house and furniture. You will be not only saving your beloved house, but also a ton of money.

At the first sight of termite infestation at your home, you can do two things. Either you can call pest exterminators right away or start by utilizing home remedies using simple kitchen ingredients. In case you want to fortify your house against termite attacks, then these remedies can help in a lot of ways. Have a look at them.

Natural Ingredients for Termite Infestation


Vinegar is used for a lot of preparations. As they are easily found in the stores close to you, so it doesn’t become a problem to find them. Vinegar has been used for a long time to keep household items clean, for weight loss, and also for keeping pests away.

Did you know that vinegar is used widely to prevent furniture from termites? For this, you need to make preparations using a half cup of vinegar and juice of two lemons. This is how you prepare a termite killer. Keep it in a spray bottle and use it on the affected area or where you may expect termite infestation such as doors or windows. The acidic solution when sprayed regularly can effectively keep the termite problem at bay.

Sodium Borate

Common household item borax powder is nothing but sodium borate. In our house, we may use it to wash clothes regularly, but it can be used to keep pests including termites away. To kill termites or keep them away, you can sprinkle the powder on the affected area or directly on the termites. You can either mix it with the water and spray on the termites, or sprinkle the powder itself.

It is similar to the use of vinegar solution, so you will have to reapply it again after regular intervals. With regular use, you can stop the infestation from growing in a full-fledged way. You can also use it to eliminate the complete termite colony, but in such cases, it is best to get pest control services in Chennai on the site.

Orange Oil

For us, orange is a delectable fruit, but to termites it is harmful. Especially the d-limonene, or the orange oil, is very deadly for the pests. This is easily available in home improvement stores, garden stores, or e-commerce stores. Moreover, as it is extracted from the orange peel this is an eco-friendly, natural product for pest control, so it will be great. How does this orange oil affect the termites, though?

The d-limonene has a corrosive effect on the outer covering of this dangerous pest, thus, dissolving the protein and moisture present in their cover. This way it kills them instantly. So, spraying this oil on these organisms directly will kill them instantly. Reapplying them to the areas that may catch termite infestation will make sure that the termites don’t affect them at all.


The natural way to tackle termites is sunlight. As they are exposed to the sun, they die due to the heat. The people in the village try this method to get rid of these pests. Putting furniture which is infected with termites out in the scorching sun takes care of the termites efficiently. If you are unable to do so, then bring in a UV lamp and focus on the area that may show termite activity. This way, you can say bye-bye to them in the best possible way without costing you a dime.

Wet Cardboard

If you have had an encounter with termites, then you would know that they can’t say no to two things: cellulose and water. So, you can use it as bait to attract the termites from their nests. Bring cardboard and spray it down with water. This acts as a buffet for these pests, and you can see them coming out to it. This helps you understand the lair of these pests and when they settle there, you can simply take the cardboard out and put it on the fire. This will help you bring the termites out and make things easier for you to track them down. You can do this again 2-3 days later to check if anyone was left behind.

Preventive Measures

Before you start taking adequate steps to curb the infestation, it is best to take preventive measures to help you set the perimeter right. This is the best way to keep these pests out. Only then will you be able to protect your house from termites. It is often noticed that it takes only a moment for these pests to enter the house and no matter what products you use they are hard to take out.

Don’t wait for the last moment to strike the infestation. Instead, you can go ahead and fortify the place well so that, it doesn’t reach that stage. So, the first way to keep them out is to go for regular plans from presale termite Inspections In Brisbane a reputed pest control service in the area. This is one of the ways to be prepared for any termite attacks that can otherwise prove to be fatal. If you are in a tie-up with any pest control company, the sooner you notice termite activity, you can take them down immediately. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about any such attacks for a year or so.

Another point to be added to the list of preventive measures is that you need to keep all the woodwork, cellulose, cardboard, or other such items that may attract the pests to be kept away from the house. Even the firewood should be kept at least 5 inches away from the ground so that there is no way for these pests to enter your house. It is seen that it doesn’t take much time for the termites to multiply and reach the corners of the house.

Final Say

Natural methods are good, but it will be best to have professional pest control services in Guindy, Chennai to let you know if there is even an infestation in the house or not. This will give a confidence, and you will be able to prepare a good plan to get things done appropriately. This always helps when you have to take care of a serious infestation. So, check your house for termites and if you find one then bring in the army to take care of it.

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