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Best Online Multiplayer Games Other Than PUBG

Hey friends!! Welcome to this wonderful blog. If you want to know about the top 10 multiplayer games with high graphics other than PUBG, then congratulations, you are at the right place. PUBG is trying to provide free PUBG redeem codes to attract new and old users but still many people want to try something new. I assure you that you will not leave this blog with disappointment. All the mentioned games are played and checked by us.

Since they are multiplayer games, you can play with your friends online. Many people want to try something new apart from just playing PUBG. So to solve all your problems, I bring you the top 10 online multiplayer games with high graphics

Call Of Duty Mobile- Best Online Multiplayer Games

The first game on our list is Call of Duty (COD). If you are a mobile gamer then you must have heard about this game. This is also a battle royale game like PUBG. It is a fully multiplayer online battle royale game that can be played between friends and with random people. 

Now at the time of writing this the size of the game is around 2.5GB. Yes, that’s a big number but its graphics and gameplay are over the top. It also has different multiplayer modes like Deathmatch, Normal Battle Royale, etc. After the ban of PUBG, its download count increased rapidly.

Also, the game gets better and better after the update. Like PUBG, it also has seasons which make the game more interesting. This is one of the best multiplayer battleground games that you must try.

Horrorfield (Online)

The second best multiplayer game according to me is Horrorfield which is a multiplayer survival game. This game is also completely online and its size is about 255 MB. In this game, 7 people get stuck in one place and they try to stay alive in that unknown place.

They (controlled by you because it’s just a game) plan, build and repair things, etc. to escape from that place. In this game, some of your real friends will be your companions while others will be against you. They will try to kill you. So the strongest team will win. This game is like the famous game Death by Daylight.

Hellfire (Online)

Hellfire is one of the underrated mobile games that you must try. This is a completely online shooting game with a size of about 317 MB. It has different modes and the famous mode is Player Vs. player. 

As its name suggests, the virtual location where you fight looks like hell giving the game a dangerous look. It also has an auto-shoot feature, so you just need to collect guns and defeat all your enemies. This game is also very well developed and I believe it will add some new features and mods in the coming updates.

Among Us

IIf you watch YouTube game streams a lot then you must have heard about this popular game. Once upon a time, there was a lot of craze about this game. It suddenly gained so much popularity due to live streaming on YouTube.

This game is also a fully online multiplayer game and you need at least 5 players to play this game. So if you have so many friends, just play with them. Its size is 100 MB+. Most of you would know how to play this game but for those who don’t know, let me explain to you. 

You play with 5-10 players and 1-3 of them are/are imposters while the other players will be crewmates. To win the game the imposters will try to kill the crewmates while the crew must find out which of them are the imposters.

Another way for the crewmates to win the game is to complete all the given tasks. If you want to know more about it you can watch YouTube videos

You can discuss with other players to find the imposter and the cheater himself can discuss with you. This means that the imposter will not reveal himself. You have to be careful otherwise you can kick out your teammates too.

You must try this game because it has some unique concepts

Minecraft- Best Online Multiplayer Games

5th and my favorite online multiplayer game is Minecraft. Like PUBG, Minecraft is also available for both Mobile and PC. This game is quite complicated so you might not understand it at first. You might also find it irritating but once you start understanding the game, you are going to love it. To understand Minecraft, you need to watch videos or read articles on how to play.

Its size is around 100 MB. It is also completely online but you can play this game alone or with your friends.

Its concept is that you can create your world. Yes, you heard it right, you can create your own world in which you live. There are 2 modes:-

  • Survival
  • Creative

Survival:- In survival, you and your friends will have lots of enemies like creepers, zombies, etc and you have to avoid them or fight them to survive. In Survival, you will spawn on a random land without any equipment. You have to craft tools and other stuff to survive.

Creative:- In creative mode, you will be the lord of your world. You will have unlimited resources, equipment, food, etc. But this method is best for making some creative stuff like the house design, Mukesh Ambani building, Gokuldham Society,  etc.

Like I said, this game is complicated. You cannot understand this game by just reading one post, you have to take some time to understand and learn it completely.

Shadow Fight Arena

The sixth game on our list is also completely online with a size of over 600MB. During 2016-2019 everyone must have at least heard about Shadow Fight. It was an offline fighting game with amazing gameplay. Personally, I liked this game. My sister used to play this game all day.

If you have played Shadow Fight 2 or 3 then this game is also similar. The main difference is that you can fight in a game with your friend online in real-time. You two will fight each other online and the last person standing will be the winner of the virtual game.

Shadow Fight 2 and 3 were very popular because of their gameplay and rewards. When you reach a higher level you will get new skills, techniques, weapons, etc.

If you like the shadow fight game series then do let me know in the comment section below.

Standoff 2

Like other games, this too is a fully online shooting game with a size of 850MB+. I think it is the best alternative to CS:GO on mobile devices. Standoff 2 is popular in many countries and you can also participate in various tournaments.

The craze of this game is less in India as it is one of the fast-paced games. If you like CS:GO then you will definitely like this. But if you haven’t played CS:GO, you may or may not like it, but at least give it a try. So let me know in the comments if you too believe Standoff 2 is the best alternative to CS:GO or not.

Car Force

Its size is 200MB+ and it is completely an online game. Its concept is very simple, you are in a car with a gun and you have to destroy other cars. It has world view camera angle and also simple controls which lead to good gameplay

You can also upgrade your vehicles and weapons to win car battles. It is a simple yet unique concept under 250MB, so you should give it a try.

Rouge Agents

It is a shooting multiplayer game with having a size of around 400 MB. It is also a completely online game. It was very popular when its trailer was first released but eventually, its popularity declined. 

It is a decent multiplayer shooting game as character animation, graphics, locations are decent. But character movement and gameplay are very good. It is not great but not bad either. You can try it if you want

Food Gang

Last but not least on the list, the name of the game is Food Gang. The size of this game is the smallest on this list which is around 70MB. It has a strange and unique concept. You are vegetables, or you can say food in this game and you have different weapons.

You have to kill other food characters to win the battle. So the last person standing will be the winner. You must try it out as it is less in size and the concept is unique.


So these were the best online multiplayer games in my opinion. I have tried all these games and after analyzing each game I have mentioned the top 10 accordingly. I’ve played 20+ games to find the top 10 list. But still, different people will have different perspectives. That’s why you might not like the game I like. 

If you want, you can rearrange this list and play games one by one accordingly. If you think other games should also be included in the list then you can comment below mentioning your favorite games.

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