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Food and Drink

Best Places to Get Delicious Street Food In Delhi!

Street Food

Delhi is such a confluence of flavors that it is impossible to paint it in one color. from every corner of India, there is no variety of Street food that the keen seeker can fail to find in the national capital. From thukpa in the Tibetan Colony to purchase at C.R. Park, delicacies from all corners of India abound is here.

No often asks the question: “Where can one find food that is native to Delhi?”

To answer this, I would look at the time when culturally Delhi was at its peak, during the time of the Mughals.

Perhaps no other period in the history of phoenix city encapsulates a culture, life that could truly, uniquely be called more native.

Ideal Delhi:

Street Food should definitely start with the Old Delhi Area including Chandani Chowk, Chawri Baazar, and Sita Ram Baazar where you will find different street food dishes aloo-chaat, Dahi-bhale, Kulla-chat, japani-samosa at Manohar ka Dhaba near it, bedmi puris, and heart of Chandani chowk i.e famous paranthe wali Gali. Then you can head towards Paharganj where you will discover a different aroma of Multani flavor. you should definitely taste dal samosas at Janta Sweets, moth kachori at Moth Bhandar, Amritsari chur naan, and Sitaram diwan chand special paneer chole bhature.

Delhi has a number of good food streets.

Muslim Food:

The typical feature of the Muslim food streets is they are cheap, have no sense of hygiene, rich in spices. This is ideal for me during the Delhi winter. There are a number of Muslim food colonies in the preference list I would say:

  1. Motia Mahal: Famous for Nihari, Paya, Dhaga Kabab, and Halwa (shahi tukra, soan halwa, etc) in Delhi.
  2. Nizamuddin Darga: Famous for buff seekh kabab, buff tikka. Ideal for buffattarians.
  3. Zakir Nagar, Okhla:  Specialties are mutton qorma, biriyani.
  4. College Goer’s places: They are on the list of my favorite since my college days:
  5. Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar: Cheap food of wide range, the cafe at affordable price.
  6. Satya Niketan, South Campus (opp Venky College): Very much similar to Hudson Lane. Few good roll shops are there as well.

Regional Favourites:

A couple of colonies in Delhi has decent regional food as well which never failed my taste-buds:

  1.  Near Chandni Metro: Ideal for me when I like to taste vegetarian food. Shop owners are mostly Punjabi, Jaat, and Jain. Parathe of Parathe wale Gali, several chat stalls, sweet shops, chole bhature of Nand di Ji bhature wale of Pan Mandi, Sadar Bazar are on my list in this area.
Street food
Street food
  1. Tibetan Food and Majnu Ka Tilla: It is an entire Tibetan colony. Apart from road-side small joints, I visit restaurants like Tee Dee, Ama for a wonderful experience. Pork is a must-try here.
Street Food
Street Food


Old Delhi Lies in a cocoon, independent of the vagaries of time, shielded by the walls of Shahjahanabad and clinging on to its unique charm, and in the process conserving the elements of their cultures that defined. presenting a smorgasbord of delights for the food lovers, from Mughal court recipes to kingly sweets.

  • Kucha Chelan

Taking a right turn inward into Kucha Chelan, one can walk up to the famous Kale Baba Ke Kebab. An Old Delhi legend serving soft, scrumptious fare straight from the era of the Mughals. This stall is most renowned for its kebabs. With a meal for two settings you back by just Rs. 50, this is a must-try destination!

  • Chitli Qabar

This area called Chitli Qabar, nothing less than heaven for kebab hounds. Next, ask anyone for directions to the famous Flora Bakery. Right next to it is a small shop by the name of Bhaijaan Kebabs, serving the tastiest chicken Shami kebabs you’ll find. Each piece of the kebab, made with chilies, chana dal, and spices from a secret recipe passed down through generations, costs less than Rs. 20!

  • Matia Mahal

Further down Matia Mahal is the legendary Karim’s. Since this is street food, we won’t stop here, but no Delhi food soiree is complete without its mention. Besides, it stands Al-Jawahar, hailed by some to be better than its much better-known neighbor. Save its nihari and pay for another day.

For Post Matia Mahal, one can go left behind Jama Masjid to enter Chawri Bazar, which holds for us three delights: a hidden sandwich place. Two chaat places everyone should try.

Right next to Gujarat Namkeen Bhandar going straight down Chawri Baza. When we enter Raghuganj, were neatly tucked into a crevice in the Jain Coffee House.

Non-descript,hard-to-find, this place serves fruit sandwiches, stuffed with apple, mangoes. Pomegranate layered with the slices of raw paneer, and much more.

  • Chawri Bazar

Back on the street in Delhi Chawri Bazar, we move further down to Hira Lal Chaat, which serves the unique kulle chaat, vegetables stuffed with spices. Pomegranate seeds, decorated with sprinkles of lemon juice.

While walking towards the Chawri Bazar Metro Station, at Hauz Qazi Road, we have the aroma of core Delhi street food. Ashok Chat Bhandar serves the well-known assortment with a dash of different, with aloo masala, Karmi vada chaat, gol gappas being stuffed by an array of things.

Best Places to Get Delicious Street Food In Delhi!

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