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Food and Drink

Best South Indian Food Dishes!

south Indian food

A dish that has always been based on family traditions, a true game-changer of the way south Indian food is viewed as and grabbed in the tummy is truly the delicious, filled with aroma idli sambhar. Being different around regions, households and areas the dish still satisfies the taste of our tongue.

Being light and tasty it’s the ideal choice in many households in south India to take as their breakfast. The process of making soft and fluffy idlis is also unique to the south Indian household.

Tadka is the most essential part of cooking for adding taste and colour to the dish. Though spices are just the state of mind no doubt without them the dish remains tasteless. Sharing my personal experience I for the first time ate the delicious idli sambar in Tirupur when I went there for a holiday. The spices and the perfect blend of vegetables and flames made it just so delicious in taste.

South Indian Food

There were mouth-watering chutneys kept which added a spoon to this delicious dish. The amount of love with which they served was fascinating and made me overeat a bit. Overall the experience I had there was one of the best in my life and I can totally agree upon, that South Indian food has its distinct flavour and taste.

In all the wet topping goodness dosa – Rava, onion, masala can well be the topic of tasty dissertation. Digging in the food with your paws, quite common there but the love with which they serve, well mixed with their respect for every tradition. So don’t be shy to ask for a spoon and fork if you feel uncomfortable in digging with your paws. Banana leaves are the traditional plates in the south.

South Indian Food

The creamy sabzis, tandoori naans, curries and veggies are all tasty but just a fraction of the diverse culinary offerings.

Dosa’s  undoubtedly loved by all for its digestive and spicy taste. It tastes the best when served hot.

The savoury donuts or the delicious vadas served with chutney, sambhar is a finger-licking South Indian dish. Spurred with curry leaves, cumin and spices it tastes perfect.

South Indian food

The pizza pancakes or the uttapams are fluffy and porous and tastes right with or without chutneys. Loaded with a layer of tomatoes, onions and other veggies it is one of the favourite dishes in the south and loved by everyone elsewhere.

The crisp with a twist, the banana chips, sometimes a sour taste,  sprinkled on with jaggery a common sight in South India.

The kaapi or filter coffee is the perfect serving to a kick start day.

So the next time you visit South India, just be ready to experience something distinct from the usual creaminess of the north Indian food. You will fairly find out that the more you will eat it the more you will love it.


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