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Best Teddy Bear Choosing Guide

Whether you want to make someone feel special, mark the arrival of a baby or need something huge to celebrate Christmas, a giant teddy bears can be a perfect choice of gift for Your love one or anyone and to celebrate any occasion. This special gift can be an ideal source of comfort too as they promise to be your sleep buddy forever. 

There’s no age bar to love a teddy bear, to some it is a superhero and to some a companion to share all the secrets with and speak their heart out. Unlike humans, they never reveal secrets and are good listeners too. 

They come in many shapes and sizes. From a human-size teddy bear to a little animal-shaped stuffed bear, there is almost every variation and colour available in the marketplace for you to choose from. That is why, with so many options at one’s fingertips, users usually get confused while purchasing. 

Here we’ve compiled a list of considerations that might guide you while picking the best teddy bear for yourself or the special one. 

Things to Consider While Choosing a Teddy Bear

#1 Check the craftsmanship

Craftsmanship and sculpting are extremely important to check before purchasing a giant teddy bear. Go into the details, verify the material, stitching, shape, weight and softness. A good-quality teddy bear will be finely crafted and ultra-soft to give you that comfort. 

Make sure it does not have any loose stitching or attachments and is made up of non-toxic and non-clumping materials, making it safe for kids to play. Nearly all manufacturers use cotton and polyester fabric for the stuffing which is good until the material is 100% top-quality and hypoallergenic. 

#2 Check if it is washable

Another important factor to consider while purchasing an Big teddy bear is to check if it’s wash-friendly. A teddy bear should be occasionally washed or gently cleaned to get rid of the dirt. There are some local-quality stuffed bears who tear off while washing and the fur get rough. To avoid such happenings, make sure it includes a tag of “washable”. 

While washing, make sure you do not use harsh cleaners or hard brushes to clean that soft baby. Be gentle, use normal water (not too cold, not too hot) and a gentle toothbrush to clean the dirt. 

#3 Verify the durability

A teddy bear has to go through a lot. Kids literally drag them all over the home and some even take them to playgrounds. They hop, jump, fight, cuddle, chew, throw and what else not. A low-quality teddy bear might quit soon after handled by kids but a top-notch quality bear will stand up to the harsh treatment and still remain your best friend. 

To ensure durability, check if the stuffed toy is certified and approved according to the industry guidelines. In case you are ordering online, go to the about section and carefully read about the product’s durability. After all, not all the time we buy teddy bears and once we do, they are the companions for a lifetime. 

#4 Check if it is easily returned 

The users who shop online sometimes had to go through many disadvantages such as ordering yellow and getting delivered orange. It usually happens when we buy from a non-certified and non-verified manufacturer. And, the worst happens when they do not have an easy return policy. 

A good quality online toy store will surely have an easy-return policy to assure a guarantee to the customers. Some stores also offer a money-back guarantee, making the purchase more reliable and risk-free. If your retailer isn’t offering any of these then maybe it’s time to move away and invest your hard-earned money in a genuine and reliable store. 

#5 Check the features carefully

There’s a reason we buy a giant teddy bear. It is all about the embroidered features, appearance, cuddle ability and quality that impresses us the most and makes a teddy more special. The cutest designs have adorable faces with sparkling eyes, a cute little nose and a lovable smile. 

Make sure the teddy is soft enough to cuddle and makes you feel gentle when you hold and snuggle with it. It should not have any loose fibres or loose embroidered features like nose or eyes for your little kid to pull out and swallow. 

On the Contrary 

According to the U.S consumer product safety commission, there are several guidelines that a manufacturer shall keep in mind while creating a giant teddy bear or any kind of stuffed bear or toy. A good-quality stuffed bear is always safe for kids and adults and will be made of flame-resistant and non-toxic materials. 

These above-mentioned things are important to consider because you’ll be probably gifting it to your loved one and there is no way to compromise with the quality. So, play safe and shop smartly. 

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