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Best Things to do in Miami

Miami is truly a home to Florida’s captivating sights with lots of thrilling adventures. The incompatible blend of stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, antique piece collection through the Museum, and mind-blowing year-round celebration. So, it won’t be challenging for you to find the Best Things to do in Miami.

Although, you can connect with Spirit airlines en Español for an instant and hassle-free trip to MTop ami. With this, you would start with the bag packing. We assure you that the unusual vibes throughout the destination are enough for someone to be completely satisfied.

Most Prominent Options to enjoy in Miami.

We’d like you to suggest the below list of adventures to enjoy while you are in Miami.

Boating through Millionaires Row

One of the prominent options is to witness the residence of celebs like Shaquille O’Neal, Gloria Estefan, P.Diddy, and many others. This area is the most extravagant residential province in the country.

That’s why millionaires row is always busy with tourists. Mostly, people visit this place to try their luck to meet any of the famous celebs.

Jet Ski

This is one of the second best things to do while in Miami. It will be a great experience to discover this adventure alone by renting a jet ski. You should try this water sport like a break-neck speed ski. Maybe, your luck would work wisely to glimpse dolphins through the aqua water.

Airboat Tour

Although Florida is famous for the alligators and swamplands, there’s no better option than the national park tour by airboat. The airboat is the only option at the national park that enables the people to see the alligators living in their habitat through the Everglades Heart. And get a close glimpse of those fierce creatures. 

The airboat is public transport mainly dedicated to tourists coming to the destination for the tour. Alligators are fierce and clever creatures, so be careful at Everglades National Park.

Sunset Boat Party

South Beach Party Boats is one of the prominent choices to chill out at the event or party. Whether it’s a birthday party or any great celebration, everyone prefers this attraction for the unusual celebration. If you are on a Miami tour with your friends, you should try the same and collect something remarkable for your weekend.

Glimpse the Overview of the Destination

The Observation Wheel is the only leading way to experience an overview of the destination. While in Miami, you should try this option too. Once heading out to the Skyview Miami Observation Wheel, you would experience exhilarating vibes per the moving wheel. It will be a more adorable scene to glimpse if you spot this attraction at sunset.

Biking Through South Beach

Although getting sick of walking to trek the destination, you can opt for Bike riding through South Beach. Two wheels are the best options to stroll the place. With this, one can preserve great energy to explore further stunning streets throughout the destination.

Along with the Bike riding through the south beach, you would have a great chance to explore many other beaches and their wonderful treats like famous art through the destination.

Vibrant Art Deco 

If you are looking for an unusual experience through the South beach essence, Then why not head to something exceptional and lean on your Segway

You can spot the local expert leading the way. Ocean Drive is another most cherishable task to enjoy and soak up with the vibrant culture. Furthermore, know the city’s history through the biking alleys— all without breaking a sweat!

Wynwood Art District

It encompasses the iconic outdoor street art museum, which is not famous only in Miami but the whole world. This renowned Wynwood wall hosts the perfect picturesque for that long-overdue new profile portrait.

It is not a visual masterpiece, but it’s even relevant to the historical vibes. As per the guide on the street art tour, you’ll get to know Miami’s local art scene, including the work of DFace, Retna, Shepard Fairey, and Interesni Kazki, to name a few.

Seaplane Tour

While in Miami, you can seek a great chance to take a marvelous seaplane flight which is a top-notch option to discover the stunning views.

With this, you can discover many places like downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay and travel along miles of Florida’s breathtaking Atlantic coastlines within a few minutes at a time. Further, you would be able to grab take-in panoramic panoramas of the most stunning beachside from takeoff to dock!

Snorkeling at Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary

Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary is an underwater wonderland where coral reefs and art museums get in touch with each other. With this, a great contrast comes out, which is so satisfying to the eye.

While spotting this place in Miami for a thrilling adventure to discover, ensure to carry an underwater camera. You can view exquisite tropical fish and stunning coral reefs with clear water. Although you don’t have a remote camera for capturing the underwater scenic beauty, you can get it for rent. 

Eight Meter Above Fly up the Sea

Flyboard does not just make you feel like a dolphin diving eight meters above the water. However, Miami is one of the tropical destinations that exhibits mostly water sports. So, the dolphin Dive is one of those water adventures which is enough to thrill someone walking bored through the tour.

Giraffes Feed at the Miami Zoo

If you are on a family trip to Miami, including your juniors, you should head out to the Miami zoo. And see many wild creatures living in their habitats, such as camels, elephants, monkeys, giraffes, and rhinoceroses.

Miami zoo is the largest shelter for wild creatures, where you can snap beautiful pictures while feeding giraffes or other calm animals. The botanic collection is the other most captivating side of this zoo that draws crowds. 

Through those collections, you can view more than twelve hundred tropical plants, trees, and flowers, which would give you a blissful aura.

Day Trip at Key West

Key west is a great choice to pick for a thrilling experience through the tour. It encompasses all exciting activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, or sunbathing at the beach. Other than this, one can go for the sunset cruise too!

Live Performance

Enjoying live Jazz is one of the epic choices to make while on a Miami tour. Ensure to visit the Museum of contemporary art and see the Jazz performed live. The museum hosts Live Jazz every Friday through all twelve months at 8:00 pm.

Although the Museum is a 23,000-square-foot stretch, you can discover many other exciting treats like video games, sculptures, and photography. However, being lots of excited about Miami, are you facing hassle? Contact Frontier airlines en Español now and get an instant reservation.


Kayaking in Miami’s Jupiter region is one of the renowned options to enjoy the teeming stunning wildlife. There’s no finer way to glimpse the incredible creatures up close.

It is a top-notch way to discover the Marine wonderland throughout the destination without getting soaked water. While kayaking, you can have a close-up of the multiple marine creatures, such as a glut of starfish, sea turtles,  manatees, pufferfish, and more.

Places to Stay While on a Miami Tour

Given below are the following places that you would choose to stay while in Miami for the vacations.

  • Suite Love
  • Dream Destinations at Ocean Place 
  • Life House, South of Fifth 
  • Lennox Miami Beach 
  • Sixty80 Design Hotel by Eskape Collection 
  • Generator Miami 
  • ABAE Hotel by Eskape Collection
  • Henrosa Hotel
  • Monte Carlo by Miami Vacations 

Best Time to Visit Miami

Are you looking for the best time to spot Miami and discover its attractions without interruptions? Then, you can make your trip to Miami between March and May. During these months, the weather is mild, which is great for exploring the attraction and admiring treats.



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