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Biggest Summer Wedding Flower Arrangement Trends of 2022

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Choosing flowers for your wedding day can sometimes be a daunting task – especially if you have no idea what flowers are in season and how the season affects their cost. To ensure you don’t outdo yourself on your budget. Make sure you are making the best decisions when it comes to choosing something as important as your wedding flowers. To assist you best we have put together our best in-season summer wedding flower arrangement list that will help, keep costs down and ensure your look is even more unique than before.

Are you planning a summer wedding? If so, it’s probably because you love flowers. Because there are a variety of flowers available that you can choose from. Floral decorating is all about creating a striking visual impact and adding additional interest to your design scheme. If your event is taking place during the warmer months, then you must be looking ahead to some beautiful flower arrangements in Oxnard. For summers choosing flowers that are in bloom or that have just burst into full bloom would be ideal. 


A new color palette for flowers arrangements

When it comes to choosing wedding flowers, variety is usually the most important thing for a lady of the hour. Assuming you are a lady of the crop, luck has smiled on you because your possible outcomes are endless. Not only can you incorporate a few pastels into your wedding bouquet and bouquets, but you also have the option of choosing rich, warm gems to match or complement your wedding bouquet. In the event that your varieties are blue-green and maroon, consider some light pink or ivory shoots, as in the Isn’t It Romantic bouquet, to separate a bunch of rich, deeper tones.

What’s in season in the fall?

One advantage that spring and summer weddings have over fall weddings is the perpetual supply of blooms that are available locally. As summer draws to a close, that selection becomes a bit more limited. While you can always replant and rearrange unusual sprouts, it can get expensive quickly. But never fear. There are still plenty of perfect fall blooms to look at. Here are probably the most famous blooms that are in season in the fall:

September: hyacinth, alstroemeria, gerbera, daffodil, freesia, iris, lillium stargazer, magnolia, rose, orchid, stock, sunflower, zinnia.
October: Cane, Alstromeria, Calla, Delphinium, Freesia, Gerbera, Iris, Liatris, Magnolia, Rose, Snap mythical serpent, Sunflower.

Biggest Trends in Wedding Flowers Arrangements for 2022

Restrictions have made things difficult for couples planning their wedding recently.
Soon, there’s going to be more freedom to create your dream wedding.
That includes stunning wedding flowers from bridal bouquets, to statement tablescapes and naturally beautiful aisle decorations.

Looking for Wedding Flowers Arrangement inspiration?

If you are willing to get some best wedding flowers for summer then you can also connect with Andy Flowers. Andy Flowers is the best florist in Oxnard and provide many types of flower arrangement, like wedding floral arrangements, quinceañera flower arrangement, sweet 16 flower arrangement, graduation flower arrangement, and many more. So, next time you need flowers for any similar occasion feel free to connect them. 

Not only will some of these blooms come within your budget but they’ll also last longer than any other flower which is available during the winter months — meaning you’re less likely to have to buy new ones if they fade after the big day has passed.

You will be surprised at how many varieties of flowers in Oxnard are available during summertime. You can choose from many types and colors, which come in all shapes and sizes. Summer is the best time for flowers. 


There’s a Massive Flower Shortage Right Now—Here’s What to Know

Trending Flowers Arrangements for Weddings in Summer!

  • Daisies- 

Daisies are perfect for all occasions and especially for weddings. It goes really well when styled with your elegant white gown. You can get yourself these elegant daisies and pair them to add extra grace to your appearance. The golden shade in between those daisies adds an extra royal and yellow touch. Get some exciting daisy bouquets by Andy Flowers who is the best florist in Oxnard and get same-day flower delivery services. 

  • Sunflowers-

 How can you even think of any other flower in summer when you got perfectly suitable sunflowers. The yellow flowers get perfectly matched with the shiny summer rays. A simple bunch of sunflowers can be the ideal choice to be the perfect flower for a wedding arrangement.


  • Red Roses- 

What else do you need if you have a choice of getting some exciting red roses? Roses rule the flower kingdom because of being a perfect fit for almost everything. No matter if it is a red rose or white rose, any color will go well for you. Don’t stress yourself by finding a perfect place to get these flowers as Andy Flowers can help you. They have the most amazing collection of red roses that you can easily get for yourself. 


  • Orchids- 


Get some modern twist in your wedding by grabbing elegant orchids. You will get a variety of options if you avail to choose an orchid. An orchid bouquet with any flower combination can make things perfect. Get yourself a bunch of orchids or simply any bouquet which has orchids in it. Anything can work out as your perfect wedding floral arrangement.

  • Gladiolus- 

If you love colors and want something colorful arranged for your wedding then must select a Gladiolus. When you have a variety of color options, make sure you collect all different colors of Gladiolus instead of going for one single color. 

  • Gerbera- 

You’re getting married in the summer, which means you’ll probably want to choose your wedding flowers based on the flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. For this instance, what goes well beyond the beautiful gerbera flowers. Try to get some now by Andy Flowers who provide flower delivery services in Oxnard, and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

  • Cornflower- 

An amazing set of cornflowers designed with any other set of flowers. Of course, there are many other flowers that come into play when deciding on summer wedding flowers. But if you can understand how beautifully these flowers work then you will definitely prefer to go with this beautiful pair of flowers.

  • Delphinium-

The long-stemmed flower is easy to hold and looks divine. You can easily carry these flowers in your hand or simply arrange them in a vase placed next to you. Even if you are planning to give someone a bunch of flowers on their wedding day then this can be a perfect idea to be a part of the wedding flower arrangement

  • Wreaths-

Planted wreaths have been everywhere lately, whether it’s in a pathway design or on the banister of a long staircase. This provincial outhouse has a chance to charm when finished with a liberal laurel of mixed greens and white blossoms type of White Magnolia designs.

  • Eye-catching monochromatic floral color schemes

While pastels will always capture our hearts, we’re loving the monochromatic botanical color palettes that are currently catching our eye! Whether it’s bright pinks and reds, warm, vibrant blends of bright yellows, or the rich tones of flora, we’re going for depth with different shades of a similar base tone. This is certainly something for the lovers of variety, and we’re really looking forward to seeing this botanical pattern in our real weddings!

  • Sustainability

While portability isn’t essentially a pattern, it is an essential part of the 2022 couples’ mentality, with many couples opting for privately developed blooms, occasional blossoms and foliage, and local fauna and greenery. Silk flowers and dried blossoms will also gain notoriety as couples look for additional ways to reuse their wedding decorations.

  • Moss Garland

Beehive Events came up with an artistic twist on the garland craze by hanging a combination of moss, roses, and fern swags from an open-air tent ceiling at a Virginia wedding.
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