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Health and Fitness

Biotechnology Industry Welcomes Ray Mirra Jr Chairperson and Founder

Raymond Mirra is a pharmaceutical sales consultant. A world-recognized expert in the field of pharmaceuticals and bio-tech, he has been an important force in the fight to secure the future of medical science and technology. He founded the Bio-X Laboratories, one of the first biotech companies in the United States.

Mr. Ray Mirra was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Illinois at Champaign, specializing in biology. After graduation, he served as a salesman with Merck & Fehrenbad, specializing in pharmaceuticals. Later in life, he decided to establish his own company, and within a few years, his Bio-X Laboratories was offering cutting-edge medical equipment and diagnostic tools. His entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of medical science led him to establish a Bio-X as a leader in the industry.


Medical science and Technology

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Ray has been able to establish successful businesses from a variety of fields. His primary business interests lie in medical informatics, commercial genetics and clinical laboratory technology. He is devoted to ensuring that all forms of medical science and technology are improved and made more accessible to the general public. This is especially true with the field of biotechnology, where he has seen tremendous growth and success.

At the recent biotechnology seminar put on by the World Health Organization, Ray identified two key issues in the world of health and medicine that are threatening the very future of human existence. These two evils are biodiversity and antibiotic resistance. Biodiversity is the loss or protection of species; while antibiotic resistance is the overuse or misuse of therapeutic drugs. Both can lead to massive epidemics, pandemics and other catastrophic health disasters if we do not find a way to control or prevent them.

Institutes of Health

Bio-I is working on several technologies that will provide a permanent solution to the problem of genetic viruses that attack healthy cells. The company has formed a partnership with GenFolding Technologies, a biotechnology firm located in Rockford, IL. The goal of the company and the GenFolding technology combination is to deliver engineered proteins and DNA fragments that will defend and destroy every type of virus, with a human immune system intact.

Raymond is also working on the development of genetically engineered mosquitoes that can serve as a natural pesticide against mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus. The genetically altered Aedes Aegypti species are expected to reach the market within five years. This is another great achievement of the biotechnology industry. With the Ray’s mosquito campaign, however, the company has surpassed its targets. It is obvious that there are many more goals, projects, and successes ahead of Ray’s in the biotechnology industry.

Reasons to See a Ray Mirra Pharmacist

A Ray Mirra pharmacist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania can certainly diagnose the cause of a person’s health issues with ease. He  has experience in diagnosing problems and will offer patients the correct diagnosis and treatment. she knows how to listen to what a person is telling him or her about their current health-related situation. Ray gives people hope when all else seems hopeless. Even though that may be a lot to be said for a pharmacist from any town or city, it is especially true when a person has a health problem or illness that needs to be diagnosed.

People who come to a Ray Mirra pharmacist from Philadelphia really appreciate the fact that their doctor is not just any doctor.

Medical doctor

Ray Mirra pharmacists tend to focus on two groups of people. In either case, the physician or the internal medicine doctor will be the one that is able to write a prescription. If it is a cold, a cough or a headache, then the prescription will cover those conditions.

Customer’s Permission

However, this coverage may not extend to all prescription drugs. It is the responsibility of the person taking the medicine to make sure that they understand the terms of their coverage and if they have questions about their prescription drug plan, they should contact their insurance provider.

A person has the right to privacy when it comes to their health and prescriptions. They can get in touch with the pharmacist at any time to ask questions or to obtain any changes to their prescription medication. They can also request to see their file if they change doctors or physicians.

The staff can even instruct a patient on how to take their medicine. If a patient has questions about the prescribed medication, they can usually contact them at any time during their visit. If a person feels uncomfortable about something, they can contact the pharmacist at any time.

How Can I Get Rich Doing What I Love to Do?

Ray Mirra is an award winning investor and financial planner. His philosophy centers on capital appreciation through asset allocation, sound risk management, and a thorough understanding of the stock market. His specialty is in real estate investment, particularly commercial real estate. Ray has written numerous books on these topics, including “The Definitive Guide to Mutual Funds and Portfolio Construction”. He is an active member of the Industry Council of Real Estate Investors of America (ICREA) and the American Institute of Real Estate Investing (AIM Investments).

In addition to being a successful investor, Ray has been a successful sports writer for the Inquirer and Daily News. He is a three-time winner of the Professional Sports Writer’s Association (PSSA) lifetime achievement award. For the last 15 years, he has served as a sports columnist for the Inquirer. Ray’s writing has been featured in the New York Times, New Jersey Daily News, and Washington Post. In 2021, he was named one of the “Ten Best Sports Columnists” by the Sporting News.

In addition to being a successful sports writer, Ray is an accomplished life coach and life coaching consultant. His books, articles, and videos have had the same influence on other people as his articles have had on him. Many people credit Ray with helping them reach their goals in life.

Daily News

As a sports writer for the Inquirer and Daily News, Ray has covered some of the biggest names in the world of professional sports. In addition to being a successful sports writer, Ray is an accomplished sportscaster. He has served as the television play-by-play announcer for several WFTP radio stations, and he has given television interviews and commentaries for several other broadcast outlets. Ray is well known as a college football and basketball expert for the Inquirer. He also has contributed articles to several professional basketball and sports magazines.

Ray is not only a successful sports writer and sports broadcaster, but he has also been successful in other ways. raymond has been involved in a number of different business activities throughout his lifetime. ray jr is an active member of the management team for two of the most well-known Philadelphia franchises. He is involved in the operation of both the Flyers and the Phillies. Unfortunately, the Flyers won only one game this season.

Ray has also made investments in both commercial properties and residential properties throughout Philadelphia. One of the most successful of these investments was an apartment complex in South Philadelphia.  Other notable successful investments by Ray include a string of successful restaurant ventures, successful real estate purchases, and the development of a luxury apartment community in Graduate Square.

ray mirra

School in Southwest Philadelphia

Ray’s love of children, however, may be what has caused him to make such substantial personal investments in children’s franchises. His first love is probably soccer, but he did pursue a career in coaching high school football with the DeMorses School in Southwest Philadelphia. He has remained very involved in the inner workings of youth soccer even after coaching his son’s professional team, the MetroStars. In fact, he still coaches that team today.

Ray has always had an interest in business, even if it was strictly a part-time business. As a child, he helped his father run his lemonade stand business out of their home. Later, he was able to pursue a career as a salesman for Sears, which was much more lucrative. Even after making numerous business contacts throughout his lifetime, Ray has never lost sight of his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to make money. All of these endeavors are efforts to keep Ray’s dream of making money in his early life alive, and are efforts that will likely see him through many ups and downs throughout his life.

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