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Bitcoin Rush

Getting Rich with Bitcoin Rush

When I start reading about great ways to make money online, I am quickly brought to all sorts of pages that just sound too good to be true. You may have seen then. Invest $250 USD now and $1100 per day! That really does sound too good to be true. In fact, it is so good, why the heck would you advertise it? You could just invest $250 yourself, make $1100 and reinvest that and presumably make $4840 the second day and $21,296 the third. Why would you need anyone if you could do this? You could take over a small country pretty quickly. You would definitely be a billionaire within a fortnight.

Becoming a Billionaire with Bitcoin Rush

Let’s just make a quick count in USD: Day 1: 250 | Day 2: 1100 | Day 3: 4840 | Day 4: 21296 | Day 5: 93702.40 | Day 6: 412,290.56 | Day 7: 1,814,078.46 | Day 8: 7,981,945.24 | Day 9: 35,120,559,06 | Day 10: 154,530,459,88 | Day 11: 679,934,023.46 | Day 12: 2,991,709,703.23 and there we have it, you’re a billionaire. Just for depositing $250 dollars and pressing an ‘autopilot’ button. Pretty neat, huh?

So What’s the Problem?

Well this is the problem, how do people believe this stuff? How are these scammers (I won’t call them companies as they really do not qualify) able to convince sensible people (people who can use a computer and have evaded death by misfortune up until now) that some guys from NASA have invented a giant AI quantum computer that can see into the future and have decided to use it to make everyone on Earth rich, but you need to hurry though, as the banks will soon shut them down.

It makes no sense. No sense at all, no matter which way you stack it. Let’s take a look at the way some of these scams are marketed:

Megan and Harry Scam
Megan and Harry Scam

What’s the Point of this?

So this fake BBC article is trying to persuade us that Prince Harry, even though he could very easily secure millions for another biography deal on a fairly regular basis, uses an online auto-trading website to make make money, which is the secret of the riches of all the rich. The photo that supposedly shows Phillip Schofield interviewing him isn’t even stitched together, it is just two photos side by side. The title of the article is that they are far from their home, which is where Schofield resides anyway??

What Are Bitcoin Rush Trying to do Here?

From every viewpoint it makes no sense, and this is how it succeeds. This article is for one purpose, it filters out people with common sense and suspicious natures. It attacks the kindest and most gullible people amongst us. In other words it is designed to trick the most emotional and easily harmed people, like a sign tricking children into falling down a well full of crocodiles. It is just plain evil.

So let’s have a look at another example:

Jeff Bezos Scam Facebook

Jeff Bezos Scam Facebook

If it is so Stupid, How Could it be Dangerous?

So we can very quickly see that this is basically the same scam. Powerful man decides to make everyone else rich but the banks will soon shut down the project so get a move on and invest! So the banks will try and shutdown Jeff Bezos’ plan to make everyone rich, but wouldn’t that plan stop anyone being rich as money would become worthless? Then the banking system would collapse and the would be collapse of the farms and everyone would die. Would Jeff Bezos really be that stupid. It just doesn’t seem very likely does it? And the biggest part of the problem? This ad is ON FACEBOOK!!

So this is a huge part of the danger, by paying $5 USD per ad, these scammers gain the trust of the platform on which they are advertising. They are popping up between various ads about Tesla and Amazon and so Jeff’s face is in the right place! Facebook are committing the defrauding of people’s savings at $5 a time! The gullible click in and are set-up to be swindled whilst their heads are still spinning.

How Do They Get Away With It?

Excellent question. Relentlessness is definitely a part of it, but there has to be some sympathy for them in bog corporation in the US or they would never get the ad space. What you write on an ad for Google, Twitter or Facebook is closely monitored, we have had ads refused in the past, so they must just have it down on how to get away with things. Perhaps Google and Facebook just don’t have to care anymore as they control the media now, but it still seems odd that they would allow themselves to be sullied by these scammers as they hardly need the money. Hopefully it isn’t a sign that they are just about to wipe us all out and are just cashing in before hand…

Elon Musk Scam Facebook
Elon Musk Scam Facebook

As you can see, insistence beats resistance. If you’re not a Bezos fan, you might be a Musk fan, and they can’t all be scams, not on Facebook, right? And so this is where we find ourselves, lost in a information hurricane of lies and nonsense. Can we ever escape?

So Who Are Bitcoin Rush?

So this is the question I have been hunting an answer to for some time. They do not appear to be a group of people with a common goal, but rather many groups of people in competition with each other. This competition is generated by the affiliate networks that so many of them are registered to.

The affiliate networks are given contracts sponsored by offshore trader companies that then offer large sums ($700 for a decent prospect with mobile number) for each victim. This way no one is to blame you see. The affiliate networks have no visibility as to where the clicks take anyone. The affiliates are part of a network that requires them to write the best possible copy condoning the links, as per Google’s guidelines. As for the offshore trader boiler rooms themselves, they are registered in St Vincent’s and the Grenadines, they have several PO Boxes forwarding their mail from there. They have no obligation to follow laws in the US or UK. They are just as untouchable as the rest by law. If you wanted to bring them to justice you would have to call Liam Neeson, and he is only there to help relieve the tension, he can’t really help.

So Where Does That Leave Bitcoin Rush And Us?

Well what it means is that we have to try and keep ourselves and those around us informed of these scams so that important people in our lives do not fall victim. We need to keep up-to-date with Bitcoin Rush scam info by checking blogs warning us about scams regularly.

We also need to bear in mind that there are obvious clues. Anything that claims to auto-trade a market with a high reliability is a boiler room scam and should not be entertained.

Any article claiming that a celebrity uses a product to make easy money is a scam, just report the page to Google immediately to help save others.

An article with a Forbes or BBC or Economist logo in the corner that does not have a corresponding domain name in the address bar is a scam, always be sure to check this.

Remember that Bitcoin Rush is not the only Scam out there. You can read about other scams including Bitcoin Circuit too.

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