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Bricklaying costs for interior wall

Masonry is often a fairly precise and therefore time-consuming job. It is important that the wall is straight, strong and well constructed. Bricklaying a wall indoors is easier than bricklaying an exterior wall, as it is often unsupported and does not require a cavity or insulating material. Experienced do-it-yourselves will sometimes do the job themselves, but more often than not, an experienced bricklayer is involved. He can get the job done quickly and professionally, so that you can continue with your own activities. You can read how much you pay for building an interior wall here.


Bricklaying an interior wall is cheaper than when it concerns an exterior wall, because it has no other function in the house. If your interior wall is a load-bearing wall, the costs will increase, because it must then be built up strong and constructively. A more expensive type of stone is often used for load-bearing walls. The price is calculated per square meter or per hour and you agree this with the mason in advance. The following table lists the prices of a number of different cost items that you may encounter, including VAT, materials, and labor.

The cheapest option : if you need a wall quickly, you can have it placed for an amount starting at € 50 per square meter with quick-build bricks. This wall will then not be a supporting wall and will only have an aesthetic function.

Half a stone wall : having a half stone wall laid is more expensive, but here the stones are laid in a more traditional way and the result is more beautiful. The wall has the thickness of the width of the bricks, so these bricks are laid along with the wall line. This will give you a thin wall of bricks staggered by half each row.

Laying a brick wall : brick walls have the thickness of the length of the brick, because the bricks are placed perpendicular to the wall line here. This wall can be load-bearing and also function as an outer wall or as a dividing wall between two houses. Considerably more stone is required and the bricklaying is time consuming, which automatically results in a higher rate.

The price structure

Since most types of stone and also masonry mortar are not expensive materials, the majority of the total price goes to labor costs for the mason. That means you can save money on the job by asking and comparing the prices of several masons in your area. The total price consists of 60 percent labor costs, 35 percent materials and 5 percent call-out costs. 

Choices that affect the price

This final price is influenced by a number of choices you make yourself. So to a certain extent you have control over the costs for your new wall. Here you will find the three largest contributors in a row.

  • The material : you can brick your wall with concrete blocks or wall bricks. Wall stones are often more expensive, while concrete also has a number of advantages. In addition to being cheaper, it is also fire-resistant, sound-insulating and insensitive to moisture.
  • Do it yourself or have it done : labor costs take up a large part of what you ultimately pay. By looking again at the above price structure, you can conclude that by doing the job yourself you can save no less than 65 percent of the total price.
  • Load-bearing or non-load-bearing wall : having a non-load-bearing wall installed is always cheaper than if the wall is part of the supporting structure of your home. If you work on a limited budget, it is always best to leave the bearing walls alone.

Interesting saving tips

There are some ways you can save on your interior wall.

  • Consider an alternative : if your wall is not load-bearing and sound insulation is not an important requirement for you, consider having a plaster wall installed. These are cheaper per square meter and can also serve well in some situations.
  • Choose a local mason : if you are looking for a mason from your place of residence, the call-out costs are often waived and you also have all the handy regional professional knowledge and contacts at hand.

Compare quotes

The best way to save money on your mason is by comparing quotes. You can do this quickly and easily with our comparison tool. This tool is without obligation and therefore does not oblige you to purchase. Simply fill in your details and the tool will send you a number of quotes from masons in your area for free. You then compare these with each other so that you can make the best decision about your new interior wall.


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