Business Card Printing: 5 Ideas to Stand Out

Business Card Printing: 5 Ideas to Stand Out: Almost eight billion business cards are thrown out every week. That’s 88% of all printed business cards. This might lead you to believe that they’re obsolete, especially with all the advances in technology.

Despite this, business cards are still an extremely effective marketing tool. You can increase your company’s sales by 2.5% every time you hand out 2,000 of your business cards.

The key is ensuring that your business card is one of the 12% that a potential customer keeps. Getting the right business card printing services company is one way to do this. Read on to find out how else you can guarantee your card stands out from all the rest.

The Importance of Business Cards

In addition to increasing your sales, business cards are one of the first elements that a potential customer can feel, see and touch that represents your company. It provides a great opportunity to make a good first impression.

Here are some other reasons why a good business card is important.

It Provides Your Contact Details

Business cards are one of the easiest ways to provide someone with your contact details. You might think it’s just as easy for the person to write it down or put it in their phone.

But how many times have you lost the paper that you’ve written down a number on? Or have you ever forgotten the person’s name, so you have no idea how to find the contact you entered on your phone? A business card eliminates this problem and makes all your information available in one place.

It Can Be Symbolic

If your company does business internationally, your business card can hold a lot more significance. Business cards represent an important part of business rituals in some countries. Some cultures view the exchange of business cards as a sign of mutual respect.

The quality of your card can also be a factor in these situations. A potential business partner may judge you harshly if your card isn’t made from high-quality stock. It’s looked upon as a direct reflection of your behavior and the way you do business.

It Can Provide More Information

A business card can provide more than just contact details. You can also use it as a medium to showcase your services or skills. It’s one way to stand out from similar businesses.

This additional information might go a long way. If the recipient doesn’t utilize your services, because your card highlights your skills, it’s easier for them to refer your business to someone.

The Elements of a Good Business Card

The standard size of a traditional business card is 3.5″ x 2″. This size ensures it fits snugly in a wallet. However, despite this limited surface area, having the right elements on your card makes it a powerful networking and marketing tool.

Here are elements that can make the difference between your card being kept or thrown out.

Use these to create personalized business cards that stand out among the rest. The printing services company you choose is also an important factor in getting your cards right the first time.

You should find a company that not only provides high-quality printing but can work with you throughout each step of the printing process.

5 Business Card Printing Tips

More than likely if you’re in business, you already have your logo and brand colors. Use your vision and mission statement to brainstorm the image you want to portray or the main impression you want to leave with someone who sees your business card. You might already have a good idea of what this is.

Once you do, you’re ready to start creating your card. Here are five ideas you can use with each element of your business card that can help you make a good first impression.

1. Use Quality Card Stock

The most common stock used for business cards is 14-point cardstock. It’s thick but there are thicker options available including 16-point. A thinner option is a 100 lb gloss cover.

However, your business card can really stand out with 80 lb linen cardstock. It’s a high-quality stock with a thickness that makes it feel expensive.

2. You’re Not Limited to a Rectangle

Printing alternatively shaped cards are no longer expensive due to die-cutting. Not only does this give you various possibilities but the shape you choose is definitely one way to make a potential customer look twice after seeing your card.

You can use the shape to reflect the culture of your company. It could be playful, original, or reflect your product or service. However, when choosing a shape, think about the industry you’re in as well as how the shape fits into a wallet. Choose a balance that satisfies both.

3. A Font That Reflects Your Business

The font of your card can also reflect your company’s culture. If you already have other marketing materials or a website, you can consider using the font from those platforms. Otherwise, your business card could be where you set the tone.

Let your font or typeface represent your brand. Consider how you wish to portray your products and services. Your font can be playful, it can be elegant, or it can be practical. Whatever you decide, ensure that it is easy to read when it comes to style and size.

Raised ink can enhance your card. Team Concepts Printing Commercial Printing services can provide this additional accent for you.

4. Get Adventurous With Your Graphics

Once you have the basic contact details in place, you can experiment with the visual elements of your card. This includes your logo and any other graphics you wish to include. Remember, your logo should be the main focal point of your card.

You might even choose to highlight your logo on one side of the card, with the contact details on the other. You can also have your logo on both sides. It’s one way to ensure it stands out and isn’t forgotten.

5. Complete the Package

Once you’ve decided on all the elements above, you then have to layout your design. It should be easy to read, not cluttered, and attractive. A second pair of eyes is always useful to ensure you’ve included all the information.

Making Your Business Card Memorable

A business card is still an effective networking tool once it doesn’t end up in someone’s bin. Getting your business card printing right is one way to make it memorable by letting its elements stand out.

It’s one way to get your business noticed. For other ways to showcase your company, check out the Business section on our site.

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