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Business Strategy Revealed for NFL Divisional Round.

Two major conferences in the NFL felt so different upon entering the divisional round. On the one hand, the AFC’s young guns have taken over, while on the other side, the greatest quarterbacks of all time are joined by the Rams team. The super wild card weekend ended three of the longest playoff games. All the three teams named bills, Bucs and browns let out their years of frustration in the event. Along with these teams, there are packers, chiefs, and saints in the game. 

You need to know about the five things which are usually there in the NFL divisional round matchup. Let’s start analyzing the essential things about the NFL divisional round. 

Rams at Packers 

People are in doubt concerning the health of rams, especially at quarterback. Sean Mcvay won’t be starting a quarterback for the divisional round. Consequently, it will be paving the way for John Wolford. Jared Goff has been dealing with his injury but seemed healthy enough to compete in the game. Unfortunately, Wolford gave him a tough competition. 

McVay thought that Kupp and Donald should play this week as it is vital for the game. Many people regard Donald as the best defensive player so far. Everything around him seems so better when he is on the field. He also plays to the best of his ability when he is in a healthy state. 

Also, there will be a faceoff between Aaron Rodgers and the best defensive team in the league. For the third time, Jalen Ramsay slowed down D.K Metcalf. If this continues, then the rams will be able to secure a win for themselves. 

Ravens at bills 

In this game, the greatest burden is going to be on Josh Allen than Lamar Jackson. The bills are unlikely to try against the Baltimore front as they had given up running the ball. Cole Beasley wasn’t his best against the colts as he was dealing with his knee injury for quite some time. Beasley can be an advantage for the bills if he is in sound health. The Bills, in its defense, made enough plays against the colts but what grabbed their attention was 472 yards. Bills can have a strong defense with the Ravens’ tendency for long drives. 

Ravens faced the titans for the third time in one year’s time frame, and this upcoming matchup is quite different and has great pressure. This one is by far the favorite among the people but also compelling. There are chances for both of the teams to make it to the finals. 

Browns at chiefs

Whenever its chiefs, every team tries to make it short. Usually, it is the thing that browns do quite often. Chiefs are a difficult nut to crack for everyone. The Browns showed that they could get aggressive with a lead if the need arises. The Chiefs emerged as a winner when they played against the Jets, and they won by two scores. One of the enjoyable games of the year was when Patrick Mahomes played against the Falcons. Like the rest of the NFL, the Chiefs are also beatable. It merely needs the right trick. For the Browns, they must come up with their best players to win the game. 

Buccaneers at saints 

The main emphasis in the whole event will be Tom Brady and Drew Brees. The entire bus operation is dependent on Brady as he is the key to it. The Bucs make use of the heavy play-action and two tight end sets in their game. On the other side, the saints are not at all dependent on their quarterback for their game. Owing to the rib and lung injuries, Brees had to toil hard for the yards. For the brees, Michael Thomas and Deonte Harris proved to be of enormous advantage as they combined for 12 catches and 156 yards in the wild card. If Brady drops down to pass, then the game can be won. 

Facts about NFL divisional round 

The team that has made the longest appearances for the NFL divisional round playoffs are the Kansas city chiefs. For the three straight years, they have managed to keep themselves in the game. 

The team with the longest playoff victory drought has been Cincinnati for the last 30 years. On average, around seven super bowls have been lost by the Bills and Rams. They have only won one super bowl so far. For the first time, the two teams from the same division have made it to the second round of the playoffs. The teams are Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans. If you analyze the teams, then you will realize that at least half of the teams in the NFL divisional round are based on the animals. The Browns won the road game against the Steelers for the last time in 2003. 

Very few people are aware of the fact that no team has won less than ten regular-season games. But this is for the first time it has happened in the last five years. 


The NFL divisional round is the road to the super bowl, and all the teams try their way best to make their mark in the game. 

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