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Buying Guide for Wholesale Mommy Bag

Summer is coming soon, it’s time to take the kids out to relax. Naturally, a good-looking and durable wholesale mommy bag is essential. Since you became a mother, do you have to become a Hercules every time you go out? While taking good care of the baby (such as moving house), bring all necessary items, such as diapers, wet tissues, baby bottles, milk powder/food supplement boxes, water cups, spare clothes, toys, etc., as well as mom’s own personal items, mobile phones, Wallet etc. Since there are so many things to bring, most of the handbags used for shopping in the past are not enough.


Therefore, the mommy bag with strong storage capacity has become a must-have for every mother to raise her child. First of all, let us first understand the characteristics of the mommy bag.

  1. Separation:

    Each standard mother bag will be equipped with a functional bag, which can hold a bottle and a diaper. I personally suggest that there are more than four positions for the bottle because the water must not be overturned, and the area of each area must be large enough and not divided too evenly. There is space for diapers and spare clothes.

  2. Portable:

    There is no doubt that I have brought a lot of things, will it be tiring and stupid to carry a heavy bag? Therefore, some luxury brand mummy bags are not so popular because the materials are too thick and heavy.

  3. Easy to clean and dry:

    Mummy bags with leather or plastic surfaces are definitely not recommended. Can not be placed anywhere, there can be no scratches.


Whether a mommy bag is good or bad, it directly affects the lives of the child and mom. So, how to buy a mommy bag? Here, I will provide some experience and reference to those who are thinking of buying.

  1. Weight

    When you choose a mommy bag, the first thing to pay attention to is the weight of the bag itself. After all, there are a lot of things to put in my mommy bag. Therefore, when you choose a mom bag, it is recommended to choose a mommy bag that is lighter in weight, otherwise it will be difficult to carry. If you don’t carry much, you may be exhausted. It is recommended to avoid using leather products and multi-metallic mommy bags.


    The above-mentioned mommy bag of the shoulder bag, this mummy bag relies on these two leather straps to reduce the weight of the straps, so that the mothers will not be so heavy on their backs. So this is very suitable for moms who like shoulder bag styles.

  2. Layered design

    The layered design of the mommy bag is also very important, because there are too many things to store separately, which is troublesome to find. The divider bag is designed reasonably so that the baby’s daily necessities can be arranged neatly, so that the things are clear at a glance, and it is convenient for us to take things. In any emergency, we can quickly get the things we need, and we can better keep all kinds of things. The cleanliness of baby products.


     SOLID COLOR MOM LARGE CAPACITY MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BAG WATER PROOF DIAPER BAGAs shown in the picture above, this is a double-shoulder mommy bag. The design of the internal compartment is very reasonable. It can hold baby bottles, diapers, toys, milk powder, etc. Here, we recommend that when you buy a mother bag, you can try to choose the design of the divider bag as shown in the picture, so that the baby products can be placed at a glance. A good partition design can prevent you from not getting what you need in an emergency.

  3. Material quality

    It mainly depends on the fabric inside, it is best to choose waterproof. Because you must bring a baby’s water cup, a thermos bottle for hot water and other things. In case of water leakage, the tarp can also prevent other items from getting wet. Of course, it would be better if the outer fabric is also waterproof. After all, big bags and small bags get wet easily when it rains.


    In addition, we also need to check whether it is stain-resistant. Dirty-resistant mommy bags can reduce the frequency of cleaning. Mom already has a lot of things to do. One can be one less, right?

  4. Capacity

    Since there are a lot of things to load, of course, you must choose a large-capacity mommy bag. According to our experience, the capacity of the mother’s bag has a lot to do with the bottom of the backpack. We can look down from the opening, and the deeper it is, the more it can fit in.


    However, we can actually buy two mommy bags, one large and one small, and use large capacity when going out. When going out shopping, changing to a smaller mommy bag will be lighter and more convenient. After all, the bigger the bag, the heavier the weight.

Therefore, I think an easy-to-use mummy bag basically has the following points:

    • Lightweight and easy to carry

    • With super storage function, it is clear at a glance and easy to carry

    • It must be waterproof, don’t worry about water leakage or milk splashing

    • Large capacity, the key is to be able to load many things

    • High-cost performance, safe and durable materials, and moderate price


In addition to the weight of the mummy bag, the design of the partition, the material and the capacity are four factors that everyone must consider. As for the style, appearance and other functional design, these three aspects are more based on personal preferences or ideas.

      1. The first is the style:

        Both single and double shoulders are available in the market. The former is more fashionable and the latter is more durable. But you must remember that a big bag is not the same as a mother bag. You can indeed match a cheap split bag in it, but the effect is far inferior to a good mommy bag.


        In addition to the above two styles, the common styles of mummy bags also include backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags and trolley bags. Which way to choose depends on Bauma’s own habits and actual travel conditions, usually said that he feels convenient and easy to use.

      2. The second is appearance:

        whether a mommy bag looks good or not is a subjective idea. Bao mom can choose according to her own preferences. When choosing a good-looking backpack, you must also choose a functionally designed mommy bag.


      3. The last is the functional design:

        some mommy bags have intimate multifunctional designs such as a baby bottle insulation layer, a cold storage bag, and a wet tissue extraction interlayer. The functions of the mommy bag can be selected according to personal usage habits.


The above are some of the experiences I have shared for you. They all say that “bags” can cure all diseases, although there is nothing wrong with it. But for new mothers, those delicate and expensive handbags are basically negligible. Instead, you must honestly prepare a mommy bag, ready to take your baby out of the house with all kinds of items. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, baby bottles and small toys are basically essential.

MultiFunction Mommy Diaper Bag

When choosing a bag, in addition to considering the size of the space, it is also practical. There is no adequate middle layer than the bag, the weight itself is not light, the functional isolation is good, whether there is a waterproof layer, heat insulation layer and other designs. The styles shown above are all from our wholesale mommy bags, our mommy bags can meet the above requirements. If you happen to also need to buy a suitable wholesale mommy bag, or are more interested in it, welcome to visit our mommy bag product website and choose a suitable fashionable mommy bag.

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