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Cake smash photography: Memory your family will cherish long time!

Cake Smash Photography: The best moment in every couple’s life is the birth of their first child. But, it’s not as if the excitement and joy recede with every photograph. On the contrary, parents rejoice with every new child they bring into this world. It is what parenthood is all about.

The parents love celebrating their child and supporting it throughout his journey. The first time the child sits up on his own, The first time he crawls, his baby steps, everything calls for a celebration for the parents, especially the first birthday. It reminds the parents and their loved ones of the one-year journey the beloved child has passed on this planet and how it was a feeble little child. Then, he was entirely dependent on his parents for his every need. And now, he can recognize his parents, stand up with support, and laughs when someone peekaboo’s him.

The first birthday is a reminder of everything beautiful about life. It makes the parents hopeful for the next one. And the next one. And the one after that. Sooner or later, their helpless frail little child is old enough to raise a family independently.

Make birthdays memorable

Celebrating birthdays is different for different age groups. So naturally, you want to keep the party in sync with the latest trends and music for teens. For pre-teens and kids, you arrange themed parties where all their school friends can get along, watch the puppet show, eat their favorite snacks, or have fun with the clown for hire.

On the other hand, planning a toddler’s party is too easy. Therefore you need to keep in mind that your guests don’t get bored because it is a toddler’s birthday party. You need to shine the spotlight on your child and help them get involved in the party. It is because a one-year-old can’t hold their sippy cup right, so you can’t even expect them to cut their birthday cake! Let alone open the presents or enjoy any arrangements you’ve made. The most anyone can do to arrange a regular birthday party for a child is colorful decorations, balloons, fairy lights, and a good old cake.

People keep innovating new ideas to make their children’s first birthday memorable. After a lot of trial and error, someone decided that it would be a great idea to let a toddler have his way with their birthday cake. Though it sounds dumb and pointless, it is an amusing sight to see a child smash their beautiful birthday cake. But, the idea stuck with people, and it soon became a thing. It became famous as a “cake smash.”

Cake smash photography

Seeing a child smash their birthday cake to bits is a fun sight. But it usually ends in a few moments. So it is always good to hire a cake smash photography expert.

Here we have highlighted a few points why you need someone who deals with photographing children and knows his way with cake smash photography near me.

Children are relentlessly restless.

No matter what you do, you can not make your child stay still for a good picture. This reason alone is enough to convince you that you need someone with a professional camera; the camera allows you to who can capture amazing candid images without you having to aimlessly tell your dumbstruck child to smile and look in the camera. Cake smash photography is a type of photography that focuses on documenting the first moments of a baby’s life. It’s the only type of photography where the subject’s well-being must take precedence. The best part is that you’ll have parents who can aid you by holding and posing the infant.

They know what they are doing.

Cake smash photography is all about good lighting and perfect color grading. However, you can’t do all that unless you know the basics of photography. Therefore, it is always a good idea to outsource such things. It is so you do not have to worry about taking pictures and enjoy your child’s birthday to its fullest.

When a baby has reached the one-month mark, they tend to be more alert and active. So you can generally expect that we will end up with more waking photos than sleepy ones at this age.

Keep in mind that babies at this age tend to want to kick and move around more than younger babies. Therefore, it can make it challenging to get poses of the baby naked. However, most of the photos will have your baby swaddled in many cases, so they are content and peaceful.

A cake smash photoshoot

Apart from being a family event, you can take your child to a photographer’s studio. Another option is to book them and ask them to shoot at your house. Again, it is better for the child as he is more comfortable in a known setting than in an unknown one.

But why is it that you have to go through the hassle of getting a proper cake smash photography shoot?

Here are some reasons why it is not that bad a deal for what you have in mind.

Why hire professionals?

Some companies and studios provide professional services specifically for cake smash photography. They cover various aspects of this shoot because there has to be much more than just the cake and the baby. It would help if you kept in mind that the background is also essential. The photographer might charge you extra for designing and printing a backdrop or might offer you a package that includes everything in it.

Another important thing that a cake smash photoshoot requires is decorative props. These props are to sweeten the pot and make the pictures more endearing and lovely.

Apart from the child’s attire, it would help if you worried about the aftermath of the shoot. Luckily, if you hire professionals, they will get that covered. You might not have an acrylic sheet lying around in your house, so if you were to do it yourself, you’d just spread out a towel for the child to sit on or on the easily washable floor. Nonetheless, you have to be careful with the ground for the pictures. An acrylic sheet or any reflective spreadable sheet can do wonders for clicking the best images.

Some photography tips

If you intend to take matters into your own hands, there are some things you need to be wary of before getting busy. First off, light exposure is vital. Try setting up the shoot in a place with a lot of natural light. Set the camera on an angle that has perfect lighting and excellent exposure.

Secondly, it is best to keep the editing to a bare minimum for babies. It shuns the beauty of a child’s look, so it’s best to use a good camera and adequate camera adjustments so that you don’t have to edit these pictures later.

Last but not least is color coordination. You mustn’t just get a random cake from Walmart for your baby to destroy in a cute dress. You must make sure that there is excellent color coordination between the background, the baby’s clothing, and the cake. It all needs to add up to become a beautiful picture that can become memorabilia for years to come.


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