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Can I Use Solar Power Seamlessly To Run My House Without Electricity?

Did you know that in 2020, there were as many as 378,451 rooftop solar panel installations in Australia? This is considered the most number of installations in the history of the solar energy industry. Today, approximately 3 million households are reaping the benefits of rooftop solar panels across the continent solar in Brisbane.

This is why Australia is considered one of the sunniest places globally that generate and use its electricity. Now, why do you think people realize the benefits of installing solar panels on one’s rooftop? The sun’s rays have a higher potential of producing electricity in an eco-friendly and cost-effective manner than non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels.

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Solar System

Suppose you have decided to go solar, congratulations! You will save your money and the environment in the years to come. However, before installing solar panels on your terrace, here are a few things to consider.

  1. Check whether your roof needs repairs. If it does, then do the needful before installing your panels.
  2. Check the shape and size of your roof. Ensure that your rooftop has enough space to hold your solar panels for years to come.
  3. Ensure that the location for installing solar panels receives adequate sun rays. This is why you also need to check the direction of the slopes of your roof to maximize the electricity generated.
  4. Determine the direction of water flow during rains. At times, the solar panels may change the water order, thus causing leaks and roof damage. In that case, it would be costly to repair the damaged roof after removing the panels.
  5. Check whether your rooftop is strong enough to withstand the weight of your panels. Also, determine the maximum weight your roof can bear.
  6. Discuss with the technician or the solar panel installation company how to connect to the grid to use the electricity generated.
  7. Don’t forget the natural calamities, especially if your area is prone to one or more of them. Frequent lightning storms, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., may damage the panels.
  8. Shop around to get the best deal and, most importantly, a reputed contractor for solar in Brisbane. Because unless your solar panel contractor has the right expertise and experience, your solar panel installation may end in a disaster!

Can Solar Panels Replace Traditional Sources of Electricity?

The answer would be both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Yes, it’s possible to run your house entirely on solar panels. However, it’s not that easy to go completely off-grid as it requires substantial time and money investments.

The idea behind this is the higher the power you are going to need to run your day-to-day appliances; the more would be the number of solar panels required. This questions the capacity of your rooftop and the weight it can handle, not to mention the costs incurred on adding up a few more meetings.

However, suppose you are sure about the strength and durability of your rooftop and have a sufficient budget. In that case, you can decide to go off-grid and depend solely on solar energy. That would be the best decision ever, and your next generations will thank you for that!

What’s more, you are saving tons of non-renewable energy sources and high energy bills in the upcoming years. But you need to be very sure that your panels are positioned so that they will receive continuous sunlight throughout the year. Otherwise, you may need to live in darkness for days when there are not enough sun rays!

If going off-grid seems a bit difficult and costlier, you can opt for grid-tied solar instead, ensuring steady electricity usage without worrying about cloudy days! Although your primary source of energy generation would be the sun, you can still have a backup option when there are weather changes (there’s a high chance for that!).

Final Words

It’s worth investing in a free electricity generating system and going greener. However, always hire professional and licensed contractors for solar in Brisbane, such as Australian Solar Installations, who provide solar panel installation and maintenance services both for residential and commercial properties.

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