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Causes and Treatment to Get Rid of Acne

Your skin is full of tiny holes referred to as pores. When the pores are blocked by bacteria, dead skin cells, or even oil, a pimple begins to develop. That condition may repeatedly affect your skin, and that brings acne problems.

The growth of acne on your face may negatively impact your esteem over time. Besides, it can result in permanent physical scarring. The acne problem shouldn’t worry you since it isn’t a life-threatening condition. However, you are likely to experience pain when acne becomes severe. It may also lead to emotional distress.

You can get rid of acne problems despite all the negative impacts that come with it. All you need is to use the scientifically proven and natural treatments recommended by the experts. But what causes acne?

Causes of acne 

Though no single proven cause of acne can occur when the subcutaneous gland connected to hair follicles is stimulated during poverty, other hormonal changes may also result in the growth of acne. Your body naturally produces oil called sebum for lubricating and protecting your skin. Due to the overproduction of sebum, how your skin matures is changed. That predisposes the cells to plug the follicle pores.

If a thin layer of your skin covers the plug, it may appear like a whitehead. But it can also come like a blackhead if it’s exposed to the air. With time, the plugged hair follicle grows gradually to form a bump. 

Your skin hair follicles continue to enlarge until the wall raptures, which permits the normal skin bacteria and other irritating substances to get into the inner layers of your skin. That results in more inflammation.

More inflammation near the surface of your skin forms a pustule. When inflammation occurs deeper into your skin, pimples begin to grow. So, you should get rid of acne before it damages your skin.  

Other factors that cause acne

 1. Food

When you were a kid, your parents may have been stringent on you not to eat junk food, fried foods, and even pizza. Well, too many such foods aren’t good for your overall health, but they haven’t been proven to play a significant role in acne’s growth. But some studies have shown foods with high levels of carbohydrates can increase the risk of acne. These include pure chocolates and milk. They have been found to aggravate acne problems. If you have realized those foods aren’t good for you, stop consuming them and get rid of acne!

2. Stress

Some people have been discovered to suffer acne problems when they are stressed. When such people are upset, they begin to pick at their pimples, making them last longer. But stress itself doesn’t have much direct role when it comes to causes of acne. So, to get rid of acne if you are in such a situation is to avoid picking on the pimples.

3. Dirty

Dirty blocks your skin pores which leads to the accumulation of bacteria. When bacteria that affect your skin accumulates, acne may start developing. However, you need to avoid excessing since it makes your skin dry. It can also cause skin irritation.

4. Genetic inheritance of acne problem

You may inherit acne problems from your parents. If your parents or grandparents experienced severe acne, chances are you will have a big challenge to control acne problems. If you inherited the problem, it might be hard to get rid of acne entirely.

5. Drugs

While you take medication to be cured, it may have some harmful side effects. Acne is one of the problems you may get if you take some medicines that contain bromides, iodides, or when injected with steroids. Taking anticonvulsants may also cause or aggravate issues related to acne in your body.  

6. Cosmetics

Everyone loves glowing and shining skin. But some skincare and cosmetic products you use clogs your skin pores, leading to the accumulation of bacteria and dirt. That will result in acne disease. Use water-based skincare products to get rid of acne. 

Treatment methods to help get rid of acne


get rid of acne

Home- care remedies

 You can get rid of acne through at-home care processes. Such activities help to prevent pimples. Rest assured preventing pimples will clear up the acne. The home care remedies you can use includes:

  • Use water and soap to clean your face daily.
  • Keeping your hair out of your face and regular shampooing
  • Avoid squeezing pimples
  • Use of water-based makeup
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Keep your skin hydrated.

Get rid of acne through medication.

When self-care at home doesn’t help you get rid of acne, you can get over- the- counter acne medications. The medications consist of some vital ingredients that kill Bactria. They may also reduce the overproduction of body oil that causes acne. You may consider these medications.

  • Benzoyl peroxide helps to dry out pimples and kills acne-causing bacteria.
  • Use of sulfur found in masks, cleanser, and lotions
  •  Applying resorcinol that removes dead skin cells
  • Salicylic acid for washing acne and preventing pore plugging.  


If you have followed the above steps to get rid of acne without success, make sure you see a doctor. Your expert may prescribe or tropical antibiotics that reduce inflammation while killing acne-causing bacteria. If you are a woman and your acne results from hormonal acne, you can use birth control pills to get rid of acne.

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