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Celebrate Every Relation and Occasion With Designer Cakes

A freshly baked cake boasting of a delicious taste is known to make any celebration sweetly memorable. However, a beautifully designed cake that tastes equally good is avowed to make any day or event unforgettable for you. Such is the magic of designer cakes.

The advancement in baking technology has paved the way for the bakers to experiment and hone their baking skills. Thus, now bakers are able to bake and treat you with cakes that are synonymous of art and creativity. You can now eat a cake in any shape and form that heart of a cake lover desires. From the cartoon characters to the larger than life objects, designer cakes are available in incredibly beautiful designs and some in realistic forms that will make you think twice before slicing it.

And, what makes the designer cakes more appealing to the senses is that they are readily available at a finger click. There are several bakeries offering designer cakes in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, Mumbai, and all of the major and minor Indian cities.

So, here we have listed a few designer cake options that will help you to celebrate every relation and occasion, beautifully and sweetly.

1) A Make-Up Theme Cake: If you wish to order a birthday cake for your wife or mother, a make-up theme cake is the best choice. Because, you know, makeup is their best friend. A designer cake in the shape of a make-up bag with fondant figurines of lipstick, eye-shadow palette, blusher of the brands they use will make them blush pink. Also, it is an excellent way to tell them that you know them well.

2) A Princess Cake: For a little sister at home whom you have raised like a princess, a barbie or a princess theme cake is a perfect choice. A beautifully designed frozen princess cake in blue or a barbie doll cake will truly make her feel like a princess of your heart. This cake choice is also idyllic for the birthday of your daughter, who is your barbie.

3) A Gym Lover Cake: If your brother spends more time with his dumbbells than he does with you, then a Gym-theme cake is the one that best compliments his persona. A cake designed with a man in a gym setup or a tier-cake in the shape of weights is perfect for your brother’s birthday or Friendship day because your brother is your first and forever friend.

4) A Superhero Cake: Some superheroes don’t wear capes, and that superhero is your DAD. On Father’s Day, let him know that he is your superhero and will always be by making him relish a Superman theme cake or any superhero inspired cake in his favourite flavour.

5) A King-Queen Cake: Your father and mother are the power couple as well as the King and Queen of your life. Isn’t it? On their wedding anniversary, order a king-queen theme cake beautifully designed with hearts, spade, club and king-queen cards. This gesture of yours will surely etch their hearts with a sweet memory, forever.

In addition to this, several other designer cake choices like jungle-safari, cartoon cakes, etc. are idyllic for the birthday and other celebrations of your dear ones. Make every event beautiful and delicious with designer cakes.



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