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Cell Phone Parts Near Me

Cell Phone Parts

And those that exist are not very suitable for these purposes due to low efficiency, “bad” emission spectrum, or require “unsuitable” type and magnitude of the low voltage (for example, electroluminescent surfaces, In this regard, now the most cell phone parts near me are not purely “flat” light sources, but “point” LED illumination with the use of additional scattering and reflective layers. Let’s take a look at this type of backlighting by opening the display of the Nokia 105 phone. Having disassembled the display backlight system to its middle layer, In the middle, in the foreground, below, there is a cracked die (damaged during disassembly). Cell Phone Parts Near Me the foreground at the top is the middle part of the illumination system (the remaining layers are temporarily removed to ensure the visibility of the emitting white LED and the semitransparent “light guide” plate). On the back of the display you can see the phone’s motherboard (green) and the keyboard (bottom with round holes for transmitting pressing from the buttons). Cell Phone Parts Near Me semitransparent plate is both a light guide (due to internal reflections) and the first scattering element (due to “pimples” that create obstacles for the passage of light). In an enlarged form, they look like this: Then another sheet with special properties is placed on top of this “sandwich”.

Cell Phone Parts Near Me can be conditionally called “a sheet with a translucent mirror and birefringence.” Remember, in physics lessons, we were told about Icelandic spar, when passing through which the light bifurcated? This is similar to him, only a little more with mirror properties.

This is how an ordinary wristwatch looks if you cover some of it with this sheet: The probable purpose of this sheet is to pre-filter the light by polarization (keep the required one, discard the unnecessary one). But it is possible that in terms of the direction of the light flux towards the matrix, this film also has some role.

Cell Phone Parts Near Me is how a “simple” backlight lamp in liquid crystal displays and monitors works.

As for the “large” screens, their design is similar, but there are more phone parts in the backlighting device.

In older LCD monitors used instead of the LED illumination gas-discharge lamp of the cold cathode (CCFL , Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp )

mobile phone is a very popular device or gadget these days, as it allows fast and real-time communications to be established with any contact, whether using the telephone line or the internet connection . In this article, we will describe Motorola authorized distributor , with which we will learn a little more about its structure.

Mobile phone

A samsung lcd screen is nothing more than a completely wireless electronic device , which has been designed to access the services of the cellular or mobile telephone network . Its evolution has allowed users to use other vital communication services, as well as access wireless internet connection networks and GPS-type location services.

  • Battery: The battery is what supplies the energy with which the mobile phone works.
  • Circuit board:This is part of the internal structure of the mobile phone. It allows all parts of the mobile or Smartphone to communicate with each other, allowing the mobile to function.
  • Integrated circuit:It is a chip or a combination of these, which allows the mobile to perform different functions. They are located inside the mobile, specifically, on the circuit board.
  • Antenna:The antenna of a mobile phone, captures, intercepts and amplifies the signals of the network. It establishes the communications in the smartphones, and is located inside the device for aesthetic reasons.
  • Screen:Generally, liquid crystal or LED, it represents the communication interface with the user, it allows to visualize all kinds of applications and functions of the mobile. The most modern mobiles have HD screens that are highly resistant to the elements, providing complete interaction with the user, as they are completely tactile.
  • Microphones and speakers:They allow the user to use their voice, and listen to the voice of the contact with whom they establish telephone communication.
  • Additional components: Among the additional components that a mobile phone has are WiFi antennas for internet communication, GPS devices, audio recorders, memory cards for data storage, among other additions to facilitate the use of the device.

In a rough way, we have described the Samsung phone parts that make up a mobile phone or Smartphone . Of course, at the level of details, there are many components and parts that make up these wireless communication devices. In future articles, we will detail more specifically the parts of mobile phones .

The parts of a mobile phone 

– Housing  composed of polymers or synthetic and light material, usually derived from petroleum with many shapes, with different hardnesses, with or without color, etc … As technology advances, the materials become more sophisticated.

In the iPhone 4 we find:

2 glossy panels of highly durable, recyclable, scratch-resistant aluminum glass, reinforced to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, these panels are used in a helicopter and train windshields.

– Screen: made of synthetic and lightweight material, the screens of mobile phones have an LCD that emits the image. The LCD is made up of liquid crystal particles to which an electric current is applied and lets light pass through from a lamp placed behind it.

The screens of motorola phone parts  or smatphones today, spend little energy and are almost all touch screens , made of transparent glass which acts as a surface leaving interact with the mobile phone , have a projector that emits an image on the screen of crystal .

When we need to change the screen,   change the touch or change only the glass of our mobile phone because it has broken, if we have the Samsung Galaxy Note I, Note II, Note III, Note IV, Galaxy S III, Galaxy models S III Mini, Galaxy S IV, Galaxy S IV Mini, Galaxy SV it is possible to change only the outer glass if the LCD and touch have not been damaged. No need to change the entire screen block.

What does the mobile phone have inside?

Magnesium for the antenna.

Coltan for electric flux capacitors.

Precious metals  ” gold” is a very good conductor.

Silver, platinum, palladium, and copper.

Batteries: supplies the energy, made with lithium ions, to the last longer they would have to be made from methanol , they would last times longer.

Circuit boards of fiberglass, as part of the internal structure of the mobile phone, by attaching the parts of the mobile or Smartphone, allowing the mobile work.

The integrated circuit of Silicon: they are chip or combination thereof, which allows the mobile phone to perform all its functions.

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