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Choose the Best Grinding Tools for your Cutting Tool Company

Are you starting your cutting tool company?  

Have you researched everything about the grinding tool? 

Not yet? No worries, because this blog will give you a proper insight into the types of grinding tools and how they can be useful in bringing in more business.  

Not to be confused with a milling machine, a grinder is a heavy-duty machine used to remove material from the surface of a workpiece. While milling machines have a rotary cutting tool placed on a stationary workpiece, grinders have a rotating grinding wheel, which is also placed on a stationary workpiece. There are several different types of grinders, however, each works differently. Let’s find out more about these grinding tools. 

Tips to the Best Grinding Tools for your Cutting Tool Company

Keep in mind these tips when you are choosing the cutting tool service, with the help of this guide you can get the best service. We have mentioned some tips below.

Grinding Tools for your Cutting Tool Company

Bench Grinder  

The bench grinder is characterized by its bench-like shape. They usually have two different grinding wheels: one for material removal and the other for finishing processes. They are called «bench grinders» because their grinding wheels are fastened to the top of the workbench. As a result, the table grinder is easy and convenient for production workers to use. 

Belt Grinder 

The belt grinder is characterized by the use of a belt grinder. Like other grinders, they are designed to remove material from the workpiece, thus making the workpiece smaller and with a smoother and more desirable surface. With belt grinding, the belt is coated with an abrasive material, then it is run over the surface of the workpiece until the desired result is achieved. Belt grinding is most commonly performed on metal workpieces, although it also supports workpieces made of other materials. 

Surface Grinder  

The third type of grinder is the surface grinder. Surface grinders are unique because they have an adjustable head. The head-on surface grinder can be lowered to the workpiece. After lowering, the head can swing back and forth under the grinding wheel of the machine. 

While belt grinders are commonly used for finishing processes, surface grinders are most commonly used for material removal. When compared to other grinders, surface grinders can remove a considerable amount of material, making them desirable for such applications. 

Gear Grinder  

Gear grinders are specially designed to remove material from shafts. Using a grinding wheel, they can grind the center of the shaft with extreme precision. 

Die Grinder 

A smaller and more basic type of grinder is a die grinder. Unlike the other machines listed here, a die grinder is a hand-held machine. They are connected to an air compressor, which powers the grinding wheel of the machine. If no air compressor is used, the die grinder will be able to receive power from the electric motor.

Bench grinder 

These types of grinders are attached to a workbench or table. A gear or pulley is installed in it. To turn the gears or the large pulley, a handle is also attached. It contains one or two wheels. 

Pedestal Grinder 

These types of grinders are powered by electricity. This is mounted on a plinth frame separately on the floor. A grinding wheel is mounted on either side of the electric motor shaft. Tool rests are also supplied with them. These are the most used in workshops. 

Portable Shredder 

This is a small grinder powered by electricity. It can be easily carried anywhere. Grinding can be done by holding it in the hand. It is used to clean up large welding jobs. 

At one end of the motor shaft, a grinding wheel is mounted, and at the other end, a handle or a switch for operating the machine is attached according to our convenience. 

Precision Grinder 

In this type of grinder, a movable spindle is mounted on the grinding wheel. This spindle is mounted on a table with its motor. With this spindle, the grinding wheel can be rotated forward, backward, left, or right in working condition. 

The surface which has been made smooth by shaper or plainer is ground with this grinder. The cylindrical surface is ground with a machine in which a grinding wheel is mounted on the shaft of a free-running electric motor. 

In this type of grinder, the grinding wheel is mounted on the working table of the machine, which can be cross-fed and the entire surface of the job can be ground. These are of the following three types:  

Single cylindrical 

In this type of grinder, the work is turned in the chuck or the center and the entire cylindrical surface of the work is ground. With this grinding machine, the finishing of sleeves, pins, rods, taper pins, etc. 

Plunge Cut Grinder 

These grinders are used to grind small trees. The diameter of the grinder is much larger than that of the work. The crankshaft of motor vehicles is a grinder with this grinder. These are also called crankshaft grinders. 

Form Grinder 

Grinding wheels of various shapes are made under this type of grinder. These grinding wheels are fed and precise grinding is performed according to the shape of the grinding wheel on the moving cylindrical surface. In this category, three types of grinders are included. 

Thread Grinder 

This type of grinder is used to cut precise threads. Grinding wheels of the size and shape of the thread are used. 

Internal Grinder 

These grinders are used for grinding round and hollow work whether the inner surface of that work is completely round, hollow round, or conical. Small grinding wheels of 3 cm to 5 cm are used in such grinders. 

Chuck Grinder 

In this type of grinder, the work takes place in the chuck. The grinding wheel makes the work precise thanks to the grinding of its hollow part. 

Planetary Grinder 

In this type of grinder, while the work remains stationary, the grinding wheel moves like an eccentric moving planet in the inner part and grinds the inner surface

Centerless Grinder 

In this type of grinder, to hold the work on the chuck is used. The work is moved via a grinding wheel and a setting wheel. There are four main parts in this grinder: Grinding wheel Working rest Setting wheel Guide. 

Jobs keeps touching the workpiece blade due to the pressure of the grinding wheel. The regulating wheel forces the work to rotate at an equal speed. In this way, the adjustment wheel and the grinding wheel begin to move in one direction. The job gets automatic forward speed. 

The speed of movement of the task depends on the inclination and the speed of the regulation wheel. 

Surface Grinder 

Flat surfaces are ground with precision with this type of grinder. For this grinding machine, the work is held directly by a magnetic chuck or worktable. The anti-travel table of leveling or shaping machines can also be used as a table. 


These are various types of grinding tools that you must know about before starting your cutting tool company. Visit our website to find some valuable grinding tools. We have created many tools also you can read our blog for more detail and get the tool according to your budget. 

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