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Choosing The Right Hair Salon for your Favorite Layered Hairstyle For Yourself

Hair cuts with layers are without a doubt some of the most beautiful and flexible haircuts available. Layers, on the other hand, aren’t a one-size-fits-all appearance, and there’s a lot to think about before committing to the cut and  that includes choosing the right hair salon

Perhaps you’re experimenting with a layered cut that isn’t quite working for you. Or perhaps you believe that adding some structure and dimension to your current one-length style will improve the overall look of your hair. Whatever brought you to this page, we guarantee you’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to acquire the layered haircut of your dreams.

Using your hair as their canvas, our hair styling artisans will take you on a journey, helping you achieve your own personal panache through a precision cut. Your custom haircut is followed up with a luxurious blowout, where your hairstylist will educate you on how to dry, style, and maintain your bespoke look

Anushka’s artisan hair stylists will provide you with a true luxury men’s haircut and styling experience. Begin your adventure with a scalp massage and a relaxing, clarifying wash. One of our artisan stylists will continue your adventure for you. Your stylist will create a bespoke cut and style depending on your desired look, facial shape, and hair texture, using the precision tools of the trade.

Add to your custom haircut experience when you add on a beard trim treatment. This treatment imparts the highest-quality grooming products and is finished with a warm towel and moisturizing oils

How To Choose The Right Layered Haircut For Your Face Shape

Considering what would best fit your face shape before making any new hairstyle, whether it’s a minor tweak to your parting or a completely new cut, is always a smart idea.

Alternatively, if you can’t make up your mind or can’t nail down your ideal appearance, any of our stylists at the Anushka Spa and Salon will be pleased to help you during your appointment.

We’re looking into the most spectacular layered hairstyles out there to offer you the best possibility of picking a look on your own. We’ll go over what makes each one unique, who they’re great for, and whose hair types they’re best for, as well as give you some lifestyle advice.

The Most Beautiful Layered Haircuts We’ve Ever Seen

It’s no secret that women’s layered hairstyles vary a lot from cut to cut. Some are made to create movement and delicate contour, while others are made to add tons of volume and dimension.

Choosing What’s Right for You!

  • Layers that are choppy

Ask your stylist for jagged layers if you want to add a lot of volume and movement to your tresses. It’s also a stunningly striking cut that will give your outfit an unquestionably current edge. This is due to the fact that your hairdresser will build it using large pieces of hair at a time.

This blunt, edgy cut is ideal for folks with straight hair, especially if it’s on the thinner side, as you may have predicted. It’s also a good look for people who have a long face or an especially angular face. Why? Choppy layers add volume to your hair while also making your face look softer and, in some situations, a touch larger.

  • Light Feathery Layers

If you want a more subtle finish from your layered style, wispy layered haircuts for women are ideal. Furthermore, light feathery layers like these are also recommended for anyone looking to define their facial features.

Shorter layers are generally created for this haircut, which is great for highlighting your facial features, especially your eyes!

  • U-Shaped Layer

If you’re wondering what U-shaped layers are, they’re most likely what you’re picturing. They’re layered that, rather than ending in a V at the bottom, end in a softer, more rounded shape. These layered styles are perfect for individuals who want a soft, bouncy look with lots of volume and lovely, flawless edges.

For people with mid-length to long-length hair, we highly recommend this sort of cut for softening facial features with your haircut. Though this cut can and can work with shorter hair, it really shines when you have a lot of lengths to work with. This way, you’ll be able to see each layer shine both independently and as part of a cohesive aesthetic.

  • V-shaped Layers

On the other side, V-shaped layers are all about dramatic, heavily layered points that produce enormous quantities of movement and the most gorgeous shapes throughout your lengths. This haircut is great for those with a regular to thick hair structure because it not only adds shape but also helps to lift some of the weight off your locks, which may make your style look drab.

Eternally Stylish Layered Hair Cuts That Work With Your Busy Lifestyle

We don’t have many rules when it comes to finding the right layered haircut to fit in with a busy work and social life schedule. In fact, we basically have just one! 

  • Avoid very short layers. 

If you’re someone that exercises regularly with your hair all tied up or you’re used to being able to secure all of your hair back in place for work with one hair elastic, multiple choppy layers falling down around your face and eyes just won’t be practical for you. 

Instead, longer, softer layers will be perfect. You’ll still achieve all of that beautiful shape and texture yet you’ll still be able to style your hair up and out of the way with ease. 

All that said, rules are meant to be broken… sometimes. If you’re happy to use headbands and bobby pins to secure the hair in place whilst you sweat it out at the gym or have a long day at work, don’t let us stop you from achieving those face-shaping shorter layers you’re dreaming of!

How To Style Layered Hair 

Now that you’ve achieved, or have at least decided on, the layered haircut you want, we can bet you’re considering all of the hairstyles for layered hair you’ll now be able to achieve!

To get you started on styling layered hairstyles, here are some of our favorites!

  • Loose Beachy Waves

Whether you choose to let your hair dry naturally or you set about creating this look with heat styling, loose beachy waves are one of the prettiest ways to show off the new layers within your hair. 

That’s because styles that have any sort of curl will instinctively highlight the newly created, varying lengths throughout your tresses. Not to mention those subtle waves and curls will look sensational with the improved bounciness of your layered locks!

  • Straighten It Out

As much as we love the look of curly/wavy layers, we also can’t get enough of poker straight layered hair. 

This style will really show off the many different layers of your new cut and will look eternally chic in the process. What’s more, it’s a totally versatile style that will work for you no matter your plans from day tonight. 

  • Pull It Back

From sleek low ponytails to sky-high ones, you won’t believe how different this simple style looks now that you’ve had layers cut in. Say hello to amazing movement, staggered flicky lengths, and a ponytail that’s full of shape and character.

So there you have it, our round-up of the most beautiful layered haircuts out there! We hope we’ve made your choice a lot easier and have given you an idea of what will suit your hair, face shape, and lifestyle best. All that’s left to do now is book your appointment with us here at the Anushka spa and the salon, the best hair salon for you.

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