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Christmas Candles – Origin, Importance and Choosing the Right One

Religions throughout the world give candles their own unique meanings. It’s a long-standing custom to light candles on Christmas Eve. Lighted candles on Christmas trees are borrowed from the Jewish Hanukkah celebration. They celebrate the incarnation of the One who gives Light to the World, Jesus Christ. Light from above keeps us warm on dark winter evenings, and the candles we light at Christmas represent that light.

The Christmas candle is a symbol of the light of Christ in our lives. In addition to his many other names, Jesus is often known as “the Light of the World”. Because of the way he guides people away from evil and towards the light.

For generations, lighting Christmas candles in UK and around the world has been a hallmark of the holiday season. Candles are lit in windows all around the globe even after the gifts have been put away and the kids have gone to bed.

Christmas Candles: The Origin

One typical Christmas custom that extends back to the colonial era involves lighting a candle and putting it in a window. This custom originated among the Irish, whose Catholic religion was banned by British priests who sought to suppress the Irish people. Because of this, the priests began secretly traveling and praying in remote locations. Christmas tree candles and in the windows and open doors became a Christmas tradition for Irish Catholics so that a priest may come in the evenings.

Some people may have forgotten the significance of candles, yet families all across the world still use them. Individuals may burn candles in their windows for a variety of reasons, including religious observance, commemoration, family custom, or as a beautiful addition to a festive display. Let’s look at more reasons for this practice.

● A Means to Remember Who is Gone

When someone in the family was gone or had passed away, a candle would be lit and put in the window as a symbol of love and remembrance. As a symbol that someone was still home maintaining the fire and waiting for the absent individual, it was also seen as a quiet prayer for their safe return. Amidst all the holiday chaos, this moving custom allows families to pause and remember their loved ones.

● Warmly Greeting Visitors from Far

Historically, residences were located on dim rural roads, and a candle blazing in the window was a message of “welcome” to tired travelers or visitors.

Tradition has it that lighting a candle for a guest is a kind gesture of hospitality and goodwill. It is not uncommon for people to signal the arrival of guests by lighting candles in their windows. Quickly adopted by hotels, inns, and private residences all across the world, the habit of keeping a candle lit in the window is a universal emblem of hospitality.

Choosing the Right Candles for Christmas

Since we were stuck in lockdown for two consecutive Christmas. We learned that scented candles are the best and simplest way to get into the holiday mood. Whether you’re by yourself or with family. Here is a sampling of the season’s most enticing candles, both visually and olfactorily.

● Candle with Jasmine, Patchouli, and Lemon Oils- For Mothers

The unique range of candles for Christmas includes this calming combination of jasmine, patchouli, and lemon. To help mom unwind at the end of a long day. Patchouli’s woodiness is softened by the flowery sweetness of jasmine in the top notes.

While citrus and bergamot provide spiciness and zest to the middle. With its reputation for uplifting the spirit and calming the mind. Jasmine is an excellent option for mothers with jobs seeking to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

● Candle with Cedar, Vetiver, and Patchouli- For Fathers

The mix of Cedar, Vetiver, and Patchouli candles is the perfect gift for the dad who deserves some downtime and a calming aroma. Cologne and aftershave benefit from a mix of muted notes of fresh vetiver, a quality element often used in these products.

And the gentle balsam wood aroma of sandalwood; a bit of orange and a snap of clove provide energizing freshness and spice. You can present the candle in a lovely gift box, making it ideal for the parent who takes great pride in his home.

Set of Beautiful Scents- For Sisters

For the sister who seems impossible to shop for, consider a set of beautifully scented candles. Like the traits commonly found in sisters, some Luxury candles in UK are inspired by the color purple. These include ambition, enthusiasm, dedication, creativity, knowledge, and independence.

Poured into a chic container, the fragrance mixes lilac, honeysuckle, amber and jasmine to produce a luxurious and invigorating feminine smell.

Candle Made From Oudh-Noir Oil- For Brothers

Gifting your brother an Oud Noir fragrance candle will help him establish a mood of male refinement in his sleek, sparsely decorated home. Oud is a rare resin that, when burned, releases an aroma that is evocative of the exotic bazaars of the Middle East.

The oud-scented candle is blended with the earthy notes of patchouli and the spicy warmth of cypriol, making it the ideal gift for the fashion-forward man in your life. Make sure that the candle comes in a high-end presentation gift box that would look great in a contemporary setting.

Joyful Candle for Massage

Indulge him with one of the popular massage candles. Look for something in a jug shape and a low melting point to provide a sensual, nutritious massage.

The soothing wax of such candles is particularly made to be applied straight to the skin without causing any pain. And it has a beautiful perfume that is reminiscent of fragrant wood, jasmine, and mint. Even if you don’t use it for massage, just inhaling the scent is a wonderful way to unwind after a trying day.

Wild Fig and Cassis Aroma Diffuser- For Her

Trying to find something unique to surprise your girlfriend, wife, or partner? The energizing and exciting feminine smell of fragrance diffusers is a certain way to put a smile on her face. It has a bold aroma of sun-ripened fig, juicy blackcurrants, and cassis.

The diffuser is perfect for her vanity since the scents of orange blossom, fig, and energizing cassis. That will help her get ready in the morning. With natural rattan sticks and fragrance oil, the diffuser will continue to fill her home with a pleasant aroma long after Christmas has passed.

Exquisite Wild Fig Presents-For Friends

Give a candle or other home fragrance that will permeate a room to a dear friend. Who is enthusiastic about such things. The wild fig candles have a calming and ethereal scent. Thanks to the combination of sun-ripened fig with the refined perfume of orange blossom and cassis.

This gift package is perfect for a friend or loved one who enjoys great home aromas. You can even look for scents that include two to three miniature candles and a premium perfume fragrance diffuser. That may last for up to eight weeks.

Spray with Cognac- For Colleagues

There are long-lasting Cognac fresheners that are a harmonious and mellow combination. They are of three unique fragrances: orange blossom, bergamot, and amber.

This luxurious room spray uses a combination of essential oils inspired by sun-kissed vineyards. It smells like pears, apricots, and grapes. This is the perfect home fragrance gift for a coworker who has become a dear friend.

Summing Up

No matter how it’s done, lighting a best candles in UK and everywhere round the world during Christmas represents the same thing: trust in God and the transience of human existence. Like a candle, it will burn out and disappear in due time.

You can shop for a lot of luxurious candles online depending on the kind of person. Whom you are giving it too. Even when shopping for self, there are a range of Christmas candles out there that you can shop for.


Artostyle is an artisan candle brand based in London. We aim to make unique candles that can be customised according to the needs of our customers. Whether you need candles to give as a company gift, Christmas present or any other purpose, you can get in touch with us. Feel free to visit our website for amazing candle designs.

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