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Implementing SD-WAN has changed the way business is conducted

Today, companies can only fulfil fluctuating consumer demands, increased competition, and ever-changing market trends by embracing digital transformation. This process can be successfully implemented only when it is backed by robustnetwork architecture. Traditional networking systems are neither capable of handling the increased loads, nor do they offer agility and flexibility.
Thus, technologically savvy businesses are fast implementing SD-WAN. This specialized technology can only be successfully implemented by network professionals who have undergone the Citrix SD-WAN Training or other such related training.
The implementation of the SD-WAN boosts the business bottom line in many ways like:
• Performance improvement: Network traffic is dynamic. Hence it might lead to network clogging and delays. SD-WAN, once implemented, can be configured so that real-time services and critical business traffic can be successfully steered through the most efficient and effective route. Thus, such issues as packet loss, latency, etc. can be mitigated, and productivity and staff morale can be boosted, thereby improving business performance.
• Enhanced security: Attainment of digital transformation has one major drawback. It makes a network vulnerable to security risks. Dealing with these security risks forms a significantaspect of almost all Citrix Training Courses. Statistically, the implementation of digital transformation saw a 41% jump in cyber-security. However, SD-WAN comes equipped with certain inherent security features built-in. While this might not be enough, this enhanced security feature does provide a rightwall of defence against an attack.
• Complexity gets lowered: Digital transformation is a complex process. It tends to complicate the network by adding several layers to it. This results in poor network performance, overtaxed IT professional teams, a need for employing local onsite personnel for managing the local IT infrastructure, etc. The implementation of SD-WAN by people who have undergone Citrix SD-WAN Training helps to simplify the network by:

  • Automating monitoring tools,
  • Off-loading non-critical commercial apps to the broadband,
  • Using a centralized controller to manage web traffic etc.

• Enabling cloud storage: Implementation of technologically advanced systems requires the storage of huge file which can only be achieved through cloud storage. Thus, cloud services are being increasingly adopted. SD-WAN also enables remote access directly to the remote branch irrespective of the location, making it easier to use cloud services. Thus, backhauling traffic gets eliminated, cloud app performance gets enhanced, applications critical to the business get prioritized, and direct internet communication can be facilitated.
• Cost reduction: With various cloud apps being deployed, there is an exponential increase in data travelling over the WAN. This increases operational costs. But the implementation of SD-WAN helps to reduce this cost by:

  • Leveraging on low-cost internet access that is locally available,
  • Providing cloud access directly,
  • Traffic reduction over WAN.

SD-WAN require trained personnel for implementation and also for monitoring. Hence professionals need to undergo such training courses as Citrix Training Course to be able to ensure enormous business benefits at lowered company costs, thereby supporting their larger initiatives effectively. This futuristic technology has thus come as a boon for the business.

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