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Common Air Conditioning Problems You Should Know About

Air Conditioners are not luxury but a necessity according to current lifestyle trends. As global warming increases every year, heat is getting unbearable, and so is the need for AC. Maintaining an AC is a pricey affair, so scheduling timely maintenance can help you enjoy the ultimate performance. Also, being aware of the common AC problems can help you prepare for future crises. 

Here is the list of common AC problems and how to prevent them 

AC isn’t working 

Check your thermostat first when your AC refuses to switch on. If you find a faulty or dead battery, replace it and try again. If the battery is working fine, then check on settings and see if the cooling feature is enabled or not. If the thermostat is switched on while your AC isn’t working, check the circuit breaker. If you find a tripped circuit breaker, flip the switch off and then on. 

AC failing to circulate cold air 

ACs do not function properly if they are not cleaned at regular intervals. Dirty air filters block the airflow leading to improper air circulation. Dirty filters can even freeze the condenser, limiting its cooling power. Changing your AC’s filter and avoiding smoking near AC can help your AC blow cold air year long. 

If your AC shows any signs of freezing condenser, search air conditioning repair in Phoenix and get a consultation at your doorstep. 

Freeze exterior unit 

Air conditions are fragile equipment that needs quality maintenance. Your AC exterior unit can freeze due to the following reasons:  

  • Blower motor issues
  • Low exterior temperature 
  • Poor coolant level 
  • Inadequate airflow
  • Clasped contractor 

To prevent condenser freezing, contact professionals for air conditioning repair in Phoenix and be rest assured of the cooling. 

Leakage of refrigerant 

Just like cars, AC too needs coolant to function. When the coolant starts leaking, it interferes with the temperature, and the unit stops working correctly. Refrigerant leakage can lead to: 

  • Broken compressor  
  • Unstable cooling 
  • High power usage 
  • Lower efficiency
  • Coil  freezing 

AC making unfamiliar sounds 

An AC can make different sounds based on the issue. There are a variety of reasons why your AC might be squeaking: 

  • A hissing sound indicates refrigerant leakage. 
  • Thumping or babbling noise is a sign of motor issues.
  • Clicking sound while switching off and on might be a relay issue. 
  • If you hear a buzzing sound, that might be due to faulty electric components.
  • A screeching noise is an indication of a compressor problem.

If you have been hearing these kinds of noises for a long time, you should consult a repair service. 

Drainage issue  

The drain pipeline can get blocked due to algae formation or dirt accumulation. If water is not drained properly, bacteria, moulds can develop and can induce a bad odour in your home. Regularly maintain your drain line to prevent clogs and timely inspect to avoid future issues. AC with incorrect mounting can block water drainage too. 

Have trouble with the drainage pipe? No worries, professionals offering services of air conditioning repairs in Phoenix will assist you during every AC shutdown.


Smoking reduces filter life span and allows dirt accumulation that further leads to compressor issues. So, be sure you or your guests do not wreck the AC. 

AC maintenance is performed by professionals. As ordinary people won’t understand the nitty-gritty element, it’s better to hire a repair service. 

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