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Common Doubts Answered About Hot Water Heaters!

If you are gearing up for winter, and think that your water heater is going to give you some issues, then it’s natural to think about its repair or replacement before the season starts. But we know, you are full of questions about the heater, its heating process, its settings, the repair, and even the issues that can bug it. Don’t worry, if your heaters aren’t extremely damaged, you don’t have to replace them. Just repairing the same can make the water heater work like new again.

Common water heater queries answered!

Ignorance can be dangerous. Following this quote, we are bringing you some very important but common questions asked about water heaters and its repairs.

Why am I always short of running hot water? 

If you are always short of warm running water, then there may be a huge issue in your water heater. The heater may have a broken dip tube or the lower electric element of it has broken. Immediately contact a repairer to solve your problem.

What are the signs that my gas water heater is having issues?

Basically, whether it is an electric or gas water heater, it shows common signs when it’s having a problem. Like, you’ll hear the rumbling voice coming from it, the water won’t heat at all (or even if it heats, it’s slightly lukewarm), the water looks cloudy, and the tank water leaks. Such issues can be easily solved by repairing your hot water cylinder in Auckland, Total Plumbing Services has a team of expert plumbers who can immediately visit your location and provide you help in this matter.

How long should my water heater last?

Normally, your water heater, if cared for properly, should last for about a decade and a half. But if you find severe problems frequently happening in your water heater before that, then it’s best to replace it immediately rather than going for repairing it again and again.

Are gas heaters or electrical ones more energy efficient?

We understand your concern about energy efficiency and even reducing your utility bills. Today, when you invest in a heater, it’s just a one-time investment when you purchase it. But of course, if the energy efficiency isn’t provided, you pay a high amount for the same for years in the form of utility bills. That is why energy efficiency holds such an important place while choosing your water heaters. Yes, gas heaters require less amount of time to heat, they will last longer, and they can heat a large amount of water without stopping. But they aren’t energy efficient, because they require ventilation constantly — and of course, gas is used as well. If you compare the electric ones and gas water heaters, the result somewhat happens to equalize in the long run.

We hope all your queries related to gas or electric water heaters are solved. They ensure that these heaters prove to be useful for you in the long run. 

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