Company holiday party ideas on any budget

There is no shadow of a doubt that all your employees look up to the annual holiday party each year. It is the season of fun, energy, and partying. Well, if you feel you have already tried most ideas or if your ideas do not fit your budget, then we have something for you.

A company holiday usually occurs when the end of the year is approaching, or if a company has held many holidays over the years. It is a time for everyone to gather together and enjoy the break from the work that they have taken.

10 remarkable holiday party ideas

So, here are some company holiday party ideas on any budget: –

  1. Holiday health fest 

A company can offer the best type of holiday party that is the annual health fest. Companies are encouraged to bring a few things with them for free as a company perk. The annual Health Fest sees the addition of freebies such as a day at the spa, manicure, pedicure, a free haircut, or a free hot drink on the premises. Overall, you should arrange for anything that helps in improving the health of your employees.

  1. Themed relay race 

Company relay games have been a popular pastime for many years and recently have become much more competitive. Company relay races provide an excellent way to get some exercise, have fun, and raise some money for your favorite non-profit organization. You can add themes to the relay like elf costume relay race, reindeer relay, wreath relay, and there are a ton of options to choose from. You don’t need any special skills or special equipment to plan.

  1. Barbeque and Bonfire 

Nothing works better than a cozy bonfire in the cold weather. Sitting around the fire, enjoying snacks, singing songs, and light music sounds perfect. What is better than smoking briar pipe on a bonfire night with co-workers at a holiday party? Adding briar pipe to your list will increase the fun of the company holiday party, and every smoke lover will be more than happy to have it.

  1. Healthy breakfast party for the office 

There is no right time to party. You can treat your team members with a healthy breakfast like smoothie bowls or morning coffee. You can talk to your local vendors for a healthy breakfast, and also, you can ask for a group discount. It will benefit the vendors from new customers, and your employees will also have some fun in the morning and get fuel for a productive day ahead.

  1. Celebrate your company’s anniversary  

It is always great to celebrate the anniversary of a wonderful relationship, and in this case, you can do that with employees. Celebrate with your employees with a dinner, a cocktail party, or even a fancy award ceremony (depending on the size of the party). Celebrate your employees with Employee Recognition Day, a beautiful gift.

  1. Company Trip

Holidays are all about traveling and enjoying with co-workers. A mini-trip to a beach or hill-station is a great idea for a holiday party.

Water is necessary for every trip, and giving everyone a water bottle with a custom water bottle label on it will increase the fun of the trip and make it handier. It looks super cool and will increase the charm of the party. You can add names or special messages on the label, and everyone will love it for sure.

  1. Food truck fest 

Food truck fest is also a great idea for your company holiday party. It will not only allow you and your team members to have fun and enjoy food, but also you will get a great chance to build relationships with a local food truck. You can also create new business contacts.

  1. Outdoor movie night  

Outdoor movie nights are one of the best ways for your business to demonstrate to employees that you are there for them – and that you value their business. The success of this event depends on the movie selection, the hospitality, and the commitment of everyone involved.

You need to have a team that will make the movie-night fun and safe for everyone; you also need volunteers to ensure that everyone has fun. If you are interested in hosting an event like this for your business, you may be able to partner with a local business that has screened movies in the past for your employees.

  1. Office talent show 

When it comes to organizing an office, talent show, or similar event, many people tend to get it wrong and spend a lot of money without any good results. It is important to remember that the purpose of an office talent show or event is to boost morale and give your team a chance to shine in front of other businesses or clients. You can host a talent show at your office, or you can also rent a local bar with a stage. You will be surprised to see how much-hidden talent your employees have. You can also bring some actual performers to heighten the sense of ceremony at your talent show. You can add some random themes for more fun.

  1. Casino night  

Another great idea for an office holiday party is casino night. You can hire real dealers or also employees who know how to play can volunteer. Rent equipment and decorate the office like a real casino. Instead of real gambling, you can offer prizes like cash, extra vacation days, gift cards.

Final Words

No matter what activity you organize, make sure it is full of fun and zeal. Let your employees give away their stress in the holiday season and have some fun. During these times of relaxation and entertainment, you want to make sure that you plan appropriately. Having a company holiday party may be what you need to help you get everyone back together, as well as keep them coming back for more.


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