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Company Registration and Management – What Are the Duties of an Accountant?

Tax Advisor in London

The first step to start a new company is to register it in the Companies House in London. This must be done by the company’s registered office. This office is usually called an office and company service. It is the main place of the company’s activities and records. If you are looking for help in setting up your business, you can consult a tax advisor in London.

Good Accountants and Tax Advisors

You have to consider certain important issues before you open a new company. Firstly, decide what type of business you want to establish. Then, find an accountant who can handle your business finances. London has many good accountants and tax advisors available who can assist you. Find out from them whether they work only with individuals or also with companies.

Starting your Business

A tax advisor can assist you in starting your business. He can guide you about all the legal formalities and documentation that are required from the statutory bodies, like the VAT. He can also check on your business’ status with the relevant authorities (such as tax authorities and the Companies House).



Financial Planning Services

A tax advisor can also provide valuable advice and suggestions on how to increase your profits. He can advise you on the correct way to categorize your business, for instance, partnership, sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership, etc. Also, he can give you the appropriate tax concession and benefits. He can also give you information on the availability of financial planning services.

Professional Tax Accountants

London offers many professional tax accountants for your company registration needs. There are many companies and firms that offer such services. These accountants are fully aware of all the requirements of the UK tax laws. They ensure that all the necessary documents are in place and ready to use. They ensure that your company is properly authorized and registered, and all tax dues are properly paid.


Tax Planning

The tax advisor is here to help you and your company with bookkeeping, taxation, and maintenance business planning. We are a team of fully qualified auditors and tax advisors with over a decade of experience to meet your company’s needs. Our auditors have in-depth knowledge and skills in all areas of accounting, taxation, tax planning, saving, and corporate finance that they will use to the best of their ability to support your business and achieve the best possible result for you.


Company Registration and Management


Practical Tax Advice

Filing income tax returns can be difficult. Not only is it complex, but also time-consuming. And filing an incorrect tax return or no tax return at all can have serious consequences. For this reason, it pays to contact professional tax advisors in London, such as Affinity Associates, who can help you prepare your tax return and give you practical tax advice that will lower your annual tax bill.


HM Revenue and Customs

The declaration of income is mandatory for all self-employed persons as well as for entrepreneurs and other natural persons who receive income from several sources. You must prepare the tax return and submit it to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on time. Failure to submit your annual tax return on time could result in a fine. In addition, failure to submit a tax return could result in a tax investigation by HMRC.


Business Tax Services

Our professional and experienced team of tax advisors at Clear House Accountants provides a full range of personal and business tax services to individuals, corporations, and partnerships from a variety of industries. We provide innovative and bespoke solutions to your complex tax problems and our dedicated tax advisors will guide you through the tax compliance requirements set by HMRC, the UK’s leading tax authority. Not only do we offer tax compliance services, but we integrate various methods and strategies to ultimately reduce your overall tax liability.Our professional and experienced team of tax advisors at Clear House Accountants provides.


tax accountant


Why Affinity Associates for Tax Services?

We have been providing our clients with practical advice on tax and accounting issues for more than 30 years. We have years of experience, expertise, and a strong team of tax advisors based in London, UK, which enables us to provide unparalleled tax filing services to anyone, including legal entities. Our tax advisors take care of all aspects of your tax return, from preparing the tax return to filing the tax return.


Duty of the Director

A new company cannot survive without a director and officers. It is the duty of the director to keep the books of the company. To run the company smoothly, it is important that he has enough experience in the business field. He should be able to handle the business in an effective manner and be capable of running it in an economical and logical way.


Company’s Accounting Records

When you hire an accountant to handle the matters of company registration, he becomes the company’s CPA. He prepares and submits the annual return, which forms the company’s accounting records. He ensures that all tax payments have been made. If a problem arises in any area of the business, he contacts the accountant immediately and solves the problem. Otherwise, if he knows of any error, he tells it to the accountant concerned and he corrects it.



The accountant plays a vital role in the smooth running of the company. He is also responsible for collecting all moneys owed to the company. Payments to suppliers and workers are made by him. By maintaining all these records, the business can be sure of gaining profit from its activities.


Hire a Qualified Accountant

To conduct a successful company registration, you must hire a qualified accountant. You will find many accountants available in the market who claim to be CPAs but only a few of them are really capable of handling company registration. Before you select any accountant for the registration of your new company, you must study him or her carefully so that you can hire the one who can help you gain maximum profits. A new company cannot survive without a director and officers. It is the duty of the director to keep the books of the company. To run the company smoothly, it is important that he has enough experience in the business field. He should be able to handle the business in an effective manner and be capable of running it in an economical and logical way.

Tax Liability

It is the duty of the accountant to find out what tax liability the company faces. He estimates the tax amount required by the company. Only an experienced accountant can tell about the tax liability. This task is his prime responsibility. His estimates are quite accurate and this is the reason why most of the CPAs charge their clients for providing them with such data.

Accounting Record of the Company

Before the company registration, the accountant prepares the documents required for the business. These include the balance sheet, statement of cash flows, profit and loss account, income statement, etc. A complete set of these documents forms the accounting record of the company. This entire accounting process is taken care of by the accountant.


Responsibility of the CPAs

Besides all this documentations, the accountant has to draft the management rules and the by-laws that must be followed by the company. These rules and policies form the corporate charter. All these documentations and policies are the responsibility of the CPAs. Unless these rules and policies are in accordance with the law, no single penny can be touched by the CPAs on the CPAs’ behalf.

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