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Complete Guide For WordPress Website Development Course

Do you want to learn WordPress website development course? If so, you’ve found the proper site. You don’t need superhuman abilities to become a WordPress developer; all you need is the correct mentorship and access to the right tools to help you hone your talents. We’re going to provide the definitive WordPress developer path map today.

Currently, having a background in IT is not a need to work as a developer. Almost anyone may become a developer due to the accessibility of limitless resources and cutting-edge digital tools. In addition, since you may learn WordPress website development course without any prior coding knowledge, it is thought of as an accessible career option. Let’s examine the development roadmap for WordPress.

Opportunities Existing Today For WordPress Developers

Before we go into the WordPress developer roadmap, let’s look at some reasons why you should think about a career in WordPress. What are the current and future scopes of a WordPress developer is another issue that worries newcomers. Is investing time in WordPress development worthwhile?

  • Examine the statistics below to help you decide.
  • Currently, WordPress powers 35% of all websites on the internet.
  • 33.72 percent of the top 1 million websites use WordPress as their content management system.
  • WordPress currently has a 62 percent market share in the construction of websites.

This astounding statistic demonstrates how popular WordPress is becoming every day. Therefore, if you decide to make a profession out of WordPress development, you won’t need to worry about the future or reflect on the past.

Let’s now look at the industries you can work in as a WordPress developer and the possible career routes. A few of them are mentioned below in order of popularity.
  • Front-end WordPress programmer
  • Back-end WordPress programmer
  • PHP programmer
  • React programmer
  • Developer for Elementor
  • website manager
  • website designer
  • designing websites
  • Web developer
  • Plugin creator
  • Theme creator
  • WordPress developer with full stack
  • Webmaster
  • assistance engineer
  • creator of web interfaces

There are countless opportunities in WordPress in addition to these 15 areas of focus. All you need to do is get started, identify your area of interest, and begin working at it.

The Fundamental Duties Of A WordPress Developer

You must be aware of your primary duties if you want to become a professional WordPress developer. If you’re considering applying to a WordPress agency, knowing the specific talents you need to develop can help you understand what others could expect of you as well. Let’s go over some of a WordPress developer’s most fundamental work duties.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that we’re simply providing a general overview of what a WordPress developer’s duties entail; in the end, your specific duties will depend on the type of project you’re working on, your level of skill, and other influencing factors.

In charge of either front-end or back-end development

It shouldn’t surprise you that as a WordPress developer, you can be asked to work on both the front and back ends of a website, or even both. In many cases, you can even be required to generate additional resources, such as custom themes or plugins.

As a WordPress developer, you can be expected to concentrate on support or website maintenance in addition to creating sitemaps or wireframes for new WordPress websites. You can even be asked to redesign or relocate already-existing WordPress websites for improved performance.

Create sitemaps or wireframes for WordPress websites.

In addition to the aforementioned, you could also need to make wireframes for a new website or sitemaps for WordPress websites.

Discover, Plan, and Create New Features or Products

One of the numerous duties of a WordPress developer is to come up with ideas for new features, functionalities, or products, and then to design and construct them. As a result, you should also concentrate on developing your research and original problem-solving skills. Every WordPress developer should have the capacity to think creatively and implement their ideas into workable solutions.

How to Become a WordPress Developer: A Beginner’s Guide.

The WordPress developer roadmap should be followed. Everyone may use the roadmap to follow along and learn how to become a successful WordPress developer, from beginners to specialists. Begin to perform step 1 now.

First, choose your target carefully and make your plans around it.

Research, strategy setting, and action planning should always come before beginning any activity. Exactly the same rules apply if you wish to work as a WordPress developer. Prior to beginning your preparation, you must determine the industry or area in which you intend to excel.

For instance, if you want to work as a frontend WordPress developer, research what kinds of businesses or organisations are in need of them, their duties, the skill sets they require, etc. Additionally, you might make a checklist to monitor your goal-setting.

Second: Master the WordPress Framework and all aspects of coding

The next and most crucial step is to begin learning how to code and use the WordPress framework. WordPress is essentially one of the widely used PHP frameworks. Even yet, you may find that becoming a WordPress developer is not always necessary. However, that isn’t necessarily true everywhere. To become a WordPress developer, you need to master the fundamentals of coding.

Let’s look at what you need to learn first. You must learn the fundamentals of coding, which can be done by beginning with the C language or any other major programming language. You must study HTML, CSS, and other technologies to become a frontend WordPress developer. Since PHP is the programming language used to create the WordPress platform, you need also learn the fundamentals of it. Additionally, if you want to work as a backend developer, you’ll need to master Advanced PHP.

Best sources for learning the aforementioned languages:

  • HTML and CSS see the online tutorials at W3Schools
  • Visit Learn PHP – Free Interactive PHP Tutorial to learn PHP.
  • Visit Learn JavaScript for more information.
  • You can also check out Codecademy, HackerRank, freeCodeCamp, GeeksforGeeks, Codementor, HackerEarth, etc. in addition to these resources.

How Much Time Does WordPress Learning Require?

Another crucial question is how much time you should devote to mastering the aforementioned WordPress code languages. The solution is really quite easy.

With any of the resources mentioned above, you can determine exactly how long it will take to complete each work and how much time is needed for it.

If you’re committed, 3 to 6 months should be sufficient to grasp the fundamentals of coding.

Third: Select the area you want to concentrate on.

You can choose the area of focus at the same time as selecting the coding language you want to become an expert in.

Front-end developers, for instance, ought to begin with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Additionally, keep in mind that a WordPress developer will need to work with other team members, so they must all be knowledgeable in their respective fields.

Additionally, when preparing for a career as a WordPress UI developer, it’s not enough to simply understand the best web design concepts; you also need to understand how codes work and what they do. Unless the designs are unrealistic and difficult to execute.

Forth: Enroll in WordPress website development course online

As a WordPress developer, you should thus have the motivation, excitement, and initiative to push your boundaries and learn new things because there is no end to learning.

There are many excellent resources available online for learning WordPress development, but Learn WordPress may be the most obvious and practical place to start. Any type of learning material can be searched for, and you’ll find helpful tutorials to help you polish your skills.

Workshops are the best for hands-on experience, whereas lesson plans and courses are made to help you learn more about any particular topic. You can select from workshops, lesson plans, and courses.

Additionally, you may filter these courses and tutorials by subject, skill level, and other criteria. Whatever your level of expertise, Learn WordPress has helpful materials for all WordPress developers.

Fifth: Choose a WordPress project to practise

It’s important to practise and test your WordPress development abilities if you want to get the most out of your training and lectures. To accomplish this, building a local website or staging website is the simplest method. You may quickly set up a staging site using a variety of options, like Local by Flywheel, XAMPP, and others.

In addition, you can create a number of WordPress projects on your own to hone your abilities. Depending on the subject you wish to concentrate on, you could test yourself by developing an eCommerce website, an online portfolio, child themes, etc.

Sixth: Get Involved in the WordPress Community

The WordPress open source project is a very inviting and inclusive community where you may meet smart individuals from all over the world and learn new things. Therefore, if you’re serious about becoming a WordPress developer, set aside some time to get to know the local scene.

The WordPress project is the greatest place to become involved in this. You may give back to the WordPress open source community in a variety of ways, including by creating plugins, themes, testing, translating, and more. To find out how to join the WordPress community, simply click the Get Involved option and go to the Make WordPress website.

Seventh: Build a Stylish Developer Portfolio

It will be simpler for you to construct a strong WordPress developer portfolio the more projects you work on and courses you finish. Making a fantastic technical CV is also a smart idea if you want to work as a freelancer or for an agency.

You must achieve this by include a list of the projects you have worked on, your most important abilities, and experience. It may be challenging for you as a novice to add fresh experiences to your résumé, but that’s good. The ultimate goal is to effectively showcase your strengths in your portfolio or resume.

💡 Uncertain of the distinctions between a CV and a resume? For further information, see this manual here.

💡 You need to get ready for employment interviews. Then, as part of your preparation, go over these 50+ common interview questions.

Complete Guide To Starting A WordPress Agency is suggested.

Additional Bonus: 20+ Top Job Boards For WordPress Developers

If you followed the road map step by step, hunting for a job should be your next responsibility. As soon as you know where to apply for jobs, you should begin doing so. As an alternative, monitoring an online job board is the best approach to do this if you’re interested in learning about all the options that are open to you.

According to a general rule: Employers use Indeed, SimplyHired, etc., while independent contractors utilise Upwork, Fiverr, etc. In order for you to examine all of the top online job boards quickly and select the one that best suits you, we have compiled a list of them.

It’s time to advance your WordPress development career.

Being a WordPress developer can be both a very lucrative and enjoyable profession. WordPress development can give you the income and flexibility you want, even if it takes a lot of time and money for training and experimenting.

The rule comes to an end here. If you liked this article, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or by becoming a member of our Facebook group. Additionally, subscribe to our blog to keep informed about the newest posts, how-tos, rules, insights, etc.

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