Complications Around Using Contact Lenses

The feeling of using contact lenses for the first time fills us with excitement. By doing so, you are adding an extra element to you and changing your whole look. They provide great comfort in comparison with spectacles. 

We can easily carry on a lens while doing various physical activities such as dancing or exercises. However, if you are unaware of the limitations while using it can cost you badly. Let’s learn about some of the complications which contact lenses provide :

Oxygen supply to the eye is extremely important to keep them healthy. Since the contact lenses directly cover the whole cornea, there is no space for oxygen to reach the eyes. Hence one needs to avoid wearing lenses for a longer period as less oxygen weakens the eyes.

Contact lenses usually absorb tears and much-needed moistness in the eyes. This makes them maintain their softness. This activity of lenses makes your eyes dry and gives out burning sensations. This, at times, results in scarring of the cornea and pushes you towards chronic eye diseases.

The reflex of your cornea is very strong. Any small particle coming into your eyes lets your eyelids close before it comes near. That’s called the corneal reflex. Our corneal reflexes have been active since birth. The usage of contact lenses diminishes your corneal reflex. 

  1. Abrasion Of Cornea 

Maximum usage of contact lenses that scratch your cornea, causing abrasion of the cornea. All the dirt and dust can easily get trapped into the lens inviting various infections in the eyes. One should never sleep with contact lenses on. While sleeping, you might scratch your eyes. This scratching can cost you the cornea of an eye.

In this condition, the eyelids start falling slowly. One cannot open their eyes completely. This happens because the eyelids are repeatedly stretched while using lenses longer. Hence one should use softer lenses.

Corneal ulcers can dangerously harm your eye. It happens due to infections in the eye causing trouble to the vision. If not treated properly, it can permanently take your vision, and you are left only with the hope of a cornea transplant.

The way you wear your contact lenses also tells a lot about the health of your eyes. The long usage of contact lenses acts as a ground for breeding microorganisms. The moist environment in the eyes gives less oxygen to fight bacteria from entering. Hence the golden rule is never to sleep when your lens is on.

Birth control pills are quite strong and affect your health adversely after frequent usage. Combining these pills with contact lenses directly affects the tear film causing excess burning of the eyes.  It shakes the balance of the eyes. Hence one should avoid contact lenses when on the pills.

Final Overview

One key point that should be kept in mind is that running behind comfort should never cost your health. The contact lens has its limited set of advantages, but its disadvantages are many. One should always strike a balance between both of them to keep your eyes healthy.

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