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Components of a Smoker Craft

Smoker craft is very common in the seafood industry. The vessel transports fish from fishing grounds to processing facilities for fresh and saltwater products. Smoker craft can carry casks or tanks containing liquid. They are usually provided with steam-heating jackets. Most of these vessels will have the ability to heat liquid in both the liquid and vapor phase, especially if chemicals or flavors are added to the liquid. The primary components of a smoker craft are listed below.

Heating Device

Sometimes heating in a smoker craft can be done by steam. The steam is injected into the liquid through direct injection or coils placed in the liquid. More commonly used heating techniques include electric-heating devices, steam jackets with electric heaters, and external oil/water heat exchangers.

Cooling Device

Cooling can be done using a direct or indirect cooling device. The direct method for cooling includes cold water circulating through metal coils in the tank. The indirect method involves the use of an ice-making machine and storage tanks to lower fluid temperature.

Pumps and Valves

Pumps and valves help maintain appropriate pressure and flow of liquid in the system pump. This helps to transport fluid throughout the vessel. The controls for the pumps are often found at the main control console. Valves can also enable or disable pump usage depending on the product’s state.

The Sensors

Sensors are used to monitor conditions within the vessel. This can be achieved through measuring temperatures, pressure, level of liquids carried, and flow. Data from sensors is often displayed on the main control console allowing for easy monitoring by the operator.

The Controls

The controls for a smoker craft enable operators to monitor and adjust settings. This ensures appropriate conditions within the vessel. The controls are typically located at the main control console. They allow operators to monitor heaters, pumps, valves, alarms, switches, etc.

Other common features in the vessel include piping for material transfer between tanks or across compartments. The smoker craft has drains that enable emptying of specific compartments, and tanks used to hold chemicals added to the product. It is common for vessels used in the seafood industry to have the above components.

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