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Considerations To Make Before Investment In A Robotic Or Automated Technology

While increasing content for scarce warehouse and diffusion labor had already provoked more processes to explore robotic and automation solutions, COVID-19 pushed companies to embrace those technologies without deferring further. The reason? The surge of e-commerce to meet high demands before the holiday surge. 

Presently, there are multiple operation areas around robotics Australia where these designs are being merged, and some essential considerations are made before pairing the solutions together. 

Here are some key considerations to make before investing in automated technology. Take a look. 

  • Compact, efficient robot design

A consolidated robot structure with thin arms and a small footprint makes integration more manageable and preserves a beneficial shop floor room. 

Besides, designs with repressed air and electrical lines uphold those lines from meddling with different gear and cover them from wear and breakdown, enabling overall cost reduction.

  • Robot regulator components

Desirable differentiate to look for in robot regulators include:

  • Consolidated size and lightweight.
  • The comfort of integration with a vision plan, PLC, or other machines.
  • Modular expandability to house extra peripheral tools without purchasing a new regulator.
  • Quick processing gait.
  • Reassurance of servicing.
  • Affordable offline programming software

Make sure the robotics Australia you opt for offers reasonable and required offline programming software. Instead of advanced components that are unneeded for your conditions.

  • Low energy consumption

Although leading Automated Solutions in Australia provide low energy consumption services, make sure you inquire about energy consumption. A competently designed, lean, and lightweight robot requires nominal power, so their motors draw a smaller amount of electrical current, resulting in considerable long-term cost-reduction.

  • Safety regulations

To safeguard workers and confine your company’s liability, confirm that the robot satisfies or surpasses all existing safety regulations.

  • Short training

Inquire about the span of mandated training. Unnecessarily prolonged training can lead to undue ineffective worker time and travel expenses.

  • High top allowable point of inertia

Dart for a robot with an elevated top allowable point of inertia, calculate how much strength it can exercise. The more elevated the highest permissible point of inertia, the more efficiently the robot can raise and drag a given cargo size, exerting less pressure on the robot’s motors, resulting in lengthier working vitality.

  • Knowledge and prominence of the robot manufacturer

Dart for a manufacturer that has proved itself as an endeavor leader whose automated solutions in Australia have withstood the test of time. Try to look for a producer who comprehends the significance of product training by proffering primary and developed extensive operator, programming, and keeping training for its robots via various classroom sessions and hands-on robot training.

  • Continuous-duty cycle time

When approximating robot cycle terms, be sure to examine whether the figures provided are for continuous duty or quicker firings of an hour or smaller. The robot will have to work slower in the regular process in the latter case.


Keen to meld robotics or automation with your current conveyor or sortation technique? Reach out to Automated Solutions Australia today to learn how to ensure a successful implementation with best-practice recommendations. 

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