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Contactless Payment Methods for Your Vet Clinic Checkout

Veterinary clinics all around the globe are coming up with innovative ways to ensure payments from the customers –without any fees. With COVID-19 restrictions, you are required to restrict the time the customers will be spending in the clinic. Therefore, you are required to think about remote and contactless ways of working. To top it all, you are required to do it all without wasting your income.

Therefore, as far as receiving payments from the customers at your vet clinic is concerned, you should look for a solution that is easy and instant for both your business and the end customers. While some solutions have made it possible to make the switch with minimal issues, there are several businesses that are still struggling to ensure the right process. This is because of the fact that most veterinary clinics are still making use of conventional payment systems. This makes the process of ensuring remote payments time consuming and inefficient.

Client expectations have changed significantly. As such, if you are not able to offer safer transactions to the customers, they might start looking for other options when it comes to optimum pet care. Checkout for the more services about the animal hospital.

Implementing Secure and Efficient Remote Systems

Services at vet clinics are evolving and expanding when it comes to meeting the diverse demands of the customers. Curbside is not going to serve as the single option for remote servicing. Vet telemedicine has also proven to be popular and convenient for a specific type of care. Whatever method you choose, the practice should be capable of catering to all your specific requirements.

Here are some efficient ways to ensure secure remote payments at your vet clinic:

#Automated Recurring Payments

The storage and gathering of payment information in a secure manner linked with customer records ensure that it is easier to collect one-time installments or recurring payments for advanced services. Some services could include wellness plans, doggy daycare, and prescriptions. With the capability of storing the cards of the clients on the file, scheduling a vet-based payment plan will take just a few clicks.

As you streamline your recurring payments, it helps in boosting your overall cash flow by reducing the accounts receivable. The respective payment schedules can be tailor-made for billing weekly, daily, monthly, or annually. You can specify an end date for ensuring short-term payment plans or leaving the same blank for unlimited services.

You might have built a trustworthy clientele by providing reliable vet services at your clinic. You are committed to keeping the furry members of your family healthy and content. As such, the last thing that you would want is to put your customers in the position to avoid the much-needed treatment or surgery as they are not able to afford the one-time payment.

When you offer the clients the option to pay in installments for covering the treatment costs, it will help in removing the stress barrier and serving as the ultimate lifeline. You can set up a proper payment plan for automatically processing payments on the basis of the decided schedule.

#Invoices for Collecting Remote Payments

The advent of curbside pick-up & drop-off serves to be convenient while adhering to the social distancing norms. However, it implies that the clients are not visiting the office to make payments for the services. Another efficient and convenient solution can be processing payments as you send the customers a proper invoice payment request for the due amount. This facility helps in elevating the overall customer experience for advanced vet practices. This holds especially true when the final due amount cannot be determined until some initial examination has been completed.

You can use a virtual terminal for logging in from any location and creating an invoice by entering the due amount. You can associate the same with the file of the customers and email a proper request for ensuring approval & payment. Some of the optional features might enable you to mention details like the procedure breakdown or medications while attaching the original invoice or some supporting documents.

Customers at your vet clinic will also prefer the convenience offered by digital invoices. This is because digital invoices tend to be quicker and more secure in comparison to going through card numbers over the telephone.

#Contactless Payments

The revolutionary NFS contactless payment technology enables customers to ensure quick payments through a simple wave of the card, wearable device, or smartphone. The transaction is carried out over some payment terminals. Along with eliminating the need for handing out cards, the technology of contactless payments turns out to be faster. Moreover, the overall advanced security feature of this technology helps in protecting businesses from counterfeit card-related frauds.

The presence of advanced encryption technology ensures that the cards are immensely secure. Moreover, cutting-edge digital wallets like Google Pay & Apple Pay go way ahead through the requirement of fingerprint or face recognition mechanism for adding a layer of advanced verification.

#Secure Phone Payments

One of the most effective methods of securing phone-based payments is by making use of the cloud-based Virtual Terminal. You can simply ensure the connection to some secure portal with the help of your web browser. Then, you can enter the login credentials and type in the data on the card. Once the transaction is implemented, a digital receipt is sent via email to the client for signing on their computer with the smartphone or mouse.

The signature gets captured and logged with the client history automatically in the respective Virtual Terminal. This allows you to easily locate the transaction in case the customer would call for questioning.

You should ensure that you are enabling AVS or Address Verification Service. It is a fraud-fighting mechanism supported by leading card brands. Otherwise, you can also make use of the Secure Manual Key Entry in case you use a Smart Terminal with the given feature.


When you have access to the right processes and solutions for supporting the new business models, you can deliver improved customer experiences to those at your vet clinic.

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