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“Contrast Winners” Lakers and Clippers clash on the first day of season resumption

Team tactics or individual abilities, contrasting "Los Angeles Showdown"

On July 30, local time, the NBA will be restarting the season for the first time in four and a half months. The attention cards assembled on the first day of the West Conference are the important battles for the Lakers in the West Conference and the Clippers in the second place, as well as for winning the championship.

A direct confrontation between the No. 1 Lakers and No. 2 Clippers at the West Conference, which is important for winning the championship, is scheduled for the first day of resumption. It is rare for both teams based in the same Los Angeles to perform well together, and it will be the first time in seven seasons for both teams to enter the playoffs. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kawai Leonard, Paul George and Super Star are the same points in that only the victory is held, but the way of fighting is a contrasting and interesting competition card.

With the team offense in which all players work together as a weapon, the Lakers have the explosive power that makes the most of their individuality by using the team offense in which all players work together as a weapon. The Clippers, on the other hand, are offenses based on individual skills, and each one is characterized by a chemistry between players that is naturally born in a way that each expresses what they want to do freely.

Although the Lakers outperform the offense, the play times of the core LeBron and Davis have become longer in order to deepen ties throughout the season. On the other hand, the Clippers put their individuality at the forefront, so conditioning is emphasized rather than cooperation, and the play time of all is suppressed. The load of superstars is greater for the Lakers, which emphasizes cooperation, and the Clippers, which focuses on individual skills, has an interesting composition that does not rely on specific players.

In addition, it is only the playoff that makes the opponent go crazy with thorough measures, and there are more patterns in the Clippers, who compete with the individual skills of multiple players, than the Lakers, which have explosive power but may break the cooperation , It is difficult to read because it cannot be read.

On the defense side, the Clippers line up excellent individual defenders, responding to the opponent’s key man while changing the matchup, and adopting a tactic that has an advantage in each battle, the Lakers line up two big men We are firmly blocking the inside and building a team defense that is conscious of cover and rotation.

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In addition, Leonard and George are Ace Defenders in the Clippers, while the Lakers place Ace Defenders around them, and LeBron and Davis are in charge of help and cover. The usage of this super star is also in contrast. The Clippers who pushed out the individuality for offense and defense and the Lakers who pushed out the team power were fighting each other, and in the direct confrontation so far, the one who won the final stage which became an individual game was the winner, and the Clippers led with 2 wins 1 loss. I am.

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