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Control Of Scars And Repair Of The Skin

Steps to help your skin fight it with blemishes

First, let’s get rid of our fear of stigmata. They are pictures. Scars and marks are nothing but memories. Memories of that moment that I scratched your knee with it when you scored a point in basketball … the time you fell off your mountain bike (thank God you did not fall off the mountain itself) .. Memories of waiting for your first child!

“It’s all good.” We hear you say, “But I don’t want to spend my life as a spotted photo album.”

Correct thinking. With all the dermatological expertise and technology currently available, you can actually defend yourself. (But make the right choice, as you must have come across people with scars caused by the wrong skin treatment.)

The two sides of the battle are defined: skin against the scars. We are fighting on your side. The first thing we need to do is arm you with the required information. Know your enemy, know what they can and cannot do yet.

1) Scars appear when the skin has healed (is the skin its own enemy?)

Overreacting is always wrong. Let’s explain it to you. Skin is an organ that repairs itself in an amazing way. If you injure a superficial layer (the dermis where there are no blood vessels), there will be no bleeding and the skin will repair itself without scarring. But if the wound is deeper to the bottom of the skin, there will be bleeding, healing, and then a scar. During the skin healing process, the skin produces a substance called collagen that covers the wound in order to heal. In the event of an overproduction of collagen, the wound effect can be thick and visible. This condition is called keloid or hyperplastic scarring. But if collagen shrinks, the effect is atrophic and weak.

You are not convinced? Do you think that your skin is weak or resourceful? of course no. There is a lot going on that we cannot see with our eyes.

Skin heals in four stages:

  • The cellular stage: This stage includes coagulation with bleeding and the formation of a crust over the wound. This process takes place within minutes and sometimes hours.
  • Inflammation stage: In this stage, your immune system fights against bacteria and peripheral germs. This battle can last days, sometimes weeks!
  • Reconstruction stage: here art is possible. Your skin is trying to find the right balance between excess collagen (and the resulting keloid effect) and shrinking new collagen (for a deeper, more atrophic scar).

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2) Insect bites can leave a mark

Every night, as the sun sets and mosquitoes set out to search for their favorite drink, people suffer from insect bites and their scars and dark spots are scars and spots. The bites trigger allergic reactions that sometimes lead to hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, or scarring. The first two effects of an allergic reaction in the deepest layers of the skin can be treated with anti-inflammatory creams. On the other hand, scars appear as a result of scratching the sting site. You know that itch that you can’t stop no matter how hard you try? Well, this is evidence of scar formation, of course with the use of creams, ointments and appropriate sunscreen you can prevent or mitigate these effects.

We’ll talk about treatments and precautions later, so keep reading!

3) The stretch marks can appear … not extended

Although it is not classified as a “stigma” category, it will still leave some damages. Stretching effects appear as a result of weight gain, pregnancy, hormonal changes, or prolonged use of cortisone creams. Deep in the skin, collagen fibers tend to break down, leaving the upper layers intact. However, you do not have to live with it forever. There are really effective methods that will help you get rid of these effects. Treatment begins by dealing with the cause, if possible, by stimulating new collagen production using lasers and frequency-ray machines under medical supervision.

4) Deal with it in the right manner:

The stigmata are difficult to see. Some disappear, and some remain throughout life. This depends on the healing of the skin, which in turn depends on several factors: the depth of the wound, the location of the wound (is it a finger or an arm?), Exposure to the infection, and your general state of health. Some medications actually slow down the healing process. While some scars remain for life, some steps and treatments can prevent scars from forming or reduce their appearance on your skin. The latest studies prove that Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness. However, we recommend that you avoid using aloe vera or vitamin E during the first two weeks of infection. But use alpha hydroxyl acids, vitamin A, and silicone gel, which are effective in improving the overall appearance of the scar. Remember that these creams should be used as soon as the wound has healed, in addition to regular stroking the area for about six months. Although the scars are not completely hidden, with this process they may appear less noticeable.

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5) Extreme measures in the name of beauty? You need it!

Some scars may be permanent, and most likely topical applications are not effective enough to eliminate them completely. Here you have to employ more effective methods such as simple.

operations and lasers. Lasers are the best method for hyperlordosis scars. Triamcinolone injections, which inhibit the production of collagen, reduce inflammation and help scars.

And in case you want to erase any traces of scars on your skin, there are some extreme cosmetic techniques that are highly effective, thanks to the latest medical developments. At Kaya, we offer a range of services, such as dermarollers, dermapeners, mesotherapy, frequency x-rays, fillers, and many more. Your skin will appear as if it has never seen scars.

6) The best offense is defense

You know the old saying: “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure,” and it is true even if you actually hurt me from scars. What we’re talking about right now is proper care of the wound, some injury. In the end, the key to scar prevention is proper care of the site of the injury.

Protect yourself against infection with a thorough cleaning, use the correct medicines and applications, and eat healthy food. Protect the injury from tissue damage by avoiding high heat and direct sunlight. Use a sunblock to prevent pigmentation, as well as the correct scar reduction cream. Whatever you do, if the body mechanism wants scars to appear, then on the scars you will get.

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7) Pay attention to potential skin problems

Most of the scars are superficial and are only aesthetically uncomfortable, but some may aggravate to form medical issues. For example, some scarring near active organs such as the eye can affect vision. Scars near the nose may cause respiratory problems. And scars around the mouth may generate difficulty speaking and eating. In such a case, the removal of these scars is of much greater importance than it is purely aesthetic.

8) “The largest gathering of dermatologists in the region is on your side.”

27 highly qualified experienced dermatologists. More than a decade of skincare according to the region’s environmental requirements. A medical approach that combines the required technologies with smart adoption of the latest technology. It all combines to make stigmata a memory of the past. And to make sure you make the War of Scars a permanent victory in your favor

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