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Could Erectile Dysfunction and Blood Type Be Linked?

Scientific research has found a link between the blood type and the possibility of erectile dysfunction in males. This link is not direct, but the blood type determines the future possibility of various blood-related diseases, which in turn affect the erection process of a male.

The study came to the conclusion that males with blood type 0 are less likely to see erection related issues than males with other blood types. In other words, the males with A, B, and AB types are at greater risk of developing erectile dysfunction in life than males with 0 blood types. It is right that with the use of Viagra 150mg, you can overcome any degree of erectile dysfunction. But with preventive measures, you can reduce the possibility of nil. Let us see how this link determines the sexual life of a male.

Blood type determines the health condition of a male

There are strong links of a blood type with health conditions such as blood pressure, heart issue, and cholesterol level in the blood vessels. It has been observed that a male might see an erection issue much before the cardiovascular issue.

A blood type will determine the chances of males developing cholesterol issues in blood vessels. The formation of plaque in blood vessels restricts the movement of blood flow. Since blood vessels are narrower in the penis than in other parts of the body, the reduction of blood flow occurs first in the penis. The slowdown in blood flow causes an erection issue in males, as adequate blood flow is the first condition to get a penile erection. This is why it is always said that an erection issue without any apparent reason should never be neglected. It can be the first indication of impending heart stroke.

Some blood type can develop plaque in arteries

It is possible that males with A and B blood type will see the development of plaque in their blood arteries. This is because these two blood types have greater levels of adhesion molecules. And molecules lead to the formation of plaque in the blood arteries. Plaque restricts the flow of blood in blood vessels. The less than adequate flow of blood makes an erection difficult to get. This is why the erectile dysfunction medicines like 100mg Sildenafil are used to increase the flow of blood towards the penis. The penis filled with blood gets an erection when you are sexually excited.

It is based on these assumptions that scientists and medical experts put forward the thesis that blood type can determine the onset of erectile dysfunction. However, there is nothing to be afraid of. With a healthy lifestyle and positive mental framework, you can prolong your sexual life.

Your lifestyle and choice determine your sexual health

The blood type only reveals the possibility of erection or health issues. It is not clear cut evidence that you will get the erection issues later in life. The link between the blood type and erection dysfunction hints at the possibilities in the future. You should take this link in a positive way by increasing focus on health and healthy living.

Instead of living in constant fear of erectile dysfunction, the possibility of the link with erectile dysfunction should encourage you to lead a healthy life. An active life combined with a healthy diet will keep erectile dysfunction away from your life. The assumption that your blood type will increase health issues will come true only when you neglect the health.

Your blood type can save your life

When you are in the risk category, you should concentrate on health issues. And this focus should start from the early years of adult life. Just use a balanced diet with green vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruits, salad, dry fruits, and seasonal varieties. Avoid, if you can, smoking and drinking totally. Both these habits damage your blood vessels, which in turn slow down the flow of blood flow. Even without blood type, anyone with these habits eventually will use drugs like Oral Jelly, Kamagra 100mg to get the penile erection.

The second thing is avoiding fatty food, fry, or deep fry items, as these will increase the chances of the formation of cholesterol in blood vessels. When you know that your blood type is predisposed towards cholesterol issues, you will be careful in food habits. This will be a check on your calorie intake. Even if there is a need for drugs like Cialis 40mg for an erection, the need will be felt only in advanced age.

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