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COVID-19 Test Requirement For Travellers

The government has decided to reduce the 14-day quarantine period for persons entering England, by about two-third. The requirement to come out of quarantine early is, the person must take get a COVID-19 test for travel, and this should ease the stress for people travelling during the holidays.

The shares of airlines like EasyJet Plc, Wizz Air Holdings PLC, and British Airways increased as the Department of Transport announced the new rules to take effect from the 15th of December. The isolation period for people entering England will reduce to five days if the person’s COVID-19 test result is negative.

Although the new rule has eased things for airlines, the airlines are still requesting for removal of the quarantine system for incoming passengers because the rule has affected the travelling and transport industry.

The effect of COVID regulations on airports

Although people are gradually feeling more comfortable to travel, the number of passengers in airports are only a fraction of what it was. The new COVID rules to curtail the spread of COVID-19 will help regularise air travel and make people more confident to travel. These rules may improve travelling, but the five-day quarantine is still a deal-breaker for most travellers, especially people travelling for business. Airlines are suggesting for a pre-departure test which will eliminate the need for self-isolation.

With six airports in the capital of UK-London, it is one of the busiest cities in Europe, but with the COVID-19, several travellers have been restricted from entering into England. The continuous update of the travel restrictions and list of exempt countries has also been a problem for most travellers because most of them now require a two-week self-isolation before going about their normal businesses. A more troubling issue is that Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have their separate list of safe countries.

The new change to the COVID-19 entry rules in England will help to reduce the occurrence of false-negative COVID-19 result, because, the virus can incubate within five days. The rule which also allows private COVID test for travel will help to relieve the workload on the NHS.

Both the government and airline operators are looking for ways to ensure the safety of travellers as this will positively affect the economy.

Some airlines are offering passengers COVID-19 testing at a reduced price and test certificate to enable more people to travel and reduce their quarantine period.

COVID-19 travel test

With more countries opening up their borders to other countries, the need for COVID testing to reduce or eliminate quarantine for travellers is increasing. Some airlines are now offering free COVID-19 test for people entering England to show the government how testing can eliminate quarantine.

Speculations are vaccines for COVID-19 would be available soon, and this has increased the need to monitor the credential of travellers and false claims for people who want to travel by all means.

The International Air Transport Association is looking for new measures to help travellers easily show they are coronavirus-free and also proof of vaccine.

It is essential to know the entry requirement of your travel destination and make the necessary preparations. Most countries require travellers to get a COVID-19 test a few days before their trip.

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