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Dexterity, a 25-person company, is engaged in the production of custom-made furniture. We have our own design office and a production unit. However, “a few wood planks” can only be made into furniture. We are the furniture manufacturers in Lahore. But that’s not all! We will show you how to make “dexterity furniture!” Dexterity is a company with a double cap. We can work on projects for individuals, professionals, and administrators. Two teams work around our workshop: one for the individual and the other for professionals and administrations. These two teams combine the skills and knowledge of each client. From A to Z, we are there to help you. Dexterity is there to help you, from listening to your needs to advice to different layout proposals to validation, manufacturing, and installation. You are also encouraged to do the work yourself. We help you find artisans to do your painting, electricity, and tiling. We can help you choose the right color for your furniture and living room (by the floors, walls, etc.). If you are an architect who wants to make furniture for customers, your file will be sent directly to the methods office. Before furniture is produced in our workshop, it goes through several hands. We are 100% Pakistani Made, and we focus on 100% Dexterity.  


Dexterity is a firm of 25 people that manufactures tailor-made furniture. Our design office is also our production facility. To make a piece of furniture from “a few wooden planks,” you need to take a few steps… We are the furniture manufacturer in Lahore. However, that’s just the beginning! Follow us, and we’ll show you how “dexterity” furniture is made. Dexterity’s double cap is We are equally at home with individuals as well as administrators and professionals. In our workshop, two teams intervened. One is at the client’s service, and the other is at the disposal of professionals and administrations. Both combine specific skills and know-how to meet the needs of each client. We will follow you from A to Z. Dexterity will be there for you, from listening to what you need to providing advice, to preparing layouts, validation, then manufacturing and installing. Dexterity also recommends that you do the work on your site. We can help you locate the right artisans to do your painting and electricity. We will help you color your furniture and decorate the living room (by walls, floors, etc.). Your file is for programming the methods office to launch furniture production. Every piece of a cheap furniture shop in Lahore goes through many hands before making it in our factory. Focus on 100% Dexterity, 100% Made In Pakistan.  


Dexterity employs 25 people and manufactures custom-made equipment. This is possible thanks to our design office as well as our production unit. There are a few things you can do to make “a few wooden planks” into equipment. It’s not the only thing! Follow us to learn how “dexterity” furniture works! We also work for professionals and administrators on individual projects. Our workshop is home to two teams: one that serves the individual, the second at the service of the professionals and administrations. They combine expertise and know-how for each client. We can follow your project from start to finish. Dexterity can help you with everything, from listening and advising to layout suggestions to validation, followed by manufacturing and installation.  You are an architect looking to produce equipment for your clients. Your file goes to the methods department for programming and launch in production. Before a piece is put into production in our shop, it must pass through multiple hands. Focus on 100% Pakistani Dexterity and 100% Made in Pakistan.

Wooden furniture: what color to choose for a makeover?

Practical, wood goes well with all colors. You can give it some pep from green to yellow through blue by choosing the one you prefer. For a piece of equipment with a cozy and bohemian spirit, we advise you to opt for white or beige. Want to give a modern touch to your vintage wooden furniture? Bet on gray or black. For a wooden piece of furniture in a chic country style, there’s nothing like verdigris.

Wooden furniture: mistakes to avoid when repainting it

The painting is the most practical solution to give a different look to a wooden cabinet. But before rushing to cover everything with brushes, there are a few mistakes you should avoid. Among them :

  • do not smooth the surface: remember to remove dusty residues and sand the wood to paint more easily on a smooth texture and to have a homogeneous rendering;
  • Choose an unsuitable paint: it is better to turn to a color specially designed for wood. If it is bathroom or kitchen furniture, consider using waterproof paint. Finally, choose the finish you want.
  • Do not varnish painted wood: once your furniture has been painted, it is advisable to excuse everything so that the wood is protected and in good health!

Makeover a wooden piece of furniture: what if you personalize your furniture?

The big trend of the moment: give your old furniture a makeover. An interesting solution because it allows you to personalize your table and at the same time think about the planet! A lick of paint and a few good ideas will allow you to transform your wooden furniture quickly and inexpensively. So if you want to give your old furniture a second life, discover 63 cool makeovers unearthed on Pinterest!

Makeover a wooden piece of furniture: how to paint a wooden piece of furniture?

  • Prepare the support. If the furniture is varnished, it must be stripped. On the other hand, if it is painted or raw, you must sand it;
  • Remove all handles, doors, and drawers before you start painting any items;
  • Apply an undercoat of varnish, which will protect the wood ;
  • Once dry, apply two coats of paint in the chosen color;
  • When all items are dry, replace the items.

Dress up a wooden piece of furniture: make way for wallpaper.

Want to revamp a too basic wooden equipment? Use wallpaper to make it stylish and give it a second youth! This is the most practical solution because this coating is easy to apply and take off. In addition, it can be found everywhere in specialized stores, but also on the Internet. Sometimes you won’t need to buy any, because you can use scraps of wallpaper: nothing is thrown away, everything is collected! It’s up to you to transform a simple wooden piece of equipment into a pretty floral table!

Wooden furniture: how to maintain it?

Once your wooden furniture has been revamped, the question of maintenance arises. Don’t worry; it’s very simple. All you need to do is soak a sponge in soapy water and then run it gently over your furniture. Be careful to wring it out well beforehand. If your surface is very dirty and stained, you can clean it with a mixture of soapy water and ammonia. Once your wooden furniture is clean, all you have to do is wipe it with a soft cloth. Do you want to embellish it and give it back its shine? Impregnate a soft cloth with a few drops of linseed oil and pass it on to your equipment.

Wooden equipment: what color to choose for a makeover?

Practical, wood goes well with all colors. You can give it some pep from green to yellow through blue by choosing the one you prefer. For a piece of furniture with a cozy and bohemian spirit, we advise you to opt for white or beige. Want to give a modern touch to your vintage wooden furniture? Bet on gray or black. For a wooden piece of equipment in a chic country style, there’s nothing like verdigris.  

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