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Custom Packaging Boxes


There is an art known as Custom packaging which can be defined as a way to store, protect and enclose something. Packaging has become a need for everyone.

There is no limit or restriction on the industry. Every industry from small scale to large scale is using packaging.

Packaging not helps to store the items but also helps to effectively deliver them with safety. Packaging needs and demands are increasing.

You can think of any industry and you will observe that packaging is playing an important role. For example, the food industry, furniture industry, medical industry, fashion industry, beauty industry, etc.

With industrialization, people are becoming aware of the importance and needs of packaging. Even businesses that people operate from homes use packaging Boxes.

Let’s discuss in detail packaging from pre-historic times up till now and see the latest trends that are in use.


While there is no data on when packaging began. But it is known that humans in prehistoric times used some sorting of packaging to store their food and transport it from one place to another.

Old Ages

The Egyptians thought glass to be a very expensive and precious stone. Therefore, they worked and were the ones to make the first glass containers.

On the other hand, paper development credit goes to the Chinese. And this did not happen until they were using bark from mulberry that helped them store their food. During 1st or 2nd BC, they worked it out.

Middle Ages

Around 350 BC during the Middle Ages, wooden barrels were invented by Armenian. And when these barrels were in the shape of a wheel that helped in transporting because of their wheel shape.

Modern Ages

When we come to the modern age, this is the time when in reality the work on packaging began.

In 1667 first tinplate introduced in England which later was made into a storing space

Tinplate boxes first start to be sold in 1725.

The first cardboard invention is seen in 1817 and corrugated were not available before 1871.

After this, the packaging revolutionized and picked a pace. In 1852 first paper bag-making machine came into existance. The first carton was not made before 1879 and that was an accident. After that packaging started being utilized by people.

During the 20th century, packaging was used widely. Even Michigan State University started to offer packaging engineering in 1952.

Uses Of Packaging


Packaging provides protection to your items and products. During transit, there can be an accidental fall or jerk that could damage the product. So, they can provide protection as much as possible. Sometimes purpose of protection might not be to provide physical protection. For example, some medicines need to be kept away from sunlight so they are kept in boxes to maintain their chemical composition.


Packaging material is easy to transport as compared to the products themselves. For example, if there is a big shipment then it is convenient to place all the packages and deliver them. This reduces the damage risk to almost zero. And the product is safely transferred to the customer.


Packaging can play an important role in marketing. Brands use packaging that has their brand’s name and logo on it. Brands’ products are used to give gifts that would play a role in marketing to the recipient who receives the gift. And sometimes there are promotional offers placed inside the box that surprises the customer and in return create customer satisfaction.


Packaging boxes play a role in presenting the brands. Brands have beautifully manufactured packaging boxes that they use their products.

Better the presentation more is attraction towards the brand. it can help you improve customer retention.


Without a doubt, packaging has made life easier. Just imagine what would happen if you don’t get the product packaged? You would be miserable. Holding the products in your hands and placing them inside shopping bags. So, the packaging is not only helpful for brands but also helpful for the customer.

Customization has played a lot of roles in packaging. Due to customization features, businesses have a great opportunity to provide good customer service that also helps to promote their brand.

Imagine if there was no customization feature available and everything you took had the same packaging. That would look so strange. This would also be a problem in marketing and displaying the items. This could have created confusion for the viewer who can b ecome a buyer.

With customization, you can have packaging according to product size and requirement. This also helps brands in saving a lot of unnecessary material.

Customization has many other benefits as well. For example, if you buy a smartphone and get its packaging box, you see compartments.

Another example is takeaway cup holders. There are multiple inserts available that help to hold each cup perfectly. If there was no customization, then the cup would not fit properly.

Features of Custom Packaging Box

While knowing the importance of customization let’s discuss the features that a customized packaging should have in order to look unique and become effective for its use.


While choosing a packaging that could best suit your product and your brand there can be a lot of choices. These choices in materials are very important to consider.

It not only depends that what a brand wants for its products. But it also matters if you have multiple products.

And there can be different packaging for every product Boxes.

This could mean that every product has its own packaging material

This also implies that every material will not suit every product.

There can be four basic types of materials that are present for packaging.

  • Corrugated à strong and sturdy
  • Cardboard à most commonly used and provides toughness
  • Kraft à environmentally-friendly and easily recyclable
  • Rigid à Hard and tough. Used for premium products.

Let’s have an example of every material one by one and see how they work.

Big shipping packaging can be made from corrugated material that provides shipping with safety and protection. And for the cardboard, you can have many examples. For example, cardboard material is used to store frozen foods.

Hand-made products like soaps, candles, etc. are made from kraft paper.

While for rigid you can have an example of a very expensive watch that has a dark color rigid packaging box.


When it comes to having a shape for custom packaging boxes then you have almost any shape you want. There are certain limitations in shape as well.

There can be a box made in square, rectangular, pyramid, circular, hexagonal, octagonal, trapezoid, etc. in any shape.

Some jewelry boxes have circular boxes and some gifts are given in pyramid boxes.


Styles are again very important. There can be blister packing, dispenser boxes, magnetic closure, hang tab, slipcase, auto-lock, seal end, etc., and many others.

All these styles make a packaging box look beautiful depending on the demand of the product. For example, different lipstick shades are placed in display boxes. And candies are placed in dispenser boxes. Again, it’s the product that the style depends on.

You cannot have any style for any product.


The unique design is the beauty of the box. Design is important.

Businesses must have their own unique design. This is because designs can actually make the box look different.

Many brands might be using the same shapes

But all of them have a unique design that separates their looks and feels.


Finishing makes the box have a smooth and soft touch and that is a positive gesture. No one wants to have a rough texture box when they buy something. Different finishing styles are implemented on different elements. For that, there can be three types of finishing options.

  • Gloss à makes the elements look shining
  • Matte à gives a simple and elegant look
  • Spot UV à Gives an in-between-shining look
  • There can be other finishing options like
  • Gold Foiling à Make the elements have a golden color
  • Silver Foiling à Make the elements have a silver color


When we discuss printing, we mean two points that need your attention.

First are the printed elements on the box. these elements that provide information to the customers are very important.

And second is embossing and debossing of printed elements like the logo or the brand name which makes them permanent on the box.


Embellishments or add-ons are additional customization features that make the box look beautiful and attractive.

They can make boxes have unique and special looks.

These add-ons may include having a PVC window on top of the box, partitions, insertions, cavities, lid, tray, etc.

For example, there is a watch that is placed inside a rigid box and that box has a pillow inside that box around which the watch is placed.

In this example pillow is also an add-on that helped the box to make the watch look attractive.

Packaging Trends


The world has become aware of the disadvantages of plastic and has stopped using it.

So, the world is now moving towards recyclable materials. The packaging materials of today are recyclable and help brands in recognition. you utilize the best packaging.

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