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For the past 40 years, Dainolite is working under its trusted name Micheline brand and providing spectacular shades. Including lamps, sconces, chandeliers etc in unique designs to make it a perfect fit for your environment. With innovative designs, Dainolite is one of the major trendsetters in today’s market.

Dainolite’s modern designs include the Dainolite lightings have shown to be a suitable fit for any place of your home. Be it a living room, drawing room or a wardrobe or washroom. Its different designs have been a great source of beauty and elegance to style up your home décor.

Dainolite gives special attention to areas of needs and provides designs which could be suitable depending upon the kind and size of the room.

For instance, a Lighted Wardrobe Mirror with a stand can be placed by the wall in your room right next to your wardrobe or in front of it. For decorating you living rooms or bedrooms, a Square Mirror, Inside Illuminated can be placed on the walls of your room. Similarly, Oval shaped piece can be chosen to give it a different look. Whereas, rectangular shaped mirror can be best for a wider coverage of your wall.

Not only it provides with a range of different shapes but also enables the customers to further enhance the beauty of their houses. For that Dainolite comes up with a unique solution for a mirror and well-lit room both at the same time.

Dainolite mirror has widely grabbed the customers attention since it provides to be a combination of two things in one place. The shape of a mirror embedded with led lights. Most of the dressing tables have led lights fitted inside of them as there is a need of ample brightness there. Some bathrooms also have thin rectangle shaped mirrors to fit well in to those inside cupboards, since the space is less.

Not only the little spaces are filled, but there a huge variety to be chosen from to decorate your huge halls, dining halls or gardens etc.

Chandeliers can be used to uplift the look by both making it attractive to see and emitting enough light down onto the table. There are many designs available to choose from. You can also make a smart choice by selecting two small sized chandeliers or only one to brighten up your place. The choice is all yours.

Accent lights or track lights can be placed to brighten up the darker corners of any room. Similarly, bright lamps can be placed on the garden tables to lit up the environment for a wonderful experience of having tea to relax your mood. Dainolite lightings will never fail to let you feel down.

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